Home remedies to eliminate dewlap naturally

With the passage of time, our body is derma luminous changing, losing collagen and hydration among other things, which affects our skin making it less flexible and more flaccid.There are areas of the body where this flaccidity becomes more evident, such as the arms, thighs or the chin. In today’s article we will learn various remedies that will help us combat it in an economical, effective and natural way.

As we have said before, the main cause behind the lack of elasticity of our skin is the progressive loss of hydration and collagen , something that we can combat effectively with certain types of food and water, a basic good for our body. Read on and discover what remedies can help you reduce your gut naturally:

How to reduce giblets easily and effectively

oil Castor oil is rich in essential fatty acids. Ushelps to maintain a correct hydration of the skin, besides giving it flexibility, firmness and repairing its tissues , contributing to improve its appearance and health.

Mix in a bowl a tablespoon of olive oil and another of castor oil. Spread the palms of your hands in the mixture and by means of ascending movements massage the area of ​​the double chin, from the neck to the jaw. Do it for a few minutes and then place a towel moistened with warm water on your neck. Leave it on for 5 minutes. The hot steam will help you open the pores and introduce more water, thus contributing to a deeper hydration.

Antioxidant mask of grapes and avocado

The combination of grapes and avocado is ideal for our skin, sinceprovides us with hydration and essential nutrients that help us to improve its elasticity and appearance .

To elaborate it you only have to crush with the aid of a fork half pulp of avocado and of 3 to 5 grapes (depending on the size). Apply the resulting paste on the neck by upward movements. Let it act for 20 minutes and then remove with cold water. If you do it consistently in a few days you will start to notice firmer and healthier skin.

Firming homemade cream

The mixture of milk, oats and rosehip oil is infallible against flaccidity , as it provides hydration and an endless supply of nutrients that act to effectively reinforce the health and appearance of our skin.

Mix 3 tablespoons of warm milk, 2 of rosehip and 4 or 5 of oats in a bowl, until it forms a homogeneous and somewhat thick paste. Apply it on your neck with upward movements, and let it act for 20 minutes. Then remove with cold water.

Drinking enough water

Taking at least 2 liters of water a day ensures a more toxin-free body, which is reflected throughout our body, including the skin, which will be healthier, elastic and less wrinkled . Hydrate yourself every day and see how you notice it.

Fruits and natural juices

To maintain good health and healthier and elastic skin, it is important that we include foods rich in antioxidants, beta-carotenes and essential vitamins in our diet. A good way to introduce these elements into our body is through natural juices, an economical, easy and quick option to strengthen our health.

Imagination to power, but if you want several exquisite combinations, I recommend the juice of carrot and orange, beet (beet) and apple or mango and strawberries. Refreshing, healthy and delicious.

Are vitamins megadoses always used in orthomolecular nutrition?

The orthomolecular term originates in the ortho (orthos) ortho prefix that means optimal but this does not necessarily refer to megadoses of vitamins, minerals or other specific nutrients used in orthomolecular therapy. Although initially orthomolecular nutrition was conceived as a megavitamin therapy, slim ultra forskolin these terms do not always refer to the need to use high doses of these substances. The term megavitamins is therefore a misinterpreted exaggeration of what in orthomolecular are optimal doses (above normal but below doses that can cause any health hazard). They are therefore safe and highly effective doses applied in active cellular nutrition treatments.

At present the bad press and the competitors frightened by the effectiveness of the orthomolecular nutrition have created a serious confusion in this respect. Certainly in orthomolecular nutrition these nutrients are used in doses above the RDA, but this does not mean that it poses a danger to health. The approach of orthomolecular nutrition to use doses above those recommended by the RDA is due in particular to the intention to cause an impact within the cell that activates and stimulates the correct capacity of its functions. At normal doses, lower or below the RDA, this effect that presents verifiable and successful results of applying orthomolecular therapy would not take place. It’s what orthomolecular nutritionists call cellular impact.

