Menu of dry at 1750 calories

In bodybuilding, alternating between dry period and period of mass gain . The dry period is the loss of excess fat so that the muscles begin to appear after having solicited them during training.

It is therefore necessary to adopt a diet low calorie but balanced, with complement or without complement. 1750 calories per day is recommended for a man in dry season but what are the typical menus to achieve it?

Examples of menus to dry
Menu type 1 at 1750 calories (with supplements)

Breakfast : 1 egg + 2 slices of turkey breast with 45 g of wholemeal bread + 1 grapefruit Morning snack : 25 g of whey protein k2 slim keto powder + 5 g of almonds / hazelnuts + 35 g of dried fruit Lunch : 120 g chicken fillet with 2 teaspoons of olive oil + 300g of green vegetables + 20g of rye bread Afternoon snack : 25g of protein whey + 20g of honey + 100g of cottage cheese + 5 g of almonds / walnuts / hazelnuts Dinner : 120 g of red meat or oily fish + 60 g of white rice or quinoa + 200g of vegetables cooked with 2 teaspoons of rapeseed oil

Menu type 2 at 1750 calories (without supplement)

Breakfast : 80 g unsweetened cereals with 200 ml skim milk + 1 natural yogurt 0% + 1 kiwi Morning snack : 1 apple + 1 handful of almonds Lunch : 100 g tuna with a plate of raw vegetables (carrots , tomatoes, green salad, peppers, …) + 60 g spaghetti + 1 pear puree Afternoon snack : 30 g oatmeal in a little white cheese 0% Dinner : 150 g of chicken breast + 1/2 aubergine au gratin + 100 g lentils + 1 slice of melon or watermelon

Why is a 1750 calorie dry program effective?
A low-powered middle-aged woman needs 1,900 calories a day while a man needs 2,350 calories. When she’s active, a woman needs it between 2,200 and 2,500, while a man active or very sporting needs between 2600 and 3300. Establishing a dry period to 1750 calories is ideal for burning fat and see the effects of his physical efforts.

In order not to face any deficiencies, it is better to pay attention to well balance its plates between lipids, carbohydrates and proteins. Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables, lean meats or oily fish.

It is natural, by limiting its calorie intake, one manages to lose fat and thus to make visible his muscles.

Can boxing help to gain muscle?

As you say right now: boxing is not the ideal sport to increase muscle volume . His interest in form is nevertheless real, but it is elsewhere.

Too many calories burned
Eh yes ! Boxing, whether it’s boxing or natura farms keto boxing , is a sport that moves a lot. Kicking, punching, punching bag … boxing is a lot of calories , but it does not work the muscles in resistance.

Their mass therefore increases only very little. On the other hand, this means that for those who wish to lose weight, boxing is a perfect sport to slim down . One hour of boxing can burn between 600 and 800 calories!

A frighteningly effective activity, therefore, which makes it possible to place boxing in priority position in a slimming program .

Boxing sculpts the body
If boxing does not allow to really gain muscle mass, however it does work all the muscles of the body and, if it does not make them much fat, she carves and quickly gives an advantageous figure.

Visibly, the upper body gains very quickly: arms, biceps, triceps, shoulders become firmer, also gain speed and explosiveness as soon as you start work on the punching bag. The lower body is not forgotten: boxing, we hopping constantly, we can kick in French boxing, and the leg muscles also quickly acquire a nice firm line.

Finally, as one must not get hurt, boxing also allows, like sheathing , to work abdominals and dorsals with each movement .

Boxing, is it for me?
Yes, if you want to slim down. The physical expense during a boxing session is an undeniable asset if you want to lose weight.

It is also ideally suited, as part of a weight loss program , to sculpt your figure and tone your muscles , because unlike exercises that we would do one after another, boxing can work together muscle groups at the same time, and without thinking too much about it.

We do not work our muscles, we fight – peacefully – against an opponent, and muscular work is done in this context. Very energetic, the boxing session also frees up accumulated tensions and evacuates stress.

Last but not least, boxing is a fighting natura farms keto fake pills discipline : it gives you a good foundation to defend yourself in case of problems or aggression, while also teaching you not to react to a quarter turn.

Spirulina against cellulite?

Are you tired of not appearing in the best light? You must then get rid of cellulite that damages your body. Even if these white spots remain discreet by hiding behind your clothes, this does not prevent their presence.

There are now several remedies to eliminate them, such as a diet or the practice of a sport. But this time, focus on an effective program highlighting spirulina .

