BOSU: training of the most complete

BOSU: training of the most complete

It is a hemisphere and improves your balance renuvaline strength, endurance, and body posture.

This material can be used on the concave side as on the smooth side. The key to the exercise is working with the imbalance that offers, getting more muscles work, especially stabilizers and abdominals. It is used in training to recover injuries, cardiovascular exercises, strength, can be used, also in pilates or yoga.

In short, the BOSU improves;
Cardiovascular system: Looking for dynamic exercises, in which we increase our heart rate, and also strengthen muscles, as your body has to make an extra effort to maintain balance, increasing weight loss, and toning our muscles.
The posture; by creating imbalance with this material, our body must adapt,

Obliging muscles that contribute to our body posture to tone up, thus strengthening the joints enough.

Balance; As in postural control, we improve muscle tone, getting all muscle groups to work in a balanced way.

As I mentioned before, you can train in many ways with the Bosu, I, for this week I propose a work of functional strength with this material, in which we will use it in an inverted way, that is to say with the concave part towards the ground creating more imbalance, I also use it as dead weight to lift it by strengthening arms, waist and legs.

Before starting do not forget to warm up, very important to avoid injuries, and stretch at the end, which is equally essential, and when doing the exercises take into account your physical condition, because the training that I frame you today is for people who are used to do some sport

In the routine you will do exercises for legs, waist, abdomen, gluteal arms, I mark the repetitions, the breaks and we will repeat three series, once finished you will notice how in 20 minutes you have trained your whole body, and if you combine it with a few minutes of cardio at the end, race, bike, you will burn more calories.

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Green Protein and Phytocosmetic, “The Perfect Tandem”.

Green Protein and Phytocosmetic, “The Perfect Tandem”.

Good morning chic @ s, this time I would everfirm anti-aging serum like to touch with you a topic that is very topical, and we who are always attentive to the latest news in that perfect Tandem, Health / Beauty, this post could not go unnoticed.
When we talk about Proteins, we think of meat as the only source, that’s what we thought, until now …
Well, there is another source rich in proteins, vital for our health and life, rich in fiber, antioxidants, phytochemicals, contain less purines (are eliminated better), low in calories … with innumeralbes properties …. let’s step the “Green Proteins”, that is, Vegetable Proteins.

This protein has a very low value in saturated fat and cholesterol.
Its effect is satiating, rich in carbohydrates, reduce gas formation and swelling.
The renal and hepatic function are benefited with the daily consumption of foods rich in “Green Protein”,

Source rich in Vegetable Protein would be Chlorella Alga, Spirulina (I wrote a long time ago dedicated to these “Miraculous Algae”), lentil peas, beans, chickpeas, soy, quinoa oatmeal, tofu, sunflower, radish, flax, hemp, nuts in general, goji berries, chlorophyll, kale, romaine lettuce, Seitan (food from Japan that is known as “vegetable meat”), Tempeh, peas, avocado, thorns … and so an endless list of foods.

In our beauty they play an important role, as you have seen, we talk about antioxidants, hydration, nutrition … ideal components for our skin.
Although we must not forget that experts in the field tell us, that we must combine these proteins with carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables in our daily diet.

Let’s move on to beauty, to cosmetics, with a composition where its main compound is of Vegetal Origin, they call it Phytocosmetic.
Once again, Mother Nature puts at our disposal active moisturizing, softening, nourishing, emollient … extracted from the heart of each plant, and give us their essence, so important for our skin.
Aloe Vera, Olive, Shea Butter, Chamomile, Calendula, Cornflower … would be some of the plants most used in vegetable cosmetics with extraordinary properties for our skin.

7 subtle Star Wars lessons applicable to Fitness

7 subtle Star Wars lessons applicable to Fitness

Most important points of the article

Delay instant gratification, so you tryvexan male enhancement will not live anchored to your bad habits of bad nutrition.

You always have a choice, it’s never too late to take it.

Compare yourself … with no one else.

You must unlearn what you have learned.

Do it, or do not, but do not try.

Your fear must be named before it can be eliminated.

Find your Yoda.

If I’ve learned anything from Star Wars, it’s to use force … you know, the strength the Jedi use:

That force with which they can move things through the air

without even trying.