And why is it necessary to bring about such a cellular impact? On this question much of the orthomolecular therapy is based. On the one hand we have as a consequence of the current lifestyle and diet the development of disorders of chronic and inflammatory origin due to the enormous amount of xenobiotics that we introduce in our body. This accumulation that robs the body of nutrients, over time produces cellular malnutrition, resulting in deficiencies that provoke the need to cover them with optimal doses of nutrients to restore the ability to balance the body.

Vitamins are the major cofactors of many functions that occur inside the cell, if it does not find the amount of nutrients necessary to perform its functions efficiently, you will then need to introduce them from the outside and we all know that this with the kind of industrialized food that we carry today and the stressful lifestyle that accompanies us, would never occur if it were not with the help of these nutrients outside.

It is in dependence on the individual factors (health status, drugs that are ingested, etc.), lifestyle and feeding that these doses are personalized, rarely arriving in the treatment of support to chronic diseases at super high doses or dangerous for health as many mistakenly believe. The doses of nutrients (whether vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.) are used in orthomolecular nutrition safely and safely, taking into account that a small dose above the RDA is what returns in most the cases, the balance lost to the cell. This allows you to be back on track effectively and more efficiently to deal with the body to anything you have to face.

Do I smell good? 5 The most common vaginal odors, explained

Before we start, let’s clarify something: hdt male enhancement your vagina is supposed to have its smell, despite what you have been told all those companies that make women’s perfumes. In fact, healthy vaginas smell differently throughout the month, with stronger and more subtle variations of their unique scent. Some women naturally emit stronger vaginal odors, while others do not; heavy sweating or having unprotected heterosexual sex (with ejaculation) can also temporarily change the odor of your parts. But let’s not fool ourselves: your feminine flower will always smell.
But although the smell is a sign that your vagina is healthy and has its pH properly balanced, sometimes a change in this smell can be a sign that something is wrong. Sometimes an unusual smellmay be a sign of a health problem, such as a lost tampon or bacterial vaginosis infection ; other times, it may simply mean that your period has just ended.
So, how do you know the difference between a normal or abnormal change in vaginal odor? The only way to know it is by knowing what your vagina smells when it is healthy (and, therefore, how it smells when it is sick) you must be familiar with your odors, only so you can recognize that it is normal for you and what is not.
But even if you have not “cataloged” your own vaginal odors, there are still times when you can tell if your smell is normal. Usually, a smell that indicates that something is wrong is accompanied by other symptoms ( itching, swelling, discharge or painful urination ), although sometimes the smell may be your only (or primary) sign that something is wrong.
smell Could it mean that something is wrong? : Yes.
An intense smell of fish, or sea, can be a sign of two common vaginal infections among young women: bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis. The bacterial vaginosisis an infection related to an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina, and is not an STI, although it can be transmitted by sex with a new partner. Trichomoniasis is the most common curable STD in developed countries. Both infections give off a fishy odor (and often a white or gray discharge) as a symptom, and both can be easily cured with a prescription antibiotic treatment.
Both can also present symptoms very similar to fungal infections, so in situations like this, smell is the key to correctly diagnose it.
Metallic odor
Could it mean that something is wrong? : Probably not.
A metallic scent from your vagina is common after having had the period. or if you have had some intimate contact with semen (both can change the pH of the vagina, usually acid, to a more basic one.) In both cases, the metallic odor should be temporary. gone and especially if it is accompanied by any itching or discharge, check with a doctor
Yeast / Bread Odor
Could it mean that something is wrong ? : Yes.
Often, fungal infectionsThey have no odor at all, and you will notice that you have other symptoms (white, thick discharge, itching). But in some cases, your vagina will emit a weak odor like bread, which can smell a little musty. The smell will never be the only symptom of a fungal infection; but can help distinguish it from bacterial vaginosis or other infections that also irritate your vagina.
Musky odor
Could it mean that something is wrong? : Probably not.
A musky smell, such as a heavier version of the usual vaginal odor, usually means that you have been sweating a lot, too tight pants or synthetic fiber underwear (both of which can prevent the skin from “breathing” and therefore give rise to a stronger smell than usual). Wash with some mild soap, and change your underwear to a cotton must fix things if you find that this smell is a bit strong for your taste.
Rotting odor
Could it mean that something is wrong? : Yes.
If your vagina suddenly develops an intense rotten odor, contact your obstetrician / gynecologist immediately. This is definitely not healthy, and could be a sign of a lost tampon in your vagina during your last period, which occurs more often than it seems.
Do not be shy about booking an appointment with your doctor about any of these topics. These are all common gynecological problems, and your doctor will not dislike you or believe you have poor hygiene, in fact, there is literally nothing that could go wrong with t vagina and that can scandalize your doctor.