Why is it an anti-cellulite ingredient?
As a reminder, you manifest cellulite in certain areas of your body, because they can not store more fat. You will then easily observe cellulite on your skin, what is commonly called orange peel .

In order to lose weight healthily, it is not enough to consume spirulina alone. Indeed, no food can make you lose weight suddenly. natura farms keto The best is that you swallow 2 to 4 capsules before each of the three meals of the day , depending on your body size. And on the menu, avoid fatty foods, sauces, fats and carbohydrates.

Choose fruits, vegetables and lean meat, and do not forget to drink plenty of water. But that’s only part of the effort. It will also be essential to practice a sports activity to stimulate your body. Already you do not eat more fat, your calories will be burned even faster. You can opt for simple exercises, such as running or cycling . Regarding the quantity of capsules to be ingested, please consult a nutritionist first. If necessary, he will make a diagnosis before indicating the ideal amount to take.

In the end, spirulina is not a miracle ingredient that makes you lose weight by being used alone . For fast and safe effects, it will have to be accompanied by a balanced diet and a sporting activity. This is the price that you can burn the extra calories you have in your body, and in this case your cellulite. Of course, consulting a specialist is strongly advised before the follow-up of the program.

The properties of spirulina
This substance is, in fact, a micro-algae found around temperate watercourses. It sports the shape of thin, long blue spirals. Ingested as a tablet, it acts as a dietary supplement since it contains proteins, B12 vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids .

Thus, if you are following a diet and you seem to show deficiencies, your complement will help you find a better shape. Thanks to it, you will not store extra fat.

The gluten-free and lactose-free diet to lose weight?

Weight gain can have many different causes . Among these, digestive disorders. However, to avoid suffering from these disorders and continue to gain weight, it is essential to restore a perfect balance of food, gluten and lactose free .

Why adopt this diet?
The method is simply to eliminate or in any case to reduce for many foods containing gluten , such as wheat, oats, rye or barley and foods containing lactose (milk and its derivatives).

Nevertheless, it is essential to continue to maintain a healthy diet , varied and balanced, favorable to a significant weight loss. Why avoid these foods? Simply because their effects may be more or less marked in bio x keto some people, causing digestive disorders and promote the extra pounds. Their bad assimilation in the body has the consequence of giving an impression of bloating and thus of inflating the belly .

In addition, these foods can potentially damage the intestinal flora and make you fat because they are particularly high in calories. For example pasta, biscuits, white bread, prepared dishes, pastries or cream, cream desserts and some cheeses have a particularly high glycemic index . This can obviously help to gain weight. This type of diet is recommended for people who are intolerant to these substances and who wish to lose weight effectively.

The results promised by this scheme
The results promised by this regime are numerous. First of all, you will gain a better digestive comfort because after only a few days, your possible intestinal disorders will disappear. You will return to a flat stomach and a feeling of lightness. You can lose pounds, about 1 kilo per week. Without feeling cravings or deficiencies as you continue to adopt a balanced diet , healthy and rich in protein and fiber.

How does this diet work?
To carry out this diet effectively, you must maintain a classic food structure, with 3 meals a day, then a light snack if you feel the need . At each meal, eat vegetables, fruits, vegetable fats, some starch and a high-protein food such as meat, eggs and fish. All this must be done without gluten and without lactose.

Thus, you must eliminate milk and dairy products, barley, wheat flour and its derivatives, rye, oats and most industrial products containing them. This is the case for example cakes, cookies, pizzas, ice cream and some sauces for salads, chocolate, mayonnaise or mashed potatoes.

Replace pasta and bread with low glycemic index starchy foods (such as whole rice, corn, quinoa and pulses). Moderate quantities as well, so as not to feel bloated. Take time to eat and become aware of the foods you consume.

To fill up possible calcium or animal protein deficiencies, you can bet on calcium waters such as Hépar or Contrex water . Also bet on vegetables and fruits (at least 1 serving per day). Lean meats and fish should also be adopted, as well as vegetable dairy products.

Yoga to lose weight?

Doing yoga is good for the mind, but also for the body . This gentle physical activity can help you lose weight in a targeted way, especially in the arms. But for this, you must know the postures to perform and the exercises to do . Here are the most effective ones, as well as how to get the best results in this setting.

The board
This is one of the most classic sports exercises. The difference is that the yogists perform it while becoming aware of their breathing to multiply its benefits . A well made board indeed makes it possible to curve the abdominals and the arms. To achieve it, rest on your outstretched hands and your toes while keeping your back straight.