That is, the Jedi are very powerful characters in the Star Wars universe, and even so, they recommend that you think before using brute force.

Stop trying to make things more difficult, better do them more intelligently.

Surely there are thousands of teachings within Star Wars, but now we are going to analyze those that can be related to fitness.

You could write an entire book of Yoda’s phrases without any problem.

star wars fitness
I do not mean this kind of book …

We live in the information age, and this is like strength … we can use it to do good and become Jedi, or use it for evil and move to the dark side.

And that is that every Star Wars movie has many incredible lessons to be applied in daily life.

So, as this week the new Star Wars movie is released, I dedicated myself to compiling some of these lessons, and to choosing those that can be applied to fitness.

Beginning with lesson number one:

Star Wars Fitness Lesson 1: Delay of immediate gratification.

In our brain there is a reward system that was what allowed us to evolve as a species.

Things, thousands of years ago, worked something like this:

Did you eat something that you liked?

Did you go hunting and running did it make you feel good?

Do you think about that caveman you liked?
Each time you did something of the above, your brain released a small chemical substance (hormone) called ‘dopamine’.

This substance, is one of the known as the hormones of happiness, because precisely, they make you feel good and happy.

It is a reward that your brain makes to tell you: “hey … you’re fine … keep it up”.


For hundreds of years this system worked incredibly well.

But in modern life things are very different.

EVERYTHING we see on the streets is specifically designed for your brain to release these signals of dopamine.

From spectacular on the street, ads on Facebook, on food packaging … everything is designed specifically for this.

If we answer the questions you asked before, you can see that a disastrous dopamine release combo can be put together:

“Nowadays, you can order a pizza, without having to go hunting, while you see photographs of the person you like on Facebook.”

Dopamine, dopamine, dopamine.

Our brain can get all the pleasure and reward it needs without much effort.

And you ask yourself, how can we fight against this?

With a technique called: “the delay of immediate gratification”.

To illustrate this concept, imagine for a second that you are Luke Skywalker.

Remember when Luke trained with Yoda?

Luke wanted to be a Jedi master from the first day.

Yoda taught her simple things like lifting stones with force.

It seemed like they were useless tasks, but Yoda knew what he was doing.

He knew that if he delayed Luke’s gratification, teaching him the basics first, then developing strength much better, it would be the best way.

9 main differences between losing weight and losing fat

9 main differences between losing weight and losing fat

There is a big difference between losing stamimax weight and losing fat. Many people seek the opposite but your goal should never be to lose weight, but you should always seek to lose your body fat. When you lose body weight then what you will do is lose a bit of everything, including fat, muscles, fluids and even the size of your organs will be reduced.

What happens is that most of your weight loss comes from your own fat, not from the other elements. If you are only interested in seeing a smaller number of your weight scale, then you may be losing proportion of your valuable muscles, which will result in a not so successful weight loss since your fat may still be there maybe having the same gain of it in a certain period of time.

Body Fat Test.

To determine if you are losing weight or losing your body fat, you can perform a body fat test. If you are a woman who weighs 150 pounds, with 35 percent body fat, then you will be carrying more than 52 pounds of extra fat. Ideally, a healthy woman should have about 25 percent fat in her body, or about 37 pounds, which would require a loss of approximately 15 pounds of fat to reach a healthy level.

Low only in fat and not in muscles


Let’s say you lost about 20 pounds in total, but only 10 pounds of that loss came from fat stores. Despite this you will be at a level of unhealthy fats by 32 percent.

To get your body fat level 25 percent, the 20 pounds you managed to lose should come from your own fats.

A Real Weight Loss, Not A Dehydration.

One of the fastest tricks of weight loss and that has nothing to do with the loss of fat, is dehydration. If you lose weight fast then you have reached the level of dehydration of your body and that loss will only be due to losing the water, and those pounds that you think you have lost of insurance very soon can go back and forth, as is the case of the effect bounce in the body.

Do not fool yourself with the thought that those pounds have really been lost. Do not dream because surely you still have the same amount of fat in your body as before. In fact, without proper hydration, muscles wither as water functions as a vital fluid to help you feel lighter, of course, without any energy or strength.

You must gain more muscle to burn more fat.

