Menu of dry at 1750 calories

In bodybuilding, alternating between dry period and period of mass gain . The dry period is the loss of excess fat so that the muscles begin to appear after having solicited them during training.

It is therefore necessary to adopt a diet low calorie but balanced, with complement or without complement. 1750 calories per day is recommended for a man in dry season but what are the typical menus to achieve it?

Examples of menus to dry
Menu type 1 at 1750 calories (with supplements)

Breakfast : 1 egg + 2 slices of turkey breast with 45 g of wholemeal bread + 1 grapefruit Morning snack : 25 g of whey proteinĀ k2 slim keto powder + 5 g of almonds / hazelnuts + 35 g of dried fruit Lunch : 120 g chicken fillet with 2 teaspoons of olive oil + 300g of green vegetables + 20g of rye bread Afternoon snack : 25g of protein whey + 20g of honey + 100g of cottage cheese + 5 g of almonds / walnuts / hazelnuts Dinner : 120 g of red meat or oily fish + 60 g of white rice or quinoa + 200g of vegetables cooked with 2 teaspoons of rapeseed oil

Menu type 2 at 1750 calories (without supplement)

Breakfast : 80 g unsweetened cereals with 200 ml skim milk + 1 natural yogurt 0% + 1 kiwi Morning snack : 1 apple + 1 handful of almonds Lunch : 100 g tuna with a plate of raw vegetables (carrots , tomatoes, green salad, peppers, …) + 60 g spaghetti + 1 pear puree Afternoon snack : 30 g oatmeal in a little white cheese 0% Dinner : 150 g of chicken breast + 1/2 aubergine au gratin + 100 g lentils + 1 slice of melon or watermelon

Why is a 1750 calorie dry program effective?
A low-powered middle-aged woman needs 1,900 calories a day while a man needs 2,350 calories. When she’s active, a woman needs it between 2,200 and 2,500, while a man active or very sporting needs between 2600 and 3300. Establishing a dry period to 1750 calories is ideal for burning fat and see the effects of his physical efforts.

In order not to face any deficiencies, it is better to pay attention to well balance its plates between lipids, carbohydrates and proteins. Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables, lean meats or oily fish.

It is natural, by limiting its calorie intake, one manages to lose fat and thus to make visible his muscles.

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