Hand care in winter

During the winter, if there is a part of our final skin advanced body that takes the worst part in external aggressions, they are hands. Therefore, the care of the hands in winter is fundamental to keep them healthy and beautiful.

The actions we do constantly with our hands, the use of detergents and other chemicals and frequent washes contribute to the destructuring of the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin of the hands, leaving them unprotected. On the other hand, the skin of the hands is very thin and hardly has sebaceous glands, which does not favor the resistance of the hands.

The skin of the hands hardly has sebaceous glands, which does not favor the resistance of the …

The hands betray our age as much or more than the face. In winter, cold, wind, pollution, heating … are aggressions that leave a trace on the hands, which contribute to the degeneration of the skin and which add to other types of aggression such as sun spots.

The best option would be to isolate our hands using gloves, but it is not always possible. That is why we must provide them with nutrition and constant protection. To take care of our hands is enough to pay them a little attention and spend a few minutes. Most of the dryness and aging of the skin of the hands are due to its deprotection so the first thing to do is after each wash, dry them carefully and apply a cream that penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and restore the protective layer.

How to care for hands in winter


Although the hands are not an area that accumulates too many dead cells, a gentle exfoliation, once a week, will enhance the effect of the cream that we use as a treatment. In the event that we have any callus in the palm of the hand, we can use a more powerful exfoliating.


The hydration of our hands has to be constant so always having a moisturizing cream nearby will be of great help (at home, at work, in the bag …). In this way, every time we wash our less we can hydrate them and restore their protective layer.

It is important to apply the cream also at night, before bed, which will allow the skin of the hands to recover during the night. In the case of very battered hands, we can put on some cotton gloves and sleep with them, or leave them off for a while before going to bed, which will contribute to the cream penetrate better.


To complete the treatment, after the exfoliation, we should apply a moisturizing mask. It does not have to be specific, any moisturizing mask that we use for the care of the face will serve us. The mask will help us to soften our hands and keep them hydrated.

Exfoliation plays a key role in skin care: it removes dead cells, cleans accumulated dirt and prevents clogging of pores.


What cream to use for hands?

The most indicated care are those creams that are absorbed quickly and do not leave a greasy touch.

As for assets, we will find different options, so we must choose the most appropriate to our needs.

Among the most common active principles in hand creams, we find:


Moisturizing active ingredients: glycerin, sodium chloride and alba wax.

Active ingredients for dryness: Urea and greasy products such as Isopropyl palmitate.

Soothing and soothing active ingredients: Plant extracts are often used to provide soothing and soothing effects, such as Aloe vera, Asian sparkler and marigold.

Active ingredients that prevent moisture loss and retain water: Glycerin, petroleum jelly, sorbitol, propylene glycol, lanolin, beeswax …

Active ingredients pH regulators: Lactic acid and stearic acid, besides possessing moisturizing properties, help to regulate the pH, stabilizing the acid mantle of the skin.

Avena | The food that regulates the intestinal flora

Oatmeal is a food that regulates aphroditera cream the intestinal flora . The large amounts of food fiber, when coming into contact with water, form a gel that stimulates the functioning of the intestinal transit. In addition, beta-glucan-like fibers stimulate the growth of intestinal microorganisms – probiotics. This is because it serves as “food” for lactobacilli.