When you want to have a greater real weight loss you just have to concentrate on losing the fat. In turn, the way to lose more body fat is simply by adding strength training in your training program. Do not try to lose weight just by doing cardio exercises.

The pounds you lose through cardio exercises will come back if you stop it. Do not worry about the increase in muscle volume when you train. For most people, it’s not just a concern. When you manage to increase the muscles, you will improve the fat composition ratio of the body which is the main objective.

Muscle Loss Slows Your Metabolism.

The loss of weight other than fat is often simply inevitable, but the loss of muscle mass will cause a rebound effect which leads to an immediate increase in weight. The muscle is metabolically active and turns on your heating system, maintains your metabolism and helps you burn calories at a light pace.


Even when you’re sitting on the couch, you’ll burn more calories if you have more muscle mass. So losing muscle means that your metabolism slows down and the worst part is that the weight keeps increasing unfavorably.

6 powerful exercises to exercise twins + 1 workout routine

6 powerful exercises to exercise twins + 1 workout routine
The exercises for twins or calves are very testosup xtreme varied. But first of all let’s talk about twins being considered, as the most subordinate muscles of genetics when developing them and that is why it is one of the most complicated to define.

For this reason, some people have great problems with them despite exercising them quite often, while the other muscles are well developed no matter how many exercises you have done.

The characteristics that will undoubtedly predominate when showing good calves are: having been born with a small Achilles heel, starting from the bottom, having a long tip and having a large percentage of fast-twitch fibers.
Another aspect that is good to mention is that we exercise the calves daily simply by walking, which is believed that to develop them you need to exercise them in a way that you are not used to.

You will find more information on the subject here: These are the things you should NOT do when starting an exercise routine.

However, if we understand both the anatomical functionality and the biomechanics of the calves, it is possible to create a training system that helps us to develop it, even though we do not have the genetics for it.

What is the anatomy of the calves?

The calves are within the grouping of the muscles of the triceps surae next to the soleus and the plantar muscle, which have in common the Achilles tendon.

First of all the plantar muscle measures more or less than 5 to 10 centimeters and within 7 to 10% of people do not have it, so in terms of hypertrophy you will not benefit significantly.

But the gastrocnemius is the most important muscle of the twin. It starts behind the knee in the area of ​​the femur and is next to the Achilles tendon. This understood by a lateral head and another medial. His only job is to raise the heel (plantar flexion) and participate in the knee flexion.

Although the soleus on its side is located under the gastrocnemius, only one joint (the ankle) is intercepted and its primary work is to flex the plantar. Thanks to many studies, the soleo is composed mainly of fibers of slow contraction and the gastrocnemius has approximately the same amount of fibers of fast and slow contraction.


This means that when operating the soleus should be good to perform movements with high repetitions with a high frequency, while the training of the gastrocnemius tends to be always different.

What is the most appropriate way to train the twins?

The essential part and that we have to be clear about is that when we exercise the twins it is important to maintain a full trajectory range, working especially in the upper part of the repetition where the twins should be contracted as much as possible.

If we get our calves to hold the tension while we execute the exercise, we will achieve a great part of the work, however we will need to practice the muscle-mind connection a lot. In general, just contracting for two seconds and stretching a second in the low area will be enough.

In spite of that, we not only have to deal with stretching and contracting while the series lasts, but at the end of each one of the routines. Only, it will be enough to stand at the end of a step and do the aforementioned only with your body weight. This way you will support yourself in the recovery of your calf and you will increase the fascia, which will make the muscle growth easier.

When the previous point is clear, the main argument regarding the way to develop the calf is whether to use high repetitions with low weight or low repetitions with a lot of weight. The issue is: Why do we have to be limited to one of them if we can afford to do both?

Indications to practice Samatha meditation

Indications to practice Samatha meditation:

– We will start trying to separate primal factor the distractions and we will put an alarm with the time of meditation, so our mind will not look for excuses to leave the meditation.

– At the beginning, we must stand firm, not following the game to our mind when looking for excuses not to meditate.

– It is also important to gradually get accustomed to longer times. We must not force at the beginning.

– Most Buddhist meditations are done sitting. Although the ideal is to do it on the floor, it is also okay to use a chair if it is more comfortable. If we are on the ground, our legs will be crossed or we can also kneel.