Next, firmly contract your abs and upper limbs so that your shoulders are just above your wrists and have several sets of super s keto inspiration and exhalation . Be careful not to dig or bend your back to avoid damaging it.

You can also opt for the side board, which is a variation of this exercise to achieve similar results. It involves stretching your upper limbs and turning while keeping your balance on one foot. Here, it is important to properly contract your abdominals as well as your entire body and breathe deeply.

The cobra posture
Still called Bhujangasana, this posture is simple to perform and effective for sculpting the upper part of your body. It consists of lying on your sale, stretching your legs and placing the palms of your hands on the ground while positioning them parallel to your shoulders. After that, inhale and lift your chest slowly so that you feel the movement of your body.

Once your chest is fully elevated , inhale and exhale twice, bring your entire body to the ground and exhale. Do the same movement 5 times, take a 15-second break and resume .

The posture of the chaturanga
It is very close to the pumps and will allow you to refine the top of your body quite quickly . Here’s how. To begin, sheath your body and lower your shoulders. Then put yourself on tiptoe and lower your body down gently without making a sudden movement. It is important that your elbows are well glued to your bust to achieve the desired results. Then breathe, hold it as long as possible and resume the exercise.

By doing these exercises on a regular basis, you will experience significant weight loss on your upper body, especially your arms. But note that it must be associated with a more intense sport and a good diet to lose weight in a sustainable way.

Above all, eliminate bad eating habits such as snacking and the consumption of foods containing salt or excess sugar. The advice of a nutrition specialist will be very helpful.

10 super anti diabetic foods

Diabetes is interpreted as the degradation of insulin secretion that can affect many organs of our body . The most popular symptoms of diabetes are sudden weight loss for no reason, eating and drinking a lot. This severe imbalance in blood sugar levels can be fatal but there are foods that can improve and prevent diabetes.

Avocado: Very good for the health, the lawyer allows among others a natural rebalancing of the plasma insulin levels and improves the speed of cicatrization of the wounds that the diabetes slows down.

Green tea: Studies have shown that its antioxidant power makes it very useful in diabetes treatments. Consumed daily, it is a great ally to prevent it thanks to its anti hyperglycemic action .

Olive oil: The oleic acid it contains improves pure bhb keto insulin production in vivo and in vitro. For women, olive oil minimizes the risk of developing type 2 diabetes . Much healthier than processed oils, it is highly recommended to cook regularly with olive oil.

The shallot: The shallot contains flavonoids , including quercetin, which reduces cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose in the blood plasma.

Blueberries: The pigments that give the color of these berries are very active in the prevention of diabetes. Even when dried on diabetic participants in a study, there was a decrease in blood glucose and an increase in insulin sensitivity.

Cinnamon: Used in some alternative medicines, cinnamon regulates the signal of insulin in the liver , increases and synthesizes its glycogen.

Grapes: The polyphenols contained in grapes have been shown to reduce hyperglycemia in the body and protect the pancreas. The most active being located in seeds and skin, it is advisable to consume whole grains and not to be satisfied with juice.

Saffron: A delicate pistil of dried Cocus that intensely perfumes certain dishes, a water-soluble extract can reduce the level of glucose in the blood and increase the insulin level . This spice, which is not thought of often enough, improves the functioning of the kidneys and the liver in diabetics.

Sweet potato: The proteins isolated from this edible root effectively reduce fasting blood glucose . It is very popular with athletes and dieticians who prefer it in some traditional potato diets because it provides many benefits.

Onion: Like garlic, it contains agents such as sulfide that prevent damage to liver tissue due to diabetes. Consuming regularly helps to lower the level of glucose, cholesterol and lipids.

Nature provides us with great, healthy foods that help us improve our health: it’s up to us to add them to our shopping list to enjoy their benefits more often!

How to eliminate cellulite with cucumber

Low calorie and full of vitamins, all vegetables are welcome in your slimming dish. But some are distinguished by special virtues, which make them excellent allies against cellulite . This is the case of cucumber. Find out why, and how to mitigate your dimples with him.

Cellulite: the draining virtues of cucumber
Orange peel can take three forms . Adipose, she often associates herself with excess weight. Aqueous, it doubles as a retention of water. Finally, fibrous and well established, it reflects an old problem and a strong genetic component.

With only 10 kcal per 100 grams , our favorite cucurbbit is one of the least caloric foods available – a real asset in a slimming diet. But its high water content and high potassium content also make it a diuretic and draining food .