The Food That Regulates the Intestinal Flora

When bacteria proliferate in these fibers, there is the production of a substance, butyric acid, which stimulates bowel movements (called peristalsis). This organ, in turn, when stimulated, eliminates toxic substances faster and stimulates cell renewal. This decreases the risk of bowel cancer.

This food also provides a feeling of satiety and helps reduce cholesterol

is a plant belonging to the family Poaceae. Its genus is composed of about 450 species, and the most cultivated are Avena sativa and Byzantine Avena. This cereal is rich in fiber that can be found in the form of flour, bran and flakes.

Oatmeal itself does not contain gluten, but as in most of the world it is processed along with wheat, it is considered one of the dangerous foods for celiacs. Therefore, it is important to always check the container, because if it contains parts of this protein, it should be indicated in the package with the notice “contains gluten”.

Key Oat Nutrients Oatmeal
– Per 30 g (serving)
calories 118.2 kcal
carbohydrates 20.1 g
protein 4.2 g
lipids 2.4
g Fiber 2.73 g
calcium 14.4 mg
potassium 100.8 mg
iron 1.32 mg
phosphorus 45.9 mg
magnesium 35.7 mg
sodium 1.5 mg
zinc 0.78 mg

The great advantage of oats is their fibers, which earns in quality but not in quantity due mainly to beta-glucans, which bring many benefits to the body, as we will see later. Continuing with the issue of quantity, it is necessary to consume 25 grams of fiber a day, on a 2000 calorie diet, and this cereal contains 2.73 grams per serving. Therefore it corresponds to 11% of our daily quantities.

13% magnesium

11% zinc

9% iron

8% protein

6% phosphorus

6% carbohydrate

1.4% calcium
* Daily values ​​for adults based on a 2,000 kcal or 8400 kJ diet. Your daily values ​​may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Benefits of Oats

These are some of the benefits of oats that make it a very important food to add to our daily diet:

Provides a feeling of satiety: Oats have two types of fibers: a part of insoluble fibers, such as cellulose, that the enzymes in our body can not “break”. However, the cereal stands out for its soluble fibers, such as beta-glucan, which are partially digested by the intestine. These stick to the water that is in the body and “suck” it. Therefore, they grow in size and form a gel that lines the wall of the stomach and intestine, which delays gastric emptying and is satiated. That’s why oatmeal is included for dieting .

Strengthens the body’s defenses:oatmeal does not have a direct action on our immunity; however, by improving intestinal transit, it can increase the organic defenses of our body as it contributes to the health of the intestinal flora. After all, 60% of our total body immunoglobulins are in it. Each time we stimulate the intestinal microbiota we produce more antibodies, which improves immunity.

Prevents chronic diseases: oats also act in the control of glucose and cholesterol. Do you remember the contact gel of beta-glucans with water? Glucose and cholesterol are more time “trapped” in this gel to be absorbed. In the case of sugar, it reduces the time of absorption of carbohydrates, improving glucose levels. This is why oatmeal consumption is recommended for diabetics. Intake of this cereal, especially in the form of bran, is also beneficial for those who have high cholesterol levels, as it favors a decrease of up to 10%.

There are not enough studies to confirm that oats help control hypertension, but we know that it is rich in potassium, an important mineral for modulating blood pressure, avoiding fluid retention.

Provides greater well-being: as a source of protein, oats contain tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for controlling our mood, known as the friend of well-being.

It is good for the skin:

as it is a food rich in silicon and protein, consumption of oats is also good for the renewal of tissues, such as skin. This helps in the cell walls and makes the tissue look better and healthier.

Finally cellulite out of your silhouette

We fight continuously against cellulite youthful genesis system and fats that accumulate in the places we least like and disfigure our figure, with these tips, constancy, food and sport you can get it.

