Is it better to run or walk to lose weight?

Running and brisk walking are effective sports activities for weight loss. But which one of them is the most beneficial for your line and your health? Softer and not wanting to eat more after the efforts, the walk turns out to be better than the jogging to refine . Explanations.

Walking or jogging to lose weight: what to choose?

This may surprise more than one, but walking fast for 30 minutes every day or walking on a daily basis would have more Envy Naturals Keto positive effects on the body than running. It is true that jogging can burn much more than walking about 500 kcal for 1 hour against 300 kcal walking ), however this cardio activity has the effect of increasing the secretion of cortisol which leads among others to to increase the appetite, especially sugar cravings.

If you want to refine your current , it is important to manage your diet. What will not be necessary with walking, since less intense and more stable, it does not cause cravings . Muscling gently, walking is also accessible to all physical conditions and is suitable for all ages.

Slimming down with walking

To the question of burned kcal, walking 1 hour will lose 2.5 times fewer calories than training on a treadmill during the same time. Nevertheless, energy expenditure can be increased by walking from time to time on hill terrain during its circuit.

A more or less fast 45-minute walk every day is ideal for slimming down. Promoting a better microcirculation of the cutaneous cells, the oxygenation it brings to the latter helps to slowly but surely eliminate cellulite and / or fatty deposits located on the stomach.

If you can not resist the cravings of sugars that jogging causes, walking can be your ally for losing belly fat and / or losing thighs .

The good pace of walking to lose weight

To be effective as part of a slimming and fitness program , the minimum speed of walking will be 4 km / h. Does your schedule not allow you to walk more than 30 minutes a day? A trick to lose more pounds in a short time is to do it on an empty stomach .

In the morning at least half an hour after waking or in the day, before a meal. Under these conditions, the march will not exceed half an hour , in general. Note that it is quite possible to hydrate before or during.

In the face of jogging, walking actually Envy Naturals Keto REVIEWS benefits from its low intensity. If people with joints or obesity will quickly choose walking , others can enjoy their respective benefits by practicing alternately.

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