Whatever your orange peel, this green vegetable can only help you !

How do I do to consume it?
To quickly lose your ugly buds, two strategies are possible , depending on your type of cellulite:

– If you need to lose fat , use Cucurbitaceae to replace some foods that are too rich. At the time of the snack , cut it into slices and spread it instead of your usual bread: you will lower your caloric intake.

– If you suffer from water retention , bodyfit keto take a real cure: mix the vegetable with fresh water, and consume one drink a day. A very effective solution to erase watery cellulite !

Other benefits for the body
Excellent for health, cucurbits contain many antioxidants . They help protect your body against free radicals, causing serious diseases such as cancer.

But cucumber also provides you with important nutrients to meet your daily needs. Source of copper, it allows your body to produce hemoglobin and collagen. Source of vitamin K, it promotes the coagulation of blood while supporting the bones .

So you have no excuse not to put this green vegetable on the menu : to maintain your health and find a firmer body, smoother and without orange peel, consume it at will!

Training for beginners

The excesses and to take a calmer pace of life to what we habitually can be causes that make us see that we have lost the form and that we must begin to exercise to recover.

Next we are going to give you a basic routine of exercises of gymnasium of training for beginners with which you can begin to work those zones of your body that more easily lose the form:


To begin with this training for beginners, we will talk about the exercises of one of the muscles that most like, but that also cost more to mark: the chest.

Press with horizontal bench: The original position to perform this exercise is to lie on the bench, buttocks and straight back in contact with the bench and feet on the floor. The bar is taken with the hands separating them a little more than the separation of the shoulders and in horizontal position. The exercise begins inspiring as we lower the bar to our chest, we wait a second keeping the bar in the air and we bring it up again while we expire. Start with little weight and go up little by little with the passage of time, bear in mind that the bar weighs between 12-20 kg and that we can start the exercise lifting only that weight without adding weights.

Other similar exercises that you can practice to work the chest are: incline bench press, dumbbell openings or machine press.

There are several exercises to work the basic abdominal muscles in a beginner training: lateral rotations, leg raising, trunk elevations …

We will show you how to make two of them:

Side rotations: We take a bar with light weight or no weight. Fully straight back, holding the bar with both hands and placing testex 100 it horizontally on our shoulders behind the neck. We can stand with legs half-flexed or sitting on a bench, taking special care that our back is completely straight. We rotate from left to right maintaining the posture and rotating only the hip. This exercise can be done between 5-10 minutes, with it we will work oblique abdominals.

Basic Abdominal: It is the type of abdominal most suitable for beginners. On a mat on the floor, lying down with semi-flexed legs, back and buttocks touching the floor all the time. The hands can be arranged in two ways, behind the head or crossed over the chest. We inspire while performing the trunk elevation towards the knees, maintain and expire by lowering the trunk to the initial position. The ideal is to do 3 sessions of 15-20 repetitions, with this exercise we will work upper and lower abdominals.


Hip extension in machine: The initial position begins with the hands on the grips, the body pushed slightly forward and one of the legs on the pad. It is inspired by pulling the leg backwards, when the limit is reached, the contraction is maintained for a couple of seconds and it returns to the initial position while it expires. With this exercise we mainly work the gluteus majors, and we do 2-3 sessions of 10-15 repetitions, first one leg and then the other or alternating them.

Some other simple machines to use with which to improve your glutes are: climbing machine, abductor machine and horizontal or inclined press.


Bicep Curl: These are the basic exercises that can be performed to work this muscle. To work the biceps we must use exercises that work the turn in the wrist and the contraction of the arm, some of them are: curl with bar, concentrated curl with dumbbells, Scott curl, concentrated curl with pulley …

Triceps with dumbbells: There are several triceps dumbbell exercises that basically focus on positioning the elbow at a 90ᵒ angle and proceeding to the extension of the triceps muscle while breathing. Some of the triceps exercises that you can proceed to perform are: sitting triceps extensions, triceps extension to one or two hands, extensions of lying triceps …

Do a resistance / volumization exercise for each muscle group

All these principles have been created by the great bodybuilders with the passage of time, while looking for the best way to increase their muscle mass, so adopt them, you can modify them slightly, or apply what you can, but if you do you will see how you will improve your profits of muscle mass.

