HCG diet: protocols and results of weight loss

One of the most fashionable diets at this time is the HCG diet. It is a type of restriction diet that only allows dieters to consume 500 calories per day, as long as they take daily supplements of HCG or HCG orally.

What is HCG?
Human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG is trembolex ultra a type of hormone that occurs naturally in the body. The hormone is released by the pituitary glands. The level of HCG increases in pregnant women because the body needs more fuel to stimulate the mother and the fetus.

Taking this concept, an HCG diet, in theory, helps burn the fat stored in the body by taking HCG hormones.

HCG protocols
There are different variants of HCG diet protocols. One of the most common is a four-stage HCG protocol in which weight is lost and your weight is maintained.

Phase 1
The first step of an HCG diet is to prepare your body. This means detoxifying your system to eliminate toxins in order to start the clean diet inside. You can take detox tea, cleanse the colon or even consume more vegetables and fruits before dieting.



Phase 2
Load as much fat as possible in 2 days. This helps build fat deposits in the body. On the third day, start the 500-calorie diet. Dieters should drink tea, coffee and the recommended 2 liters of water per day. Start taking the recommended dose of HCG hormone. Do not be surprised if you start spending a lot of time in the bathroom, your body slowly cleanses all your excess fat. The maximum time you must spend in phase 2 is approximately 40 doses or until you lose 34 pounds.

Phase 3
Phase 3 deals with maintenance, not weight loss. You want to take steps to stay on course and maintain your ideal weight. Eliminate starches and sugar from your diet for at least 3 weeks. The key here is to keep the 2 pounds of our last dosage weight. That means you have to weigh yourself every day to see if you’re on the right path. If you have not exceeded the 2 pound limit, take a “steak day” that day.

The day of the steak is when you only drink liquids all day and then eat a large steak at dinner time plus a whole tomato or an apple.

Phase 4
Phase 4 is when you begin to loosen control of your strict diet. At this point, your attacks of hunger should be manageable, if not completely eliminated, as the body adapts to your diet. You will notice that you no longer want junk food and that you feel satisfied with small meals.

Start adding starches to your diet very slowly. Determine what types of foods help you maintain your current weight. Follow your weight every day and make “steak” day if it starts to exceed the 2 pound limit. At this point, you have the option to continue taking your HCG dose if you want to lose more weight.

Results of the HCG diet in weight loss
The HCG diet states that dieters will lose one pound per day. However, because it only consumes 500 calories a day, you will lose weight with or without the HCG hormone. Also, this extreme diet can be dangerous for some dieters. It is always important to talk with your doctor before changing your diet. Or better yet, use exercise and a healthy diet to lose weight.

Notes and advice on malodorous vaginal discharge

Notes and advice on malodorous vaginal discharge

Smelly vaginal discharge can wreak alexapure breeze air purifier havoc on any woman’s life. If you have been dealing with this problem, you are not alone, because this is a common problem for almost all women, especially during the fertile years of their lives. The malodorous vaginal odor, also known as the smell of fish, can make any woman lose confidence in herself and avoid intimate relationships with a man. If you are one more among so many women who face this condition, you are probably looking for a cure.

When you have smelly vaginal discharge, it is recommended to wash the vagina two or three times a day, only with water, to relieve it a little. You should never use products in this task, as they could worsen the infection and cause irritation.

Smelly vaginal discharge: vaginosis

Each woman has some type of vaginal discharge, which is usually considered normal, but speaking of what is not “normal”, we will refer to the thick and smelly vaginal discharge.
Over a period of time, you are able to determine what is normal and what is not.

Vaginal discharge with a bad odor is usually a sign that a woman has a bacterial infection, which tends to occur when she is sexually active or when breastfeeding. Bacterial vaginosis occurs when there is an excessive growth of bacteria in the vagina, causing unpleasant odor and secretions of whitish to yellowish gray.

Some factors that intervene in the appearance of vaginosis are:
• Smoking habit
• Having unprotected sex
• A change in the sexual partner
• Vaginal infections
• Hormonal changes
• Drugs and antibiotics

What can be done to eliminate malodorous vaginal discharge?
Although there are several natural remedies to fight bacterial vaginosis, which have already been mentioned in other articles, that’s not all you can do to eliminate it. Antibiotics can also be used, especially when there are some that are designed to get rid of these problems. Obviously, you should go to the doctor in order to obtain the appropriate prescription. Do not worry about what the doctor might think, remember that you are not the only woman with smelly vaginal discharge.

