What are the forbidden foods in a low calorie diet?

The low calorie diet is on the rise in men and women. This diet burns fat works according to a simple principle: opting for the principle of low calorie diet is simple: by opting for low calorie foods, energy intake is reduced.

As a result, the body draws on fat stores to find the energy needed to function. This diet also decreases the fast sugars, keto drox while maintaining an interesting food variety. Opinions are mixed about this scheme.

Indeed, it is not suitable for pregnant women and some people suffering from health problems like a diabetic problem . Depending on the objective, it may seem more or less strict, which may cause some of the consequences such as fatigue and a yoyo effect.

What are the forbidden foods in this diet? We tell you everything .

Proteins not recommended in the hypocaloric diet
It is well known that proteins are engines of the body. They are essential, especially for the muscle. If all fresh fish and chickens are allowed in this type of diet, it is different for smoked fish, breaded and oil.

In the same way, duck, sausages , ham, pork fat, goose and mutton are all meats advised against since considered too much caloric. In this case, prefer meat such as beef , horse, turkey, rabbit, game, lean pork, eggs or guinea fowl.

To be sure to apply these rules and get a good result without inconvenience or bloat , do not hesitate to consult a professional dietician.

Dairy to avoid during your low calorie diet
In particular, to avoid any risk of bloating during the diet , whole or half skimmed milks, as well as condensed milk that is much too sweet, are not recommended. Dairy products with a fat content higher than 20% are also to be avoided.

Choose 0% white cheese and natural yogurt, better for the line.

Fat: their place in the low-calorie diet
You can be sure, fat is not good in this type of diet. Many are the ones to avoid, like fries, various oils, bacon, rich and fatty sauces (especially those of the trade), not to mention the crème fraîche.

If you have to use oil, use olive oils in very small quantities , which you can combine with many recipes. You will get an effective result and menus always taste without being too fat. Choose your organic olive oil .

Other foods to avoid in the low calorie diet
For starchy foods and cereals, avoid fries, chips, pastries, pastries and cornflakes.For fruits and vegetables, all fresh fruits and vegetables are allowed .

In contrast, fruits in syrup and vegetables cooked with too much fat are to be avoided. The same is true of sweet products keto drox such as sweets and chocolate, as well as compotes, jams and ice creams, which are absolutely forbidden .

Finally, allow water, tea and unsweetened coffee, avoiding absolutely any sweet or alcoholic drinks.

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