6. Do a resistance / volumization exercise for each muscle group
While those who like to feel pain and maximize congestion tend to neglect heavy weights, low repetition series … those who like to lift heavy tend to reject high ranges of repetitions.

increase muscle mass
Doing series of more than 10 or 12 repetitions is ideal for increasing endurance, but this probably will not matter to you. But you proflex muscle do care about the visual effects that occur as a result of making series of major repetitions.
Training in a high range of repetitions obviously prolongs the time under tension, and it is this TBT that stimulates the increase of muscle mass.

However, the result of hypertrophy in this range of repetitions is not the increase in contractile tissue (ie, actin and myosin filaments), often referred to as nonfunctional hypertrophy.

When we are talking about enlarging the diameter of a muscle by means other than the creation of new muscle fibers, it is better to use the term voluminization. Here we are talking about an increase in the cross-sectional area of ​​a muscle through an increase in the size and / or number of capillaries, mitochondria, enlargement of the sarcoplasmic reticulum, etc …

In general terms, it is necessary to perform series of 12-20 repetitions to stimulate muscular volumization. The aesthetic result of the muscle created in this way is that it has a rounded appearance, like a fuller one.

7. Implement compound and isolation exercises to increase muscle mass
It is best to stimulate the muscle in different ways. You will probably get more general hypertrophy doing a little bit of each time than either exclusively.

When it comes to muscle mass gain training, it is imperative that we not only use compound exercises. Of course, multi-joint exercises offer the maximum result in terms of gaining functional, usable strength, but this is not our goal. This is a side effect of carrying out our objective.

Isolation exercises may not be as “functional” in terms of applicability to the real world, but with these it is as if they aim a laser at the worked muscle, ensuring that it receives all the tension.

For example, squats are a great exercise, but if your lower back is not strong enough you will not be able to carry too much weight and your quadriceps will not receive the stimulus they should.

That’s where the leg extensions come in, where you make sure the quadriceps receive all the work, and that these are the only limiting factors.

There are no better exercises than others, there are simply different exercises.

8. Choose exercises that focus on your weakness
When training to improve physical appearance, it is very important to maintain symmetry and aesthetics in mind.

Too often, bodybuilders get caught up in trying to progress through “harder training,” that is, either lifting more weight or doing more repetitions with the same weight. Sometimes, they even try to do both at the same time (a recipe for stagnation). Keep in mind that the “improvement” in terms of bodybuilding not only comes from increases in performance, but also – and especially for competitive bodybuilders – through an improvement in muscle mass.

So improving a backward body part is one of the surest ways to quickly improve physical appearance, so consider thinking of yourself as an artist who is creating something really beautiful with your physique, so You must be very critical of yourself and try to work hard to improve your weaknesses, choosing the necessary exercises.

9. Do the most important exercise first
That has more or less to do with the previous point, if you have some backward part or you want to improve in a particular exercise, do it first that day, this allows the maximum recruitment of the motor unit, or the number of muscle fibers that are stimulated . And remember, only the fibers that are stimulated can grow.

10. Repetitions and rest time are inversely proportional
Many training principles are somewhat intuitive, as something natural. But the fact that repetitions and rest are inversely proportional is not one of them. In fact, it is often counterintuitive.

Let’s say that you have done a series of 3 repetitions in the bench press almost to failure, when you start to rest letting your heart rate and your breathing return to normal you will realize that you do not need much time to recover. After all, you do not even feel a “burning” in your chest or triceps with such TBT. In about 60 seconds you feel ready to perform another series.

On the other hand, suppose you just finished a tough series of squats with 15 repetitions. It is likely to take at least 2 full minutes, if not more, before you feel ready to perform another series with the same intensity.

The strange fact is that our perception of recovery is not entirely accurate. Although both heart rate is something important, something happens at a cellular level that we can not feel, per se.

The fatigue that appears – as a momentary concentric failure – in a series of heavy low repetitions, is mainly due to the decrease of the ATP-CP energy system, as well as the fatigue of the nervous system. And it takes 2-3 minutes for those two components can be replenished to the point where you can make another series with the same intensity.

When performing a series with a high voltage and low repetitions to stimulate protein synthesis (increase in muscle mass) it is very important to maximize the performance in each series to perform the maximum number of repetitions with a given weight, so you need to avoid reduce the weight to achieve the performance of the previous series, because it is the tension in the muscle that serves as the main stimulus for strength gains, and ultimately more actin and myosin filaments (ie, increase in mass) muscle by increasing the contractile tissue).

However, if you leave the breaks at the mercy of how you feel, you will try it in a minute and most likely not get a repeat.