Previously we suggest washing the vagina two or three times a day, but be careful, it is very important to avoid excessive washing. The first thing a woman will try to do to stop the malodorous vaginal discharge will be to wash repeatedly, again and again, with soap. But that is actually one of the worst things you can do, since it can affect the balance and eliminate the natural lubricants that should exist in the vagina, making the situation worse. Make sure to wash yourself 2-3 times a day at the most if it is very necessary, otherwise, avoid it.

The malodorous vaginal discharge is something that affects the love life of many women around the world, especially because it is something that can reappear every so often. Fortunately, there are many treatments and effective remedies available to help you take control of your body.

Common kitchen ingredients to ban acne scars

Common kitchen ingredients to ban acne scars

Fight against acne? You can use ointments hydra claire cream to treat outbreaks. Cortisone creams help reduce inflammation. Hydroquinone can be used to reduce scars. But if you want to use super soft but effective remedies to erase scars, you do not have to look very far. Go to your kitchen and use these common household products to eliminate acne scars:

Egg whites
Did you know that egg whites contain natural compounds that heal and disappear from dark spots? That’s why egg whites are an effective remedy for acne scars! The substance is loaded with amino acids and proteins that adjust the pores and prevent rashes. These compounds also lighten the skin and make scars less visible.

To use egg whites to clear acne scars, get a clean container. Beat three egg whites until they are frothy. With clean fingers, spread the beaten whites over the newly cleaned face. Focus on problem areas Let it dry for at least 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. Do this two or three times a week to get better results.

Sodium bicarbonate
Like egg whites, baking soda is an effective lightening agent for the skin. The granules also serve as an exfoliant for the skin. Exfoliation is important to reduce scars. By cleaning the dead skin cells, acne scars become less visible.

To use baking soda to remove acne scars, mix a small amount with water to make a paste. With clean fingers, gently massage the mass on your clean face. Cover the entire face and leave on for at least a minute. Rinse with warm water and continue with a skin moisturizer. Do it two or three times a week depending on your exfoliation routine.

Lemon juice
Lemon juice contains powerful fruit acids that lighten scars, refine the texture of the skin and restore youthful skin! The juice contains lactic, glycolic and citric acid. These fruit acids are used in most skin care products. In addition to destroying the germs that cause acne, lemon juice also removes dead skin cells and eliminates scars.

To use lemon juice to treat scars, take a clean bowl and juice three lemons. Get a cotton ball and saturate it with the juice. Wet the cotton ball in the affected area. Do it twice a week until the scars clear up and disappear. If you have sensitive skin, reduce the frequency of the application.

Aloe vera gel
Aloe vera contains soothing ingredients that heal skin trauma and abrasions. Reduces inflammation, promotes cell regeneration and prevents rashes. When it comes to eliminating dark marks of acne, we recommend using fresh aloe vera gel. Scrape directly from the plant and apply on a freshly cleaned face. Leave the gel for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Olive oil
Olive oil is one of the most nutritious vegetable oils available! It is rich in vitamin A, D, C, B1, B2 and E. All these nutrients work in unison to repair, relieve and cure acne-prone skin. Olive oil is also loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents to minimize acne breakouts and discoloration scars.

To use olive oil as a treatment for acne scar, apply a few drops of olive oil to the face. Massage promotes cell regeneration and blood circulation. It also helps to sink the oil deep into the skin. Now, cover with a warm cloth over your face to open the pores. Once the pores are open, they will absorb the oil. Do not worry, it will not break you, it’s exactly the opposite. Do this once or twice before going to bed.

How do dendrites make decisions?

How do dendrites make decisions?

The dendrites were considered as piracetol passive calculators of input signals. In fact, they are extremely dynamic and can produce their own electrical tips. Dendrites have a wide range of different ways of working to help determine the next potential for axonal action. Recent research has begun to scratch the surface of the complexity of dendrite calculations. A previous publication described details about dendrite spines and changing and changing necks with many unique shapes that affect electrical and chemical properties.

Very recently, it has been determined that there are at least two interactive processes that determine the action potential, each with a large number of variations. One is the dendrites producing their own electrical spikes that travel to the cell body and the axonal mound. The other is the reflux of the action potential of electricity through the cell body to the dendritic tree, where it mixes with the signals of the dendrites. This publication will describe the latest understanding of the extremely complex ways in which decisions are made on dendrites using many versions of these two signals.

