The gluten-free and lactose-free diet to lose weight?

Weight gain can have many different causes . Among these, digestive disorders. However, to avoid suffering from these disorders and continue to gain weight, it is essential to restore a perfect balance of food, gluten and lactose free .

Why adopt this diet?
The method is simply to eliminate or in any case to reduce for many foods containing gluten , such as wheat, oats, rye or barley and foods containing lactose (milk and its derivatives).

Nevertheless, it is essential to continue to maintain a healthy diet , varied and balanced, favorable to a significant weight loss. Why avoid these foods? Simply because their effects may be more or less marked in bio x keto some people, causing digestive disorders and promote the extra pounds. Their bad assimilation in the body has the consequence of giving an impression of bloating and thus of inflating the belly .

In addition, these foods can potentially damage the intestinal flora and make you fat because they are particularly high in calories. For example pasta, biscuits, white bread, prepared dishes, pastries or cream, cream desserts and some cheeses have a particularly high glycemic index . This can obviously help to gain weight. This type of diet is recommended for people who are intolerant to these substances and who wish to lose weight effectively.

The results promised by this scheme
The results promised by this regime are numerous. First of all, you will gain a better digestive comfort because after only a few days, your possible intestinal disorders will disappear. You will return to a flat stomach and a feeling of lightness. You can lose pounds, about 1 kilo per week. Without feeling cravings or deficiencies as you continue to adopt a balanced diet , healthy and rich in protein and fiber.

How does this diet work?
To carry out this diet effectively, you must maintain a classic food structure, with 3 meals a day, then a light snack if you feel the need . At each meal, eat vegetables, fruits, vegetable fats, some starch and a high-protein food such as meat, eggs and fish. All this must be done without gluten and without lactose.

Thus, you must eliminate milk and dairy products, barley, wheat flour and its derivatives, rye, oats and most industrial products containing them. This is the case for example cakes, cookies, pizzas, ice cream and some sauces for salads, chocolate, mayonnaise or mashed potatoes.

Replace pasta and bread with low glycemic index starchy foods (such as whole rice, corn, quinoa and pulses). Moderate quantities as well, so as not to feel bloated. Take time to eat and become aware of the foods you consume.

To fill up possible calcium or animal protein deficiencies, you can bet on calcium waters such as Hépar or Contrex water . Also bet on vegetables and fruits (at least 1 serving per day). Lean meats and fish should also be adopted, as well as vegetable dairy products.

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