– The hands will be placed on the lap comfortably so that they do not interfere with the mental process.

– The head should be slightly inclined and the eyes closed. The back will always remain straight.

– We will start by placing our attention on our upper lip or nostrils. Once this attention is achieved, we will make a tour of the rest of our body, paying our full attention to each point.

– Normally, an object is used in which to concentrate, it can be the breathing itself, a candle, a mantra or a positive emotion. The most used is breathing, thus transforming an involuntary act into a conscious act.
Vipassana Meditation
When beginning the practice of Vipassana meditation the most important thing is to establish a solid meditative quality using some of the Samatha practices. Once this quality is achieved, the person will let their attention be focused on something that represents some aspect of the ultimate reality. This ‘symbol’ can be an image or a word. It is that this symbol permeates the serene consciousness of the meditator, leading him to have a clear vision of the truth that the symbol represents.

Another way to reach Vipassana is, after reaching a meditative state, that the person concentrates on the nature of the mind or becomes intensely aware of their experience at each moment, aiming to get a clear vision of nature of the reality that is being experienced.

Contrary to what is usually thought, this type of meditation is not about sitting down to reflect on life and thoughts. It is rather a way of observing your mind and your body. According to the Buddhists this leads us to free ourselves from the attachment and resentments that we have accumulated throughout life and that cause us so much unhappiness. This technique is usually learned in groups and organized courses and is an eminently practical technique. These courses usually give some information about the Buddhist theory, but they have a great impact on the practice and the great benefits that it entails.

The fact that Buddhist monks, with many hours of practiced meditation, have allowed scientists to carry out studies has been of great help in understanding the many benefits of these techniques. In fact, thanks to these studies has been considered, for example, Matthieu Ricard, a Tibetan monk, the happiest man on earth.

Why not approach then these techniques that so many kindness give us? For this we can help the Create Health method, which will help us to establish new habits in our day to day, not only to begin to meditate, but to learn to nourish ourselves correctly and lead a more active life.

From here we want to encourage you to try the Feel app, which you can download here, and make it your best companion on the path of meditation. Through a very simple methodology that works with mindfulness and positive psychology, it will help you to improve your well-being and in short, to be happier.

Triathlon: revolution in the world of sports

Triathlon: revolution in the world of sports

If you still do not know what a tiathlon testro t3 is, or why it is causing passion and euphoria in so many people, I invite you to soak up all the information I have prepared for you. I am sure that you will feel the same emotion that each competitor has when being in a test, or the adrenaline that feels when crossing a goal.
A little of you history…
It is a young sport, started in the USA in the 70’s, has had a rapid growth. In some countries it occupies the 5th place of importance in sports and is practiced in more than 100 countries. There are an estimated 2 million triathletes around the world who compete against themselves each weekend.

For all these athletes, triathlon is not only a sport, it is a lifestyle that is reflected in all aspects of everyday life. It includes many things such as training routines, food, rest, staying always informed, being in contact with your body and with nature. The basic principle is teamwork and companionship.

The triathlon becomes an Olympic sport and has its first appearance in the program of the Sydney 2000 games. It is the combination of three sports: swimming, cycling and running, are carried out consecutively in this order. The objective is to cross the finish line making the complete journey in the shortest possible time.
The first event held in this format was the Mission Bay triathlon in September 1974, organized by Don Shanahan and Jack Johnstone in San Diego, California. It consisted of swimming 548 meters, 8 kilometers of cycling and finish running 9 kilometers. What started as an alternative event for some athletes who liked to run or bike, became what we know today as modern triathlon.

A naval officer named John Collins was one of the main promoters of the sport, organizing an event in Hawaii called IRONMAN in 1978, which consisted of swimming 3.8km in The Waikiki Rough Water Swim, making a bicycle tour of 180km in The Around Ohahu Bike Ride and finish the race running 42.195km in the Honolulu Marathon. Only 12 men managed to complete the test and for the following year 12 men and a woman crossed the finish line.
For the decade of the 80’s and was a very practiced sport and began to create the federation of triathlon in the USA and in different parts of Europe begin to organize events of this style.
From Amateur to Olympic Sport
The International Olympic Committee is responsible for giving the sports federations of each sport the responsibility to enforce certain guidelines, to ensure that the practice has a good development throughout the world, that established standards for participation in the Olympic Games are met.