First, the following section provides a brief summary of the material from the previous article on dendrites, the great complexity of the Dendrite function.

Summary of the previous article on the complexity of dendrites

B0000106 Cell The Purkinje dendrites have several specific compartments with different mechanical and electrical properties that interact with the cell body (soma) and the axon. The dendrite, its spines and heads are different compartments with molecules that come and go between them. Most proteins are made in the larger dendrite and transported to the spines and heads. In addition, several spines can form a single compartment together.

The dendrites behave like amoebas producing philopids that turn into thorns. The thorns grow in the dendrites, sometimes suddenly; They attract axons and form synapses. The thorns have unique shapes and a varied geometric location. A strong signal to a spinal column can immediately lead to the formation of other people around you, to connect to that same neuron. The spines may be thin, squat and mushroom-shaped, and are rapidly modified by neuroplasticity.

Dendrites produce extremely complex postsynaptic density (PSD) made up of thousands of unique interacting proteins, which is the area of ​​reception of neurotransmitters sent by the axonal button active areas. PSD proteins are different in each region of the brain. There are many other unique proteins that regulate the flow of electricity and constantly alter the structures of actin scaffolds.

B0008436 Cerebellar circuit A dendritic tree can have hundreds of thousands of connections. Recent research shows that there are actually 26 different sizes for spine synapses, which greatly increases the possibilities of using information (previously, only a few different sizes were known). The largest synapse is 60 times smaller. When the action potentials reach a dendrite, only 20% are activated. The dendrites change size according to the activity: the smaller dendrites increase their size with a thousand signals in 20 minutes and larger dendrites with hundreds in 2 minutes. The calculation can take place in a single column or several columns that can be presented in various geometric configurations both close to each other and at a great distance in the dendritic tree. A strong signal can affect an entire branch of the tree with a large number of dendrites.

Most spines have a bulbous head and a thin neck that connects to the axis of the dendrite, but their shape and functions change rapidly from many factors: BDNF, environment, seasonal change, age and estrogen, stress.

PD Dendritic_spinesSpines stand out from each part of the dendrite. The neck is very small, one tenth of the diameter of a small bacterium. The head and neck are different compartments with different electrical and chemical properties and unique ion channels. The unique forms inhibit electricity in different ways.

Neuroplasticity can alter a spinal column, several spines, the entire dendrite and the body of the neuronal cell. Alterations occur in the head of the spine and then proteins are activated to keep these structures altered. Proteins can be made quickly near or slowly by.

What causes the hair to stop growing on the legs?

What causes the hair to stop growing on the legs?

Hair loss is often a normal and expected magnetique hair growth part of aging. Hair naturally thins with age, and hormonal changes and genetic influences can lead to hair loss, especially in men. But the aging process does not explain excessive or abnormal hair loss, also known as alopecia. When hair loss is specific to a certain area of ​​the body, such as the legs, a common cause is poor circulation. However, disease, medication, follicular damage and friction are other known causes. Sometimes the cause is unknown. Consult your doctor to evaluate any new or sudden hair loss.

Friction and healing

Hair loss can occur as a result of friction caused by jeans, tight socks or even tight shorts. Friction can discourage hair growth over time or break down hair follicles near the skin. In these cases, the hair will grow back when the damage stops. In addition, the hair does not grow in the scar tissue. Burns, scars or rashes or persistent eczema can damage the hair follicles and prevent hair growth in this area.

Bad circulation

A common cause of hair loss in the legs is peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which is poor circulation caused by plaque buildup and narrowing of the arteries that supply the legs and feet. Hair loss occurs because the altered blood supply can not provide optimal nutrients for hair growth. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 12 to 20% of adults over 60 suffer from PAD, a condition common in smokers and in people with diabetes, heart disease, to hypercholesterolemia and high blood pressure. Other physical symptoms of PAD include smooth and shiny skin and cooler skin temperature.

Other medical conditions

Anterolateral leg alopecia, a seemingly harmless due to loss of lower leg hair is common in middle-aged and older men, according to the April-June 2014 issue, the “International Trichology Journal” Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease that causes round patches of hair loss, often the size of a quarter, that can occur anywhere on the body. A more serious but rare form of this disease, called universal alopecia, causes hair loss throughout the body.

