What yoga exercises to fight against cellulite?

Yoga can help you lose weight, eliminate cellulite (whether fat, water or fibrous ) and prevent fat storage, improving your muscle tone. Deep breathing also plays an important role because it leads to better oxygenation of the cells and improves blood circulation by detoxifying the body.

Let’s take a look at some natural yoga postures , practice at home or at work, whether you’re a beginner or not , who can help you get rid of cellulite and get the slimming you want.

Be careful, do not forget to warm up slim build keto before starting these different positions, which you will do preferably wake up to be effective and you can enjoy all their benefits …

The posture of the eagle
It is practiced standing, feet flat to the width of the hips. Inhale, lifting your arms up to the shoulders with your palms facing up. Then cross them (the left above the right) while resting the elbows one on the other. Then bend your elbows and place your palms face to face.

Then put your right foot behind your left leg and hook it around the ankle, with the left knee slightly bent. Keep your abs tight and look far ahead . Hold this position for 5 to 8 deep breaths and repeat the exercise by changing brachial muscle and leg.

This exercise is like a cure or anti-cellulite treatment acting on the lymphatic level ( mainly on the thighs ).

The posture of the chair
With the same effects as the posture of the eagle, the posture of the chair is also practiced upright with big toes touching and ankles very little apart.

Bend your knees by pressing your heels and lowering your hips as if you wanted to sit on a chair.

Then raise your arms above your head to make a perfectly straight line between the hips, shoulders and wrists. Keep the abdominals well contracted by holding the pose for 5-8 breaths before returning to the initial position.

The posture of the boat
This posture represents a formidable solution against cellulite on the waist, thighs , buttocks and calves.It is practiced lying on the back , with the legs extended and the arms along the body. While inspiring, mount each leg on as high as possible and without bending them.

Then stretch your feet and at the same time, lift the bust and brachial muscles to try to touch your toes, but without arching your back.

Be careful not to pull on the neck but on the abs. Breathe deeply and try to hold for at least 20 seconds, then exhale while relaxing . And repeat the movement several times.

The posture of the board
Well-known fitness practitioners , this exercise tones overall glutes , brachial muscles, shoulder muscles, dorsal and abdominal muscles. It really strengthens the muscles in depth, which effectively eradicates cellulite.

To do the board, lie on your stomach and bend your elbows 90 degrees , so that they are aligned with the shoulders.

Then push on the feet so that the body forms a straight line from the head to the ankles, resting only on the tips of the feet and forearms. Be sure to keep your elbows in the axis of the shoulders and think to contract the abdominals and breathe deeply.Keep this position as long as possible, being careful not to climb the buttocks or arch your back.

In conclusion, to remove your stretch marks , your water retention and your cellulite , you will adopt these different slim build keto SCAM SIDE EFFECTS REVIEWS yoga postures, which you can add the bow, the candle, the half bridge, the warrior 2 and many others.

You will also enjoy a healthy diet with vegetable protein, legumes, fruits and vegetables with low glycemic index and oilseeds. You will also be sure to hydrate yourself (especially before and after your flexibility and strength training exercises ) and limit your consumption of sweet, fatty and processed products, and salt.

What solutions against water retention in the thighs?

It is a real plague that affects many women, especially when hormones panic at the time of pregnancy , menstruation and menopause.

What natural solutions can be considered before using medications?

The symptoms of water retention
It most often affects the legs, but the upper body , ie arms, face and belly , can also be reached. Excess water causes swelling naturnica keto sometimes very painful and a form of cellulite called infiltrated cellulite.

The pregnant women are often prone to this problem because the developing baby induced pressure on the large vein called the vena cava , which slows blood flow . What to do about it?

Eliminate edema with diet
You must continue to drink enough water. It is also necessary to hunt for salt, which holds water in the body. Coupled with this, we must also promote diuretic foods, that is to say those that will eliminate you. Very logically, these foods are also the ones that help to lose weight.

In the list (not exhaustive): figs, preferably fresh ; asparagus; artichoke; the blette; the leek ; fennel ; turnip ; celery ; the cucumber ; ripe peach; the grape.

Massages and poultices
The poultice of green clay and water is very simple to prepare. Mix these two ingredients until you get a thick paste, then spread it on your thighs and knees . Wrap everything in a cloth so that the clay can breathe.

The poultice must be renewed at least twice a day until the pain subsides.

