Do you know (really) kiss?

For women, kissing is the gateway to sex. Conclude the case each time

I kissed a lot of men in my life . But there is one that I will always remember, and it’s not because he has the lips of Ryan Phillippe.

It was a balmy summer night as we lay in the grass at the foot of a tree. It was the perfect setting for a really hot kiss, the kind that makes a girl want to flank a man against a wall (or a tree) and make him his business. It was at least that kind of kiss I was hoping for. But instead, the guy tarvos testo approached my face like a vacuum cleaner. In an overflow of saliva and forced passion, her lips caught my mouth, my chin and even, at times, my nose. I could not breathe, and what he took for sighs of pleasure was actually gasps for suffocation. Needless to say, he has never been in close contact with my lips or any other part of my body.

I am not the supreme judge when it comes to kissing, I am just a woman. And women use the kiss to evaluate a potential partner, to decide if intercourse is possible.

Kissing can be one of the most erotic foreplay forms, a way to explore and appreciate the lips and tongue of your partner and the touch of your body … as long as you do it right. But do not stop at my word alone. We interviewed 7,274 women to identify the kisses that make our lips wince and consulted with leading sex experts to find out how you can improve.

1. Your technique is good, but your breath would scare a goat
An onion-scented breath says more about you than just being a “cheeseburger fan”. This suggests that you are neglected and lack hygiene. But there is also here an instinctive factor that comes into play, a kind of natural selection: kissing is a way for the woman to gauge your health, and her archaic brain (the one that governs the primary and vital needs as well as the instinct of conservation) could unknowingly interpret a more than unpleasant smell as the sign of your inability to fight germs, according to a 2010 study at the University of Albany (USA). Women have a more developed sense of smell than men.

And unlike other sensory information, odors are treated almost instantly because the olfactory bulb is directly connected to the brain. Bad breath causes a more visceral reaction (repulsion, of course).

The savage plan of galoche
Look for inspiration in koalas. A Japanese study conducted in 2010 found that chewing gum with eucalyptus extracts not only hides the volatile sulfur compounds found on your tongue, but can also eliminate them.

If you suffer from persistent halitosis, consider K12-like bacteriocin-like inhibitory (K12-like) bacteria capsules like those of Now Foods OralBiotic. These contain a probiotic that can stop the growth of the bacteria that causes bad breath.

2. You swim like a dog
In your mind, any trace of moisture emanating from it is a sign of receptivity. But a stream of drool spilling out of your mouth is only going to disgust her. ” I asked women about girls’ experiences ,” says sexologist Victoria Zdrok Wilson, “and they all told me,” Oh, I’m not bisexual. I just enjoy kissing women because they do not cover me completely with drooling . Kisses given by women are softer and “hygienically” more pleasant. ”

Why do men prefer wetter kisses? ” Men also value the woman through kissing, but since they have reduced chemosensory perception, they may need more saliva to do so, ” says Dr. Susan Hughes, American psychologist, evolution specialist.

On the other hand, as your saliva contains testosterone, you may be tempted to swap saliva with it to make it more sexually excited.

The savage plan of galoche
A dry mouth like the Gobi Desert is even worse than a mouth full of saliva, so you just have to close the valves a little. After a few minutes, when the kiss becomes more intense, women are less bothered by saliva. As their excitement grows, the nature of it changes.

Start with kisses light as a feather , gently hitting the tips of your tongues against each other. You will secrete less saliva. The tip of the tongue being very sensitive, it is a very pleasant sensation. If you plan to pack, anticipate and arrange for a glass of water (or wine) at your fingertips. Drinking a sip occasionally can stop excess saliva.

3. Your tongue is in your mouth … but do not move
There are only two possible explanations for this: or you are feigning or you are inexperienced. It’s the equivalent of a woman lying there, without moving, during love. In other words: the fantasy of nobody.

The savage plan of galoche
Language is a trap. If you do too little, you do not seem concerned. And if you do too much, you pass for a high school student in heat. To find the balance, imagine yourself licking an ice cream cone, it will help you establish a rhythm that will not overwhelm it. Venture outside your mouth as well. Try to trace the outline of your lips as if you apply balm, or gently tease your tongue with other parts of your body, going down the backbone, circling your neck or following the outline of your body. his ear.

Do not forget the usual role of your language. Take a break to whisper how sexy you find her or how excited she is. Verbal affirmations keep the mind tuned.

4. You go far too deep
Rolling a huge shovel will seem aggressive, and not exciting. The vigorous embrace only gives an impression, artificial, of passion while the kisses reflected generate this type of desire “take me-all-in-a-row” that you want to generate at home.

The savage plan of galoche
Instead of going deep, form with your lips an O around your tongue, and practice a gentle suction as you go. And lower the sound: a study published in 2007 in Evolutionary Psychology has shown that if men can find exciting to hear their partner during a kiss, it is unlikely on the part of women.

According to the scientists, what excites them is that they are touched and caressed. Your hands should never stay idle during a kiss. Touch her face, the woman loves it. You are probably tempted to venture your hands between her thighs, but do not do it. The longer you stay away from her genitals, the more excited she will be.

5. She tells you what she likes, and you do it … again and again
Women appreciate that you ask them what they want . But they do not want you to play the same part again and again. Guys tend to be very down to earth, to say to themselves: If she likes that, I’ll focus on that. When she tells you what she likes, try it and study her reaction: you may have misunderstood it. And even if you nibble her exactly as she likes, there is also something called novelty. Many women do not know what they like. And people get bored. Everything is in the experiment.

The savage plan of galoche
A new position can bring you the dose of novelty you are looking for. Have her sit in front of you to massage her back. As you warm up your muscles, kiss his shoulders and neck. Women like to play with their neck, and if it comes from an unexpected angle, it will increase their pleasure. (And when her excitement grows, you can come take her breasts in your hands.) If you’re face to face, try this Tantric technique: suck her bottom lip. When men do this, many women feel a direct connection with their clitoris, a titillation. No woman can refuse a pleasure like that.

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