Some other diseases can stop hair growth, although most of these hair losses are not specific to the legs. For example, thyroid disorders or severe malnutrition caused by a disease or eating disorders can cause hair loss anywhere on the body.

pharmaceutical products

Some medications cause hair loss and prevent hair growth, symptoms that usually disappear when you stop taking the medication. Chemotherapy drugs target fast-growing cancer cells, and since hair cells also grow rapidly, they can also fall victim to these drugs. People with cancer can lose not only hair on the head but also eyebrows, eyelashes and hair on other parts of the body. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, birth control pills, anticoagulants, steroids, high doses of vitamin A and medications used to treat high blood pressure, depression, gout and heart problems are other drugs that can lead to Hair loss. .


If you have rapid or significant hair loss, consult your doctor. Sometimes, hair loss does not need treatment, and if the cause is identified, the hair can grow back over time. If your hair loss is related to poor circulation or illness, managing these conditions is a priority. Contact your doctor if your hair loss is associated with pain, itching, redness or any other unusual symptom.

Tips on intimate lubricants

Tips on intimate lubricants

There are many reasons to try an invigorate rx intimate lubricant. More and more couples are encouraged to use a personal lubricant in their sexual relations, either by trying the different sensations that it produces or because natural lubrication is scarce. Lubricants avoid the irritations produced by friction during sexual activity. In some situations, the use of an intimate lubricant is necessary, for example, in anal sex. This practice is not advisable to carry out without lubricant, as it can cause damage to the rectum because, remember, the anus has no natural lubrication. Lubricants can also be used with erotic toys, with rare exceptions, especially if the sex toy is going to be introduced into the anus.

Many men masturbate with some type of lubricant to maximize sensations.
The possibilities for the use of a personal lubricant are endless.
With the use of condoms the lubricants that must be used are those manufactured in water base, otherwise the prophylactic would be damaged. Do not forget that lubricants do NOT prevent the spread of STDs and do NOT protect against pregnancy.
The application of lubricant is very simple: it extends a little by the penis before penetration or on the outside of the vagina and the anus.
Silicone based lubricants are more durable than water based lubricants but are a bit harder to clean. On the contrary, water-based lubricants, being soluble, are easily removed with water, but this makes them dry faster and last a little less.

Oily lubricants are the least recommended, not because they do not fulfill their function, but because they must be used with great care: they are very difficult to clean, they are removed only with soap and water; They are not diluted or dried and can not be in contact with the mucous membranes of the body for a long time. There are intimate types of lubricants as interesting as those with a warm effect, a cold effect and even flavors. Some are suitable for massages and are edible.
In short: water-based lubricants are the most natural and safe, those of silicone are ideal for anal sex and oil-based better not risk if we have doubts.

Gastric sleeve or gastric bypass: what is the best weight loss surgery for you?

Gastric sleeve or gastric bypass: what is the best weight loss surgery for you?

Any type of surgical procedure for slim foria weight loss is reserved only for extreme cases of obesity. The type of surgery you will receive will depend on your specific situation, including the expert opinion of your doctor.

Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve will require general anesthesia. They are done when the patient is unconscious. The procedure will take several hours and after the surgery, the patient must remain in the hospital for observation. The stay in the hospital can vary between three days and a week.

Gastric sleeve or gastric bypass: how they work
The gastric bypass and the gastric sleeve are very similar weight loss surgeries. Both procedures will prevent the patient from eating more food, leading to weight loss. Although gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeve surgical procedures have a high success rate, the procedures will require a complete evaluation of the patient’s health to ensure their safety. Postoperative risks may include blood clots, internal bleeding and gastric losses. Keep in mind that both procedures are irreversible.

Gastric bypass surgery
In gastric bypass surgery, a surgeon will create a new gastric pouch by making an incision in the abdomen. This pocket will bypass the stomach. A part of the intestines is also closed, so the food does not go there. This procedure will help the patient feel satisfied despite eating a small amount of food. The gastric bypass guarantees a weight loss rate of 60% to 80% in the first year. Gastric bypass is best for patients with a BMI of 40.

Gastric sleeve surgery
A gastric sleeve is usually recommended for patients who are not qualified for other more evasive bariatric procedures.

This surgery requires the removal of a portion of the patient’s stomach to produce a smaller, tubular stomach. The elimination of the part of the stomach not only limits the amount of food stored, but also suppresses the hormone ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger.

