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If you go to these troll, frequent and female websites for ideas on how to make it fun, there is a good chance you have found something called a “mixed orgasm”.

This phenomenon seems elusive and mysterious – and we bet you really want to get your hands on it.

It’s time to learn.

Mixed orgasms are a mix of clitoral orgasms and G-spot . As an expert in female orgasm, I’ve received many questions from my male clients about how to give one to their partner, so I’m here to separate the facts from the fiction and teach you how to maximize her enjoyment .

Personally, I do not like to classify orgasms. I think it takes us back to the dark age when Freud argued that clitoral orgasms were “immature”. Classifying and classifying orgasms inevitably makes women inadequate and broken. This gives them the impression that they are under pressure.

Conclusion: The pleasure that your lady feels is the most important . The specific “type” of orgasm does not really matter.

My advice: Rather than forcing her to have a mixed orgasm, just keep your focus on internal and external stimulation at the same time. An incredible number of men – know how to do it – do it. The combination of sensations can be breathtaking for a woman who fires multiple erogenous zones.

Here are the best ways to give him double stimulation.

How to do with both hands
One of the easiest ways to provide double stimulation is to put your hands to work . You have two, after all. It is an underrated sexual act, so it will be impressed by your dexterity.

First, put yourself comfortably in a comfortable position, back against the headboard. Then, she lies on your back between your legs, facing you. She will have to bend her knees and rest her feet flat on the bed.) This position gives you tons of support and leverage, allowing you to hold on for a long time without cramping.

Spend some time warming her with hugs all over her body. When she begins to squirm more, use one or two fingers of your dominant hand to focus on her clitoris (I strongly recommend using lubricant to help your Trialix fingers slide on this delicate skin). Since you will use two hands, be simple on the clitoris. Try to circle or move your finger diagonally across the surface of the clitoris. Check with her to find out what she likes most – if she does not know or seems shy, try two different moves and ask her which one she prefers. In the meantime, use your other hand to caress your breasts or thighs.

Once you get into a rhythm with her clit, you can start using your non-dominant hand on her internally. There are two different techniques that I suggest to try.

First, simply move one or two fingers in and out of her vagina. Most nerve endings are in the outer third of the vaginal canal, so try to focus more on this area.

Another option is to aim at the anterior wall of the vaginal canal (the side located directly under the abdomen). With the palm up, insert one or two fingers, then roll them up as if you were doing a “back and forth” movement. Start stroking the top of her vaginal canal, gradually increasing your pressure. You actually stimulate the inner fibers of her clitoris through the layers of skin.

Try each technique and ask her what she prefers. Once you have focused on your clitoral and internal preferences, keep going. Let her ride this wave.

How to stimulate it with the mouth and the hands?
When most guys think about oral sex, they think about using their mouths and only their mouths. After all, it’s oral, right? I do not blame you for the association, but you miss a golden opportunity. One of the most frequent reactions I hear from my clients is that they want their partners to get involved during the oral sessions.

Use your mouth to focus on her clit. Again, make sure it’s a simple and consistent method, with basic licking from top to bottom or from side to side. With your dominant hand, try the two internal techniques I mentioned above.

If you really want to win the prize, try playing with her vagina with one hand and her anus with the other. Even a little pressure at the anal entrance can send it spirally in all orgasms.

How to peak with your penis and your hands
Here is another seemingly obvious trick to try, although few men do it: touch his clitoris while you have sex. Most sexual positions do not create much or no clitoral stimulation, so women are rarely able to orgasm from sexual intercourse alone. But it is easy to remedy by getting involved.

The easiest way to do that is with her upstairs. Use your thumb to stroke your clit up and down as it drives you, or keep your thumb still and let it curl up against it.

How to intensify orgasm with sex toys
You can also use sex toys to create a stronger double stimulation . Ask her if she has toys with which she likes to play when she is alone. If she pulls one out of her bedside table, ask her to show you how she adjusts the settings as she sees fit, then how she uses it herself.

If she likes to use a vibrator on her clit, you can hold it against her as you use your hand to initiate it. If she likes to use a toy internally, use your hand to focus on her clit.

At first, you may feel like you are trying to do this old head whip while rubbing your stomach. If you feel overwhelmed, relax. Double stimulation is not so difficult to control. And believe me, she will appreciate your efforts!

If she does not already have a toy, make this fun purchase together. Hey, a sex toy is a much more exciting Valentine’s Day gift than flowers, with their shelf life of about a week. At least, when the vibrator’s batteries run out, you can change them – just to say.

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