Can boxing help to gain muscle?

As you say right now: boxing is not the ideal sport to increase muscle volume . His interest in form is nevertheless real, but it is elsewhere.

Too many calories burned
Eh yes ! Boxing, whether it’s boxing or natura farms keto boxing , is a sport that moves a lot. Kicking, punching, punching bag … boxing is a lot of calories , but it does not work the muscles in resistance.

Their mass therefore increases only very little. On the other hand, this means that for those who wish to lose weight, boxing is a perfect sport to slim down . One hour of boxing can burn between 600 and 800 calories!

A frighteningly effective activity, therefore, which makes it possible to place boxing in priority position in a slimming program .

Boxing sculpts the body
If boxing does not allow to really gain muscle mass, however it does work all the muscles of the body and, if it does not make them much fat, she carves and quickly gives an advantageous figure.

Visibly, the upper body gains very quickly: arms, biceps, triceps, shoulders become firmer, also gain speed and explosiveness as soon as you start work on the punching bag. The lower body is not forgotten: boxing, we hopping constantly, we can kick in French boxing, and the leg muscles also quickly acquire a nice firm line.

Finally, as one must not get hurt, boxing also allows, like sheathing , to work abdominals and dorsals with each movement .

Boxing, is it for me?
Yes, if you want to slim down. The physical expense during a boxing session is an undeniable asset if you want to lose weight.

It is also ideally suited, as part of a weight loss program , to sculpt your figure and tone your muscles , because unlike exercises that we would do one after another, boxing can work together muscle groups at the same time, and without thinking too much about it.

We do not work our muscles, we fight – peacefully – against an opponent, and muscular work is done in this context. Very energetic, the boxing session also frees up accumulated tensions and evacuates stress.

Last but not least, boxing is a fighting natura farms keto fake pills discipline : it gives you a good foundation to defend yourself in case of problems or aggression, while also teaching you not to react to a quarter turn.

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