The performance in the series of high repetitions with a higher TBT is not so important, this is because what stresses here is not tension, but metabolic fatigue.

This type of training stimulus is different from tension. Metabolic fatigue does not lead to the creation of new actin and myosin fibers. Instead, it leads to hypertrophy of other structures (sarcoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, capillaries, etc.)

Unlike in the series of low repetitions, in the series of high repetitions you do not necessarily need to be completely recovered, in fact if you do it before you are ready you will increase the stimulus because you receive more metabolic fatigue.

So in the series of low repetitions rests as much as you need to perform another series with the same kilaje, while in the series of high repetitions do not rest so much to increase fatigue, this will help you increase your muscle mass.

11. Keep in mind that intensity and volume are inversely proportional
As intensity we refer to the effort that costs us to make a series, if you do a series with a given weight with all the repetitions that you can (to the failure) then the intensity that you have reached is 100%.

As a volume we refer to the number of exercises, series and repetitions performed in a given training.

So the higher the intensity used, the less training you should do.

For example, if you have a 10 RM of 100kg and perform a training of 3 × 9 with 100kg, it is not excessively demanding for the nervous system, nor for the muscles, but nevertheless if you do 3 × 10 with 100kg this is already extremely Applicant for both the nervous system and the muscles, although there is only one more series, and you need much more time to recover.

You can train hard, or you can train a lot of time, but you can not do both at the same time.

So you should avoid going to failure if you want to train frequently (for example train a muscle group every 4-5 days), or you can abuse more of the failure and train less frequently (every 6-7 days), without However, if you want something in between, perform only the last series of an exercise to failure.

Remember, it is better to train intelligently than to train hard.

Remember to use these 11 principles as a recipe. You can continue as is to cook something delicious, or you can add a bit of something to make it your own, so do not forget to implement them in your muscle mass gain routine.

What happens in the body when a muscle is overtired

Many people believe that training more, training in excess is better, it is not, since when you over train a muscle you are harming it . And even more if your diet is deficient, if you rest little and do not follow the proven techniques to progress well.

The problem of overtraining appears when we subject our muscles to hard training sessions without letting them recover as necessary. You realize that you trained a lot when you get to exhaustion, then you slow down your progress, and the worst, you could go back. There is a simple test to know if you are overtrained.

Listen to what Strongman Tarrako tells us about overtraining, it’s something that has to do with your life as a whole rather than with the training itself.

Some problems when you over train a muscle
The overtraining brings many problems , so it is important not to overdo it . Take into account your age, physical condition and health. You may be very optimistic about training with the gym machines, but be careful, better with the advice of a coach.

Lack of sexual appetite
Overtraining fatigue not only includes our muscles, it also happens with our nervous system. Your body is a whole and snap hero testo you can not judge overtraining by muscles alone. If you are despondent, sleepy all day, and not wanting to do anything right, it may be due to a situation of overtraining.

The results take time to appear or not at all
When a muscle is overtrained, one of the symptoms is that the results, muscle growth, greater strength, vigor, etc., take time to appear.

You soon realize that you have no more strength, or more resistance, or less amount of fat, or more muscle or whatever, then it may well be due to a case of overtraining. But even worse, if it happens to you that you are losing what you have won, you are clearly facing a serious case of overtraining and you really need to stop.

Colds and repeated infections
When the intensity of your training is very strong this to a certain extent affects or rather hinders the functions of the immune system. Therefore, if you get colds more often this may well be because the immune system is not working properly, and that is one of the signs of overtraining.

The heart rate increases
When you overuse a muscle this is one of the ugliest symptoms is that the heart rate of rest increased by more than 5 puls / minute on your usual. Take your pulse as soon as you get up, then get up quickly and take it back if your heart rate increases by more than 5 puls. The most likely thing is that you are overtraining

Sleep disorders
If it’s hard for you to fall asleep at night, wake up in the morning, fall asleep at work and so on, then it’s highly likely that you’re training too much. It never happens to you that you put the maximum effort in your routine and you arrive home destroyed but at the time of sleeping you can not stick an eye? that’s overtraining, almost certainly.

If you have any of these symptoms you may be overtrained . Take two or three days of rest, without running, sleep at least 8 hours each night and hydrate exhaustively. The only activity that we recommend is stretching, very gentle walks or massages, so that your muscles do not completely forget about the movement

In the following video of Cárnicas Serrano TV you have tips on how to recover when you overuse a muscle.