The permanent massage induced by the compression stockings makes it possible to circulate the blood from the bottom HEALTH SCAM SIDE EFFECTS REVIEWS to the top of the thighs . This is very useful when you are unable to walk the length of time, for example during a long drive.

However, the best thing is to move a lot and play sports!

Of course, the use of a doctor and drugs is sometimes obligatory. Do not be resigned to martyrdom if natural solutions are not enough to relieve you. But, above all, anticipate: have a healthy diet, move your body and stay tuned to avoid this terrible inconvenience.

Vegetarian diet and running are they compatible?

Vegetarian runners are more and more numerous. Does the vegetarian diet present risks for running ? The answer is no, making sure to take the necessary precautions to avoid possible deficiencies and be able to boost its performance in sport.

The vegetarian diet and the running are quite compatible
To the extent that running requires a sufficient and complete supply of protein, it is common to wonder about the dietary compatibility of a vegetarian diet with physical activity.

In reality, obtaining the amino acids necessary for protein intake using plant sources rather than animal sources is possible.

To replace animal proteins, vegetable proteins must be combined in the following way : 2/3 of cereals and 1/3 of legumes. It exogenous ketones is this combination of foods that allows you to manage your vegetarian diet, especially if you run. Other high-protein alternatives exist, such as tofu (raw or cooked) and seitan.

Is it good or bad to perform? Neither, if we stick to a balanced diet ! It can however help some athletes lose weight quickly if they need to lose a few pounds to feel better in their sneakers and gain speed or endurance.

Again, however, the moderation is needed: replace the meat may be good for health, but it should not give permission to jump on a packet of cakes …

Precautions to take
It is important to make sure you have enough iron intake, the latter being better assimilated by the body when it is of animal origin. If this is not the case, a food rebalancing or taking a dietary supplement can be very useful … In case of fatigue or discomfort, the opinion of a doctor is essential, especially in case of resumption of an activity fitness.

Another important contribution for a runner is calcium. Green vegetables, milk or cheese can be good sources to substitute for meat in this respect.

Finally, it is very important to ensure that you have enough vitamins (including B12) and zinc, otherwise carbohydrates will be poorly managed during training or running. Soymilk, eggs, dairy products, seaweed or some types of cereals can help to achieve the required intake.

Here again, it is important to monitor what we do to avoid negative consequences on performance … but also health.

The benefits of the vegetarian diet
The vegetarian nutrition mode has more advantages than dangers, where the vegan lifestyle has many disadvantages :

Well managed, it can be slimming
It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
It is compatible with an active social life
To lose weight if you are overweight, combining running and principles of the vegetarian diet can help , even if it is not a slimming diet. It is not easy to start and we can not expect to lose a lot of weight and draw pure leather interiors his abs in 2 weeks, but over time, it is a good formula … provided to significantly reduce sugar, limit daily calories, opt for fresh products (and organic, ideally) and seek advice from a sports coach to have a simple training program.

Chronutrition diet: authorized foods

To lose weight over the long term, you need to adopt a diet that also applies in the long term . Your best option in this case is chrononutrition. This diet has the principle of choosing the right time to eat based on the specificities of each person.

If the quantity and choice of foods are secondary, what is possible to eat and what are the rules to follow?

What are the permitted foods?
If you follow a chrononutrition diet, you should know that there is little food that you can not consume. You just have to choose the ketofit canada right time to eat the right types of food. Your meals should consist of foods rich in protein , vitamins, fats, minerals and carbohydrates.

Of course, because this diet is specific to each person, a medical opinion like that of a nutritionist is recommended . Your menu can be composed of a wide variety of foods, you are entitled to all fruits and vegetables in addition to meat (red and white), fish (fat, lean, crustacean), yogurt and even chocolate.

The goal is to provide the body with the protein and fat required during protease and lipase secretion.

Example of a typical day with authorized foods
Your diet must take into account your weight, your height and many other measurements. However, the distribution remains the same for all, you are entitled to 4 meals a day namely breakfast , lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

This applies to both sexes, unless the woman is expecting a child. In this case, this diet is to be avoided . In practice, you need to eat in the morning a rich meal in all: bread, cheese, butter and coffee.

At noon, we must highlight the starchy foods and animal proteins: pasta, eggs, meat and cold cuts. To taste it, opt for food rich in natural sugar such as fruits in different forms (jam, fresh or dried fruit). At dinner, give way to the benefits of seafood and fish.

Note that it is possible to skip dinner because the assimilation of your food is slow. Although effective, the food allowed by this diet does not make you immune to deficiencies.