With this self-massage that is quite complete, it will help you to remove the accumulated cellulite. Help yourself with a good cream and you will notice more, it consists of kneading in the abdomen and waist area until the back, where we have the clusters in the waist and back area, with pinch and venous drains move the fat, redden the area, and with the venous drains the waste products are returned to circulation, and with the circular movements in the clockwise direction we mobilize the intestine. If you do not have a lot of dexterity with your hands you can also do it with some gloves or appliques with balls, although for my taste, it is better with the hands.

You should also help with sports and nutrition, a little bit of aerobic sport, if possible at least thirty minutes later (on my YouTube channel you have routines) at least three days a week, and food is important too, eat five times to the day, between hours fruit, eating five times causes your metabolism to have to be activated five times to do the digestion and this makes you need to burn calories for this purpose, in addition you will not go so hungry to the next meal, avoid desserts, light dinners, and not too late.

I hope that tomorrow you start hands to the work, above all remember that the sport is health.

Light Vaginal Flow: Things You Should Know

Clear or transparent-whitening vaginal hdt male enhancement discharge is something that most women experience. The normal frequency can vary from one to another, and their presence becomes more common at a certain age, when the levels of progesterone and estrogen begin to fluctuate. The clear flow is usually colorless and odorless, but can sometimes be whitish during periods of ovulation.
One of the most common causes of clear vaginal discharge is ovulation, in which case it is due to stimulation in the cervical glands. In this case the flow is usually clear, odorless and may contain white spots.
While there is great variation, vaginal discharge during ovulation is most prominent 14 days after the start of the menstrual cycle. Many women also notice daily discharges during the ovulation stage, while others may only notice it from time to time. The clear vaginal discharge is considered as a normal element of the reproductive cycle and should not be accompanied by pain, itching or discomfort.
Other Causes of Clear Vaginal Flow
Bacterial vaginosis is a condition that can sometimes lead to a clear or white discharge. Infection usually causes the flow to have a fetid odor like fish. This can be solved by following a treatment with medications prescribed by the doctor.
Other vaginal infections can also be the cause for abnormal, white or clear discharge. For example, yeast infections can cause a clear, white or slightly cloudy discharge, which usually comes with itching. Health workers can tell you which medicines are most useful to alleviate the situation.
Sexual stimulation is the second most common cause of clear vaginal discharge. Once the cervical glands are stimulated, they cause secretion to make sexual activity more pleasurable and comfortable. Some women may experience more abundant amounts than others.
Adolescents and young people who are undergoing hormonal changes may also experience vaginal discharge with these characteristics. This is because their bodies are trying to establish a regular menstrual cycle and the cervical glands are stimulated by the changes. Usually the frequency is once per regular cycle.
Sometimes, the cervical glands go through a natural cleansing cycle that could cause a clear discharge. It is recommended that women do not use cleansers to replicate this natural body function. The use of such products can actually cause abnormalities and an increase in irritation. Unless the vaginal discharge is malodorous or causes itching or pain, you should not worry too much about it.
Things You Can Do To Stop The Discomfort Caused By Clear Vaginal Flow

Always try to maintain a balanced and healthy diet, drink lots of fluids, especially water.

Try to get enough sleep each day.

Keep the vaginal area clean and dry. Avoid tight underwear and jeans.

Wear cotton underwear.

Never scratch the inflamed areas because this will lead to further irritation.

Wipe from front to back after urinating or stool.

If you are on medication, avoid sexual intercourse until treatment is over and your doctor tells you that it is safe to do so.

If you have a new partner, ask her to use condoms during sex.
Concluding …
Most of the time clear vaginal discharges are normal. They are usually caused by ovulation, hormonal changes, natural cleansing or sexual arousal. It is not a cause for concern unless there are changes in color, smell or frequency.

Infection by genital fungi

Genital Fungus Infection
When we talk about genital fungal alpha burst test infection, we understand that it affects men and women indistinctly in their genitals, and that is the reason why, although it is more common for women to suffer from it, it is absolutely not just them. man takes action first when finding and implementing a solution.

