How to lose 17 kg in 5 months?

Losing unnecessary pounds is a common goal that pushes men and women to fight sometimes lost in advance. There are many slimming diets that promise to eliminate a lot of pounds in record time.

They can be very effective for a while but often lead to the yoyo effect. Here’s how you can lose 17 kg in 5 months. The goal is to lose weight healthily, slowly and sustainably.

How to lose 17 kg in 5 months

Adopt a good diet

Whether it is kilos that do not want to leave after childbirth, or simply overweight due to too high caloric intake. The solution to the problem inevitably involves nutrition. Start with a detox cure so that the body can eliminate fat faster.

For this, drink lemon juice every morning on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before breakfast for 14 days . At the same time, ban foods high in fat as well as refined sugars.

Instead, focus on protein and eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits to replenish fiber , minerals and vitamins . Without sugar, the body is forced to tap into fat stocks.

Play sports

What would a slimming program be without sport? If you’ve never been a great sportsman, doing a 20-minute walk a day is a good start. As you go, increase your performance and do other disciplines such as cycling, fitness, cardio or jogging.

Physical exertion is a great way to burn calories , but also to stay healthy. If you have always played sports, this is definitely not the time to stop. Once a week, indulge in more advanced exercises like boxing or others.

Keep motivation

To lose weight sustainably, you need to have the morale to achieve that goal. It is for this reason that it is better not to Keto Genesys consider the draconian diets which proposes, for example, to lose 10 kg per week but which are hyper frustrating and the yoyo effect that they cause is even more demotivating.

In order to maintain a good motivation, restrictions must be avoided. Each family of foods has its own nutritional value. It is therefore necessary to consume all for a well balanced diet . You just have to avoid foods that are too fat, too sweet and too salty.

How many pounds to lose weight without risk?

Physicians and nutritionists agree that losing between 0.5 and 1 kg per week is a reasonable goal very easy to achieve with the measures mentioned above. Do not forget to drink plenty of water and sleep well at night for more efficiency.

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