With these regulations is how different events are created throughout the world, always need someone to check that things are done well and thanks to good organization is that this type of competition has had an important success and has called attention to a greater number of athletes.
And it keeps growing …
There is a large number of triathletes around the world, in which children, young people, adults and seniors participate. It is one of the few sports that has so many categories and everything in order to involve each element of the family and have a greater coexistence. In Australia, the triathletes consider them heroes, and it is certain that the sport will continue to grow even more.

How meditation can help you lose weight

How meditation can help you lose weight

Have you been trying to lose weight for a testosup xtreme long time without getting results? Have you tried to make some changes in your diet, but it costs you a lot of work? Perhaps there are other factors that you are not appreciating and that can sabotage those efforts to lose weight.

The title of this article has surely caught your attention: is it possible to lose weight if I practice meditation? What relationship exists between both subjects?
It has been shown that when a person is under stress their body produces more hormone cortisol, and this is where the problem lies. Elevated cortisol levels can contribute to weight gain and make it difficult to burn abdominal fat. Researchers believe that chronic stress can contribute to obesity, since these people generally eat more.

Similarly, anxiety, fatigue and depression can increase your heart rate, interrupt your digestion and cause you to secrete more cortisol. Ironically many people seek relief in the consumption of more food.

Meditation helps you lose weight

There are few people who know that meditation can be a secret weapon when you want to lose weight. It is one of the best ways to break this vicious circle. Meditation trains your mind so that it can respond differently to stress. When you meditate, your parasympathetic nervous system is activated; This part of the nervous system calms your heart rate and improves digestion, helping to calm that fight or escape instinct that sometimes drives you to eat more junk foods.

Only 15 minutes of meditation a day can help you control your weight. You do not need much time to train your brain and make it respond differently to stress. If you meditate for 15 minutes a day for two weeks, you will begin to notice that you respond differently to daily stressful situations. When you maintain this habit over time, for example, meditating 15 minutes a day for six months, you are helping to create new neural pathways in your brain.

3 simple meditation techniques to lose weight

Appreciate the moment During meditation, enjoy the moment. Taste every moment, as you do when you sit down to eat or drink. Analyze if you really are hungry or if you are supplying an unmet need.

Breath deeply. Take several moments to take long, deep breaths during the day. Breathing deeply calms your mind and body; When the body does not get enough oxygen, stress levels increase and therefore, it is more difficult to lose weight.

Improve your physical awareness One of the first things you should do when you sit down to meditate is to check if your body has any discomfort. Likewise, when you sit down to eat ask yourself if you are eating for the right reasons. Are you really hungry or are you just bored or upset?

In general, when you meditate you are able to make better decisions about your life, including the amount of food you eat.

Yoga for beginners

Yoga for beginners

In this article we propose a very interesting zyplex video about the three essential pillars, to practice yoga correctly.

Whether you are already initiated in this practice, or if you are a total beginner, this will interest you.

Why do we find it important? Because as the author says:

If we do not do things this way, the state of consciousness, which is what yoga is designed for, the improvement of that state of consciousness and evolution, does not occur.

We assume that you already know what yoga is, and what its physical, mental and spiritual benefits are. That there are many.

In the first place, it does not matter what method you practice yoga. The human body is the same, the mind of the human being is the same and of course the functioning of that software we have in our mind, whatever the level, be subconscious, conscious or even, supra conscious, for those who are teachers of the practice of yoga, it is the same.

It is fully described in the Yoga Sutra. And we could, let’s say translate, to Westerners in a simple way like, precision, perception and integration, which are the three fundamental elements or pillars, on which a good yoga practice should be based.

I insist … It does not matter if they are beginners or they are experienced, and it does not matter what method is practiced. Why? Well, very simple.

The Precision, is what allows to discriminate if the sensation of difference that takes place between the hemispheres of the body, that is between the right and left bands, or in the frontal or later face; It is caused by poor posture, that is, posture is inaccurate, or because that difference is inherent in our body.