The causes behind this argument is that the female genital organs are a perfect refuge for fungal infections, although the configuration of the male organ seems not very suitable for the development of a genital fungal infection , these bloom and develop quite frequently more what it seems like.

The infections genital yeast

are uncomfortable for both sexes and can even try to hide themselves avoiding having sexual intercourse, since in most cases it produces intense pain and intense itching of bad smell in the genital area.

However I tend to think that genital yeast infection in women (vaginal candidiasis) could be more serious than candida infection in men, because of the very nature of the vagina that is moist and warm creating a propitious environment for the development of a severe infection, male genitalia are different but still exists frequently.

Since the principle is fungal infection, the symptoms that are applied to the female genitalia also apply to male genitalia infested by fungi. Primary symptoms include: itching and burning for both, pain and swelling around the affected area, in the case of the man in the head of the penis and in the woman the vulva-vaginal area.

The smell is one of the symptoms that appear when there is infection by genital fungi and that these are generated by the candida fungus, a strong smell appears as fish, and in the case of women there is a change in the appearance of vaginal discharge appearing of whitish or yellowish color, in the case of the men a white layer like aspect of cheese.

Pain during intercourse or urination is another of the symptoms that appear when you have genital yeast infection in both men and women, so it is important to avoid relationships, in addition to avoiding that the infection is coming and going from a member of the couple to another, another solution this problem may be to wear comfortable clothing to avoid self generated less pain.

The infection genital yeast can be caused by many factors such as a poor immune system (due to chronic stress or illness) sexual transmission from an infected person to another couple, prolonged use of antibiotics (which kill good bacteria that fight to fungi).

Bad eating habits (excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugars), diabetes (since the fungi feed on sugar) cause the fungi to have a source of food and can survive, even generate resistance to some drugs.

The use of the chemical compound nonoxidol-9 that is generally found in the lubricant of some spermicidal condoms or jellies has been identified as a cause of

infection by genital fungi . It is also believed that uncircumcised men are more prone, however one study showed that infection is more likely in circumcised than in those with foreskin.

How to be fat makes you stupid

That’s because high blood pressure and zmax male enhancement inflammation, which go hand in hand with obesity, irritate your brain’s communication systems, making it difficult to transmit messages, says Verstynen. It’s like your brain is trying to make a call when the phone lines are not working.

And it’s a vicious circle: damage is particularly bad in areas that control impulsive behavior, like skipping dessert, says Verstynen. So your brain is fattening you (giving up for dessert), and then being fat changes your brain, he adds.

Here are three other ways to be fat and eating fatty foods is a problem for your brain. (Get rid of your instinct forever with Speed ​​Shred’s new training DVD series, Men’s Health!)

1. It makes you less manly.
Say goodbye to your T levels if you are obese. A 2012 study in the journal Clinical Endocrinology found that testosterone levels in obese adolescents were 40 to 50 percent lower than those in healthy individuals of the same age. This is because fat cells can convert testosterone to estrogen and interfere with the way your brain calls for the production of more testosterone. And the low levels of the hormone can do everything from canceling your sex life to reducing your libido to weaken your muscles. (Do you want to increase your levels?) Choose the testosterone transformation to build your muscles, increase your sexual vitality and regain your mental advantage!

2. It gives you the blues.
A 2010 study of 58,000 people found that obesity increases the risk of depression by 55%. Blame both physiology and psychology: Obesity causes inflammation, which research has shown can cause depression by damaging brain circuits. And the not so secret culprit? Fast food. According to a report published in 2012 in Public Health Nutrition, 25% of fast-food eaters have more than a 50% chance of suffering from depression.


3. It causes dementia.
Being obese in middle age means that it can be four times more likely to develop dementia when it is older, according to a 2011 study in the journal Neurology. The researchers tracked the weight of 6500 people over 65 and found a link between those who were obese and those who had dementia. It is believed that inflammation caused by obesity could actually kill some of the circuits in your brain that are necessary for memory.

Only 57% of straight men masturbate regularly

