High protein diet: advantages and disadvantages

The high protein diet has many advantages , among which we can mention a rapid weight loss without threatening muscle mass, the ability to lose weight without feeling hungry, and a real lever to tackle the mass excess fat stored at different places on the body.

In addition, to appropriate authorized foods (proteins, vegetables …) and forbidden foods makes that one finds quickly itsĀ slimquick keto marks and that in case of later need to lose weight, it will be very fast to return to it .

Very effective in the short term, it is a diet with interesting benefits on the silhouette and not based on the bag, but on a natural diet.

Disadvantages and challenges
As the high protein diet is based primarily on a regular supply of protein and a drastic reduction of sugars consumed (with the exception of some complex carbohydrates contained in food), it counts as a draconian diet and must therefore be followed on a short duration to preserve the liver and avoid deficiencies, and ideally after seeking the advice of his doctor.

In addition, the increase in protein consumption has side effects that, although they are not necessarily dangerous in being temporary, remain unpleasant however: bad breath, constipation, water retention , bloating … this type of consequence can be limited in hydration, ingesting enough fiber and playing sports.

Finally, it will be necessary to pay particular attention to the yoyo effect which often occurs at the end of this type of diet . A stabilization phase must absolutely be considered.

Which program to be effective?
The high protein diet, how does it work concretely? To succeed, it is important to identify what we prefer to eat as protein (fish, eggs, vegetable protein, lean meat?) And think about how to accommodate them in the most tasty way. This will avoid spending 14 difficult days fighting frustration.

Then choosing organic and seasonal products can make the difference in the plate and in the content of vitamins and nutrients. This will limit unexpected fatigue strokes.

Playing sports during this diet is quite possible if it is followed to the letter. It will simply listen to his body in case of alarm and take the time of recovery.

With these different tips, weight loss should be easy and visible results in just a few days.

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