How to lose 200g a day?

Without effort, lose 200 g per day. How to reach such a result without a strict regime? Adjust your daily life to lose weight effectively and sustainably . 1 gram of fat is the equivalent of 9 calories.

To lose 200 grams per day, you must Slimlook Forskolin be able to eliminate 1,800 kcal. Here are 7 tips and tricks to apply to burn them easily.

How to lose 200 g per day

Lose weight easily: 400 kcal burned in 1h20

Walking your dog allows you to walk , run and burn 200 kcal (20 g) for an hour without even realizing it. At the same time, you are physically busy while getting fresh air.

Preferably, when you go out, take the stairs instead of the elevator to do some exercises. You will not be forced to go to a step class .

You play soft sports. Allow 20 minutes to burn 200 kcal . Contract your abdominal muscles while going up and down the stairs. Keep the pace going without stopping. You work on your stomach, hips and thighs.

Doing the chores while spending yourself: 400 kcal in 2h20

Vacuuming is a smart way to lose weight. However, make sure to perform movements: changing hands, bending down … Combine this household task with mopping the floor. It only takes one hour to burn about 200 kcal (20 g).

Doing the dishes will make you spend your calories . Do it by contracting your abdominal muscles . Make sure the sink is not too low. You must be at the right height in order to work the whole lower body muscles and arms. Count 1:20 to consume 200 kcal.

Take care of losing weight: 400 kcal in 5 hours

Did you know that reading, writing and thinking allowed you to burn 200 kcal over 4 hours? Indeed, the brain needs energy to activate. However, you must adopt the correct posture.

Dancing permanently in one hour will make you lose 20g. Move the whole body by launching you in this fun activity. Do not hesitate to put some music. However, do not drink alcohol if you are in a nightclub . This tends to ruin your weight loss efforts.

Watch his diet: 600 kcal to burn

Be sure to prepare meals properly. To activate in cooking (washing, peeling, cutting, seasoning) already allows to lose 200 calories in 1h20. You must pay attention to what you are preparing too: no fat and caloric recipes.

Monitor the caloric intake of cooked foods (400kcal). Do not hesitate to spice up your preparations with herbs and condiments. Eat tasty dishes without fattening. And most importantly, eat at fixed times.

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