Unlike gastric bypass, where you can lose up to 80% of your body weight in the year after treatment, the gastric sleeve works at a slower pace. During the first year, the patient could lose 50% (or more) of their excess weight. However, the weight loss of the stomach sleeve is more stable. This means that the patient will lose weight permanently. Gastric sleeve is best for patients with a BMI of 50.

Benefits of gastric bypass and gastrointestinal surgery
Both types of procedures may seem complicated, but in reality they are the simplest bariatric operations. Because gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeve surgery do not cause nutritional deficiencies, they promote natural digestion without weight gain. This also keeps the intestines small and the pyloric valve intact. Both weight loss surgeries also help get rid of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for triggering hunger.

What type of bariatric procedure is best for you?
The type of bariatric procedure that suits your condition will depend on your own health and the recommendation of your doctor.

For example, if you are not qualified for a more radical type of bariatric operation, your doctor may recommend gastric surgery. Basically, through presurgical consultation and health assessment, you will have the option of the right type of bariatric treatment for you.

How to make your own hair loss

How to make your own hair loss

Also known as synthetic dreadlocks, follimen hair falls are hairpieces that can be attached or detached from the hair. The “hair” fibers are usually made of synthetic hair, yarn or real human hair. Hair drops can be colored, permanent, curved or with the style you want. Usually, they are used for cosplay or special events. Falling hair is easy. Here is a step-by-step guide to create your own fake dreadlocks:

Fine tooth comb
Elastic hair
Hair dryer
Kanekalon or Toyokalon hair fibers

Step 1: Make the dreadlocks
Begin by separating the fibers of the hair, above the width of a pencil. Each stand will become the dreadlock. Do not use too much fiber or dreadlocks will develop. Once you have finished making dreadlocks, get an elastic band for your hair. Wrap the elastic on a door handle so you can use both hands to anchor the dreadlocks. Now, fasten each lock evenly on the elastic of the hair. Keep each dreadlock safe to keep them in place when backcomb. Once you have finished the curls, obtain two groups of hair fiber. Work the cluster together, creating a single dreadlock.

Step 2: Back the dreadlocks
He wants the dreadlocks to appear as careless as possible, but each group must maintain its form. Start turning the dreadlocks while painting in the opposite direction to the hair. You can also have multiple dreadlocks when doing backcombs. By the time it ends, the hair loss will look spongy.

After having peeled the dreadlocks, begin to twist the different blocks. This will help to change its shape in a dreadlock style. Keep turning and straightening until you get the correct shape.

Step 3: Apply heat
When you are satisfied with the dreadlocks, it is time to apply heat to define the shape. Use a 1500-watt hair dryer with a vent attachment. The accessory will direct heat in specific parts of the dreadlocks. Turn the hair dryer at full speed along each dreadlock for 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat several times until the shape is in place. You can also use different sources of heat to shape dreadlocks, such as vaporizers or boiling water.

Step 4: fixing dreadlocks to hair
Wait for the dreads to cool, then tie the dreads to your hair by wrapping the elastic over your hair. You can make two hair drops to make high pigtails. We recommend using Kanekalon or Toyokalon hair fibers of different colors to create a spectacular appearance.

If you like to experiment, there are different ways to attach hair to hair. You can anchor hair fibers using your hair’s ribbons. You can also get an old headband and sew the dreads on the edge. Hair clips and hair clips are excellent tools for attaching false faults as well.

Because hair clips and hairpins are smaller than a headband, you can only create finer strands of dreadlocks. But, clips and bolts can be attached to various parts of the head. You can have fun creating different looks by superimposing clips with colored dreads.