If we are doing asanas, or yoga exercises, and we are doing pranayama, or breathing exercises and we perceive those differences, and we feel that one lung fills up more than another, or one side of our body touches stronger than the other and we do not have Posture accuracy, how do we know how to correct this? How do we correct it? That is, if there is no precision we do not know how to put our body in a state of equilibrium, that is the first thing.

Then, perception allows us the correct communication of the brain with each one of the parts of the body. If there is no perception in practice, consciousness simply does not deepen; we continue working with the view, that is correcting a leg because we see it, when we do not see it we can not correct it because the nervous communication between the sensitive and motor system of the region we want to correct is not enhanced. And that is enhanced by practice, that is called perception, at a very low level, but it is perception. And from there, then more in depth.

And finally, yoga is about union, unification. Our mind is not a mind that is in a state of unity, it is a mind that is in a state of separateness. And when we start doing yoga positions we realize, when we think about the foot, we forget the shoulder. When we think of the shoulder, we forget the foot. That is, the mind “jumps” from the foot to the shoulder, or from the shoulder to the leg, or to the belly, depending on the focus of attention moves. And then, this is impossible to lead us to a state in which the mind alone encompasses the point of attention, or focus, encompasses the entire area of ​​the idea that you want to work, and you get to states that are known as, concentration, or simply sensory abstraction, which is pratyahara, or meditation.

It is impossible to access such states of consciousness if we work on a separative mind. So the integration, probably the most important of those three pillars, is that which allows the state of consciousness to vary, and the asana to mature, and it does not matter that we have practiced for twenty years, if we do not do things in this way, the state of consciousness, which is what yoga is designed for, the improvement of that state of consciousness and evolution, does not occur.

A good consumption of carbohydrates

A good consumption of carbohydrates.

When it comes to building quality muscle core max ultra mass, quality food is the key. A good part of that quality food should come in the form of carbohydrates. “Great sources of carbohydrates include potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal and pasta.” Fruits are also an excellent source of carbohydrates because of their high antioxidant content and overall nutrient content. Do not feel guilty eating them!

Most experts agree that muscles need carbohydrates to grow. If you consider that you have been eating bulk carbohydrates in your diet, then it is best to “lower your carbohydrates”, maybe it’s time to change your diet plan.

Consume Some Supplement Stimulating The Gain Of Muscle Mass.

Protein supplements for weight gain usually contain more than 500 calories per serving and include plenty of carbohydrates, protein and even some fat to help you gain size.

It is important, however, to know your body type so that you can select a weight winner that is most suitable for you and your goals. “Serious Mass is amazing for bodybuilders and the Pro Complex Gainer is an excellent choice for mesomorphs.”
The gain of muscle mass may not seem to have as much science, but if you think so, chances are you will not succeed. Use the right tools to work on the growth of muscle mass and start enjoying the results on your body!

Do not Obtain Your Good Rest.

Recovery is one of the most underestimated elements of gaining lean muscle mass. If you do not get enough sleep at night, you will steal from your body the main time it uses to repair muscle damage and so that you can re-train in the gym feeling stronger than before.

You must begin to prioritize the time you dedicate to a good dream, and it is very likely that perhaps it is the roof that remains to be used so that you can see great gains in strength and in the size of your muscles. A fatigued body will never be strong.
Keep the grease on the margin but do not eliminate it.

Some people tend to avoid dietary fat because of the fear they have of thinking that eating fat will make them fatter. This is simply not the case. People who are building muscle need a little fat to reach their required levels of calorie intake.

Saturated fat helps keep testosterone levels in a healthier range so you can gain quality muscle. The goal is to get between fifteen and twenty percent of the calories from saturated fat and the rest of the unsaturated and omega varieties.
Take advantage of time and love what you do.

Steve Cook believes that taking the time to stop and just enjoying the process has helped him get the most out of his dedication to fitness.

The pro physicist of the pro IFBB explains: “When you run a marathon in which you can not focus on the line of the goal, the only thing you can focus on is what is immediately ahead of you. The right thing to do is to focus on doing everything you can to be able to see beyond what you can see at first glance. Do not focus on the now because it is the afterwards where you will really see the results “.

There is no need for you to hurry. Know that muscle building takes a lot of time, and most of the time it is a long-term job that will see you through time. Be patient and have fun!