This disadvantage is dangerous for health, keto fit especially for growth. Note also that the type of food allowed does not lose belly quickly.

In short, make your own opinion about the possibilities offered by the foods that are allowed by chrononutrition by applying it. As with all other diets, you must accompany your diet with sports to speed up the process.

Phenylalanine: hunger cuts effects?

Dietary supplements are usually associated with dieting and sports activities to speed up the loss of extra pounds. In view of their different advantages, their use is more and more widespread.

Here, we will focus on one of them that you have probably heard about once: phenylalanine. But what exactly is it?

In which foods do we find it in a natural rapid results garcinia way and what are its benefits when taken as a dietary supplement? Finally is it dangerous for your health? The answers to these questions in this article.

Phenylalanine and weight loss: what is the link?
Phenylalanine is an excellent appetite suppressant for people who want to reduce the number of calories ingested daily and the amount of their meals. Indeed, once in the intestine, it causes the secretion of a hormone that signals to the brain that the level of satiety is reached.

This calms the appetite and allows you to eat much less than usual. Scientific research has shown that the reduction in the amount of food consumed by taking phenylalanine before meals is more than 22%, which is considerable.

In addition, by associating it with a diet, you greatly reduce the mood and motivation decreases that are usually seen in diets . It promotes a state of joy, well-being and pleasure in the brain. This helps to stay motivated.

In which foods is phenylalanine found?
Naturally, you can fill your phenylalanine needs by eating foods such as parmesan , tofu, skim milk powder, nuts, veal, lentils, brie, mozzarella, eggs, peas , peppers, crustaceans, yeasts, seaweed, coca, chocolate and even chewing gums .

Counter indications
Taking phenylalanine in the form of supplements is prohibited for people suffering from phenylketonuria, a rare genetic disease marked by the absence of the enzyme necessary for its digestion. It is also not recommended for the pregnant woman and for all those in search of pregnancy.

In some cases, it can also create an allergy. If you notice redness of irritation after taking a few capsules, ask immediately for a doctor’s advice.

What is phenylalanine?
It is one of the amino acids that enter into the constitution of proteins. The body needs it because it is an integral part of plant proteins such as animal proteins. It is classified as essential amino acid because it can not be secreted naturally by the human body. It must therefore be provided through the daily diet.

Phenylalanine is also essential for the body because it is the precursor of norepinephrine, adrenaline, dopamine, melanin and aspartame.

With these appetite suppressant effects, phenylalanine can be a great ally in dieting. However, be sure to respect the contraindications mentioned above and to associate with its intake a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

To lose 10 kg thanks to the draconian diet

thrma splut A draconian diet focuses on the principle of extreme short-term deprivation. The results are often at the rendezvous and you can lose up to 10 kilograms quickly.

The Thonon diet is suitable for both men and women . He proposes to feed you with about 1000 Kcals for a quick weight loss .

Lose weight quickly and lose 10kg with the draconian diet Thonon
The Thonon diet is similar to the Scarsdale diet. Indeed, these two high protein diets last for 14 days with a diet reduced to 1000 kilocalories . However, and this is important enough to be emphasized, the Thonon diet allows you to eat to your heart’s content .

It does not impose lilliputian rations as is the case with the Scarsdale program. It has the advantage of unfolding without frustration and without feeling hungry. Another of its peculiarities is that it allows you to vary your meals over the days to help you take pleasure in losing weight easily.

Effective menu of the draconian Super Diet Thonon
Here is the complete program of the Thonon program . It is to be followed scrupulously and the rations are at will. All that is alcohol, salt, fat, sugar, etc. is not to be ingested.

Day 1 :
In the morning : Coffee or tea without sugar. Lunch : two hard boiled eggs and unsalted spinach . In the evening : 1 grilled steak + salad and celery.

Day 2:
In the morning : coffee or tea with a touch of milk. Lunch : a big steak with green salad, tomatoes and fruits. In the evening : only cooked ham.

Day 3:
In the morning : Sugar free coffee or tea with cereals (eg wholegrain bread). Lunch : Two eggs + tomatoes and salads . In the evening : ham cooked with a good green salad .

Day 4:
In the morning : coffee or unsweetened tea and eat cereal bread. Lunch : a hard boiled egg + carrots (cooked or raw) with a piece of Gruyère cheese . In the evening : fruit without moderation + a natural yoghurt .

Day 5:
In the morning : coffee or tea and eat grated carrots. Noon : a fish in court bouillon with two tomatoes. In the evening : steak and green salad for vegetables.

Day 6:
In the morning : coffee or tea without adding sugars + cereals . Lunchtime : a good roast chicken. Remove the skin for less fat. In the evening : two boiled eggs with carrots cooked or raw, always.

Day 7:
In the morning : coffee, lemon tea or tea. Lunch : a good steak + fruit. In the evening : Eat what you want in reasonable quantity. Of course avoid all that is alcohol , sugar, fat, salt ..).

You will return this menu on the remaining 7 days to complete the diet.

Our opinion on Draconian diets Thonon and Scarsdale
As you can see, the Thonon diet is high protein and dangerous for people with kidney failure. In addition, it is drastic and such a significant weight loss is often not effective in the long run.

Just like the Scarsdale diet that has the reputation of being followed by television stars , the Thonon diet must be done under pureleatherinteriors the supervision of a better placed professional to determine the consequences of this type of diet on your body.

A tip : losing weight permanently requires physical exercise and a balanced diet . Opt for an endurance sport or bodybuilding exercises to burn your calories .

Invest in stock market when you know nothing, the complete guide

Invest in the stock market when you know nothing

Investing in the stock market is one of the best investments you can make in the long run. However, getting started when starting from scratch can sometimes seem complicated: you have to open your account, know how to place a stock market order, define an amount to invest, choose in what to invest, and know how to manage your emotions. In this article, I propose to guide you through all these steps so that you can start investing in the stock market quickly and on a good basis.

Step 1: Choose your broker

To start investing in the stock market and be able to place buy and sell orders, you must first choose a good broker. It is possible to buy shares through your usual bank, however this is not a solution that I would advise: their fees are usually very high and in most banks you will have to call your advisor by phone to place your orders this will make the process cumbersome and restrictive.

The best way to reduce costs and buy the titles you want in a few clicks is to go through an online broker . There are a large number of competitive stock brokers, your main selection criteria should be the fees (the lowest possible) and the quality (always choose an authorized broker and real profits online easily reachable). If you have little money and few orders, go to a low cost broker instead. If you are more active, some brokers may offer packages that are likely to suit you better than a basic offer. To keep things simple a “low cost” broker will do the trick for 99% of people who want to go public.

Beware of one thing too: some brokers demand a minimum of capital to open an account at home and this amount can be very variable. It is for example 1000 euros at the French broker “Bourse Direct” and 10 000 euros at the American broker “Interactive Brokers”. So choose also based on this criterion and the amount you want to invest in the stock market. Which leads us to the next point.

Step 2: Define the amount you want to invest in the stock market

how much to invest?

Many people will say, “Never invest in the stock market what you are not prepared to lose.” I do not like this advice because it has a very pessimistic connotation: nobody wants to invest in the stock market with the back thought that the money placed must be supposed as already lost. In addition, if you lose all of your capital, it is because you have probably really, really badly done things at the base: a good investment strategy should never expose you to a risk of total loss of capital invested.

So I advise you to invest in the stock market an amount with which you feel comfortable psychologically . The goal is to find the right balance between an amount large enough to earn money, and a reasonable enough amount so that market movements do not keep you awake at night. The “ideal” amount does not exist : there is only an ideal amount for you, which will depend on your tolerance for market fluctuations. I personally know that I can tolerate quite a lot of fluctuations, but I do not really mind because I have confidence in my methods and I have already experienced several periods of heavy stock market falls, so I already know how I react emotionally to these decreases.

A general rule when you start is to take the maximum amount that you think you are willing to invest in the stock market and divide it by two. This will allow you to get used to the movements of the markets without however frightening you.

Step 3: Learn how to place a stock market order

Once your account is open, you will have access to real-time (or deferred) market data, and you will have the opportunity to buy and sell securities. You can search for the titles you want either by typing the full name, or by typing the title code (for example, for the title L’Oreal, the code of the action is “OR” which is simpler than type the full name). You can also search for a title using its ISIN code (a unique multi-digit identifier code for each action). You can easily find the ISIN code of an action or a fund by not passing Google or Boursorama .

Once your title is sought, you will have access to a window that will allow you to place orders. There are several types of stock market order but here are the 3 main ones (the others being relatively little used):

– Market order : this is the order you will use by default if you want to do things simply. You just have to enter the desired quantity, select “market order” and you will buy the stock directly at the price at which the stock is quoted at the time you place your order.

– Limit order : The limit order allows you to set a price limit beyond which you do not want to buy your stock. Let’s say for example that you want to buy the action “Total”, this one quotes at 43 euros but you do not want to buy more than 42 euros: you can place a limit order to 42 euros. As long as the stock will quote at 43 euros, your order will not be executed, if the stock falls to 42 euros or less, your securities will be automatically purchased. This type of order can be useful to avoid buying at the height of the day but it can be dangerous because if the action rises strongly, it is possible that you never have your titles and you miss the rise.

stop loss

– The stop order(or trigger threshold): the “stop” order works in the reverse of the limit order, it will be triggered automatically if the action passes a certain price threshold. For example, if you want to buy “Total” at 42 euros, maybe you will say that you are not ready to lose more than 5 euros per share on this purchase. You can put a “stop” order at 37 euros: if the action falls below 37 euros, your securities will automatically be sold. This type of order can be useful if you can not track your stock regularly and want to protect your portfolio against sharp declines. It can be dangerous because some titles sometimes fall below the threshold of your order and then go back up later: you will have sold at the worst time. It can be useful in scenarios like the one of 2008: quickly triggered “stop” orders avoid strong and lasting drops. The “stop” order can be a good risk management tool, which will ensure you do not lose more than the amount you have set yourself in advance.

And if you do not want to bother: simply use “market” orders: you will be sure to have your securities, and if you invest in the long term, a difference of a few cents on the purchase price of your shares will not make a big difference.

Step 4: In what to invest?

This is where things can sometimes seem complicated. In fact this does not need to be the case. There is a saying that investing in the stock market can be as simple or as complex as you want, and that’s very true. We will explore both options: complex and simple.

The complex solution is to choose your actions yourself. If you do it right, you will earn above-average returns over time, and you’ll have better control over the stocks you hold in your portfolio. However, this requires learning, you can not just open your account tomorrow and start buying shares at random: you could lose a lot of money. If the scholarship interests you the first option and therefore to train and learn how to select quality companies. Personally, I invest in this way.

The simple option, if you do not have the time or the money is to go through products that are called “indexed funds” or trackers . These stock market products are simply very simple, low-cost funds that will replicate a stock market index. This will allow you for example to buy all 40 values ​​of the CAC 40 index in one goor the 500 values ​​of the S & P 500 Index (US Index). The fund holds all the securities for you, you simply have to place a buy order on this fund and let your stock market grow. This solution can also be interesting when we know that the returns of the US S & P 500 long-term index are around 10% per year (however, as you can see in 2008, fluctuations in stock market prices may however, be quite violent, and one must be able to tolerate these strong short-term variations in order to be able to take advantage of attractive long-term returns).

If you would like to know more about the different trading strategies you can use, I invite you to read the article ” The best strategies for investing in the stock market “.

Step 5: Manage your emotions

Here we are no longer in purely financial criteria. However, controlling your emotions is THE factor that will determine your long-term success in the market. A common phrase in the world of investing is that the stock market does not lose money to investors: investors are losing money to investors.

Succeeding on the stock market often means having the discipline and strength of character to do the opposite of what the majority does. In 2008, everyone thought that you had to be crazy to invest in the stock market and that the entire economy would sink. The few investors who held their positions or bought at that time doubled or tripled their money in the years that followed.

In 1999, everyone thought we had to be crazy not to invest in the actions of an industry that was going to change the face of the world: the internet. In 2000, most stocks in the sector lost most of their value during the speculative bubble explosion. It is therefore essential to always maintain an objective judgment and not be fooled by current trends.

To help you here is a small (humorous) illustration of the emotional cycle usually experienced by an investor looking for the “right moment” to invest in the stock market.

invest in the stock market

To avoid being a victim of this cycle, you will need discipline and method. Here are three simple strategies that will help you never lose a lot of money:

– Define an automatic investment plan : you can decide to set up an automatic monthly transfer to your securities account, so you will buy your shares gradually, and you will avoid the risk of investing all your capital at the worst time.

– Set up a “stop loss” order : you can place a “stop” sale order when you make your purchase to protect yourself from a possible decline in your securities. If you buy your shares at 100 euros, you can for example decide to sell automatically if they fall below 90 euros. Thus you will be sure to never lose more than 10% of your capital on your position.

– Diversify your investments : Using multiple asset classes (rather than just investing in equities) reduces risk. If you have 50% of your portfolio in stocks and 50% in bonds, for example, you will lose less if the stock market drops sharply, because bonds tend to rise when stocks fall . You can, for example, decide to invest 30% of your portfolio in equities, 30% in bonds, 30% in Gold (and keep 10% in cash or on a Livret).

If you implement one of these three very simple strategies, you will not take significant financial risks and you will be able to benefit from the high returns offered by the financial markets in the long term, without putting your capital at risk.

How to look for a profitable investment?

The time of classified ads on paper is over, everything happens of course on the internet. Do not scatter on many sites.

Focus your research on seloger.com and the right corner . The first one is used only by professionals (real estate agents), the second one is also the individuals who deposit advertisements.

Some people think that they will do better business directly with individuals, because there are less agency fees. But often it’s wrong.

The real estate agents allow to mediate between the buyer and the seller.

They make the seller understand the ecom cash code price because often you are too greedy when you want to sell. They also allow for a fair negotiation because they know the expectations of both parties.

Finally the real estate agent can present property in preview, he has just “come home”. Often he offers investors he knows and then he advertises them on the right corner or on seloger.

For those who wish to do good business with “dead” goods, in other words that have been on sale for a very long time, in order to aggressively negotiate the price. There is a site for this: Castorus.

We can see how long the property is for sale, the different price cuts. The program recognizes the photos.

You can install the extension for google chrome or firefox.

Very practical when you are on the right corner or to stay, the price curve of the property in question appears at the bottom of the page.

For example, on this property: A building entirely to restore, we see that the property is still the same price for 6 months. The work is scary to many buyers, although the price is already relatively low, it is in my opinion possible to make a bid even lower.

Where to look?

Of course the ideal is to find a good near home, but when you want to have a good return and that one lives in a big metropolis, it is not always obvious.

Personally I look for goods at 1h car around my house maximum. Some will have as limit 30 or 45 min. After all depends on what you are looking for.

It is better to avoid long distances for a studio that will have more turn-over, while for t2 or t3 it is already more acceptable.

Similarly, if you buy an apartment, a house or a building with heavy work, it will not be easy to follow the different craftsmen away from home and the trips will undermine your morale.

When you search outside your municipality, you are not familiar with the different neighborhoods, the value of the property, the economic state and the dynamism of the city.

To better understand the potential of the city you are looking for, you can use the key figures of INSEE . They are public. For each municipality you will find the unemployment rate, the birth rate, the share of owners, tenants etc …

All these figures will give you an idea of ​​the dynamism of the desired sector.

Example of a dynamic city but the real estate market is not very profitable but very easy to rent: Toulouse (part of the table)

Indeed the goal for you is perhaps less the self-financing of the property but more the search for heritage and a hope for added value with the purchase-resale. This is especially possible in large cities or properties with works.

Then for the estimated price of goods m2 I use Best agent , it allows at least to get an idea: If the neighborhood is side or not. The price per m2 with low fork and high fork, also allows you to refine your knowledge of the market on the type of property sought.

You do not know if the property will be rented because you do not know the rental market in this area?

Little tip : Pass a fake ad on the right corner that you leave a few days. No pictures, just the features of the property to evaluate for the rental, so you’ll see if there is demand.

Is the property profitable?

To know if your property is self-financing, if you earn money, if you are in balance or in negative after taxes, you can always have fun with an Excel spreadsheet but I prefer an online software: Rental yield .

You enter the rents, the charges, the city, your income and the tax that you are aiming for, and the windmill software for you and the result is great, everything is analyzed in a few seconds.

The biggest part is free. If you want to enter insurance, agency fees or others, it will take the premium version

The subscription is 8 euros per month if you subscribe for one year, the price is really ridiculous if you compare it to what you get on the large amounts invested.

I did a month’s test, it was good to have a very refined result when you are about to make a proposal. It can be interesting to take a subscription if you are a regular investor or if you start your research, this in order to refine the cash flow accurately with all expenses taken into account.

Otherwise the free version may be enough to become familiar. On the other hand, to create a free account even without subscription in order to be able to have the maximum of computational details otherwise you will have only that:
The advantage of this type of site is that you clearly see the cashflow after taxes and you know if you have to make a financial effort every month for your investment or if it clearly brings you money in a row.

Anything that can be deducted from taxes is taken into account. It’s convenient when you’re not a tax pro, especially for your first rental investment.


You have all the necessary tools to find a rental investment, it remains only to study well the market, and get started, accept a small risk to enjoy later or immediately ..