Promiscuous or faithful? look the length of your fingers

Promiscuous or faithful? look the length of your fingers
We echo the study published in the journal Biology Letters by Professor Robin Dunbar, Department of Experimental Psychology, University test troxin of Oxford, and Professor John Manning, University of Northumbria. Physical comparisons between humans and other mammals suggest that we are halfway between being a faithful species or being promiscuous. The study, titled Star or Stray (something like at home or on the street) concludes that there are two distinct subpopulations between humans, one more interested in love affairs and another nevertheless opting for long-term relationships . So far everything follows some parameters already known and little new. The study analyzed the responses of 575 British and American people about their attitudes and desires towards sex “without commitment”. Among the respondents there were the two trends already indicated without their gender (male / female) having a relevant impact. The most surprising thing about it is that photocopies of the right hand of 1,314 British men and women were also analyzed, measuring the length of the index and annular finger. We analyzed in detail the people who agreed to photocopy their right hand and also completed the questionnaire and took into account the medical axiom that the shorter the index finger in relation to the annular, the individual is supposed to have been exposed to greater amount of testosterone during its uterine development. Well, all this in the study shaker, the conclusion was clear, the greater the difference in the size between the two fingers this would suggest no more or less that there is a greater promiscuity in adulthood, a conclusion that would be equally valid both for men as well as women. The group whose annular finger was longer than the index is therefore more prone to adulterous relationships, whereas those in which both fingers had a similar or poorly differentiated size showed a greater propensity to have long-lasting relationships, without differences between sexes . According to Professor Wiodarski, “this study suggests that there are two types of individuals within each sex that follow different patterns of mating.” For his part, Dr. Dunbar noted that the differences are “subtle” and that “are only visible when we analyze large groups of people.” However, he qualified, who knows whether to heal in health, that “human behavior is influenced by different factors, such as the environment, life experiences, and what happens in the womb could have only a relative influence on something as complex as sex is. ”

As a summary, because one can finally be mixed, it would be concluded that the greater the testosterone in the maternal uterus, the greater the difference in the size of both fingers. In turn, and according to the comparison of responses to the questionnaire, those whose fingers had a more differentiated or unequal size were more likely to have adulterous relationships. However, the population studied, regardless of whether the sample is sufficiently significant, is Anglo-Saxon, so my advice is the following, if you intend to heed the conclusions, do so only if you know people from this source. From there, if you are promiscuous get people with the index finger clearly smaller than the ring. If you prefer stable relationships, make sure your size is even. We do not know the degree of reliability of the study, since the sample analyzed can not be considered as very large, and if you do not relate to Anglo-Saxon people, think that it may not be worthwhile to put it into operation.

In short, we leave the study and its conclusions, you can find and contrast them on the network, each one can give you the degree of reliability you want, anyway I think you should not alert, at least while not deepening it , if your partner has both fingers with an appreciable size difference, we already know that each ethnic group has its own peculiarities.

Clean your colon naturally

Clean your colon naturally
The digestive tract is responsible for vital cbd oil extracting salt, water, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from the food we eat day after day. All undigested food material is found in the colon. And with so many processed foods that we absorb, you can imagine the toxins that accumulate in the colon, so it’s best to clean the system from time to time.

When the colon is not functioning properly due to the accumulation of toxins, it causes bothersome symptoms such as headaches, constipation, weight gain and chronic fatigue of serious health problems such as colon cancer.

The colon is full of mucus buildup, which causes harmful bacteria and toxins that slowly poison the body. The cleaning of the colon eliminates the accumulation of obstructions and helps the digestive system work in the best way.

What is colon cleansing?
Colon cleansing is a simple method that expels the contents of the large intestine. This method goes back to ancient Greece. There are two types of colon cleansing. It will take a special tool that cleans the colon from the anus and the other requires taking medications or foods that will stimulate bowel movement and expel the toxins as waste.

If you are not comfortable with the idea that the equipment is inserted into your anus to cleanse the colon, option number 2 is the best option. The good news is that you do not need to take special medications or fantasy supplements to cleanse the colon. The daily foods you have in your pantry at this time could help keep your colon healthy:

Cleaning the colon with simple water
All you need to do is drink a lot of water. Ideally, you want to go higher than the recommended 8 glasses of water per day and shoot from 11 to 12. Through your regular intake of water, your gut will begin to get the lubrication you need to flush toxins from the small intestine.

Apply the Colon Cleanse juice
Did you know that apple juice is one of the best colon cleansers you can buy? In addition to being rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fiber, apple juice also purifies the colon and liver. As with cleaning with water, drink more apple juice every day. We recommend unfiltered organic apple juice.

Start the day with a glass of unfiltered apple juice. Wait 30 minutes and drink a glass of water. Repeat this several times during the day for three days. During the three days of cleaning, avoid all kinds of solid foods so that the accumulation of toxins is eliminated without the solid foods interrupting the routine.

Colon Cleanse Yogurt
Yogurt is rich in probiotics, beneficial bacteria that keep the bowel and colon healthy. Probiotics also help prevent inflammatory bowel movements, increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. In addition to this, yogurt also helps strengthen bones and teeth.

To do this, just eat more yogurt every day. Choose the simple type or the Greek yogurt. To change things, add a handful of fresh fruits such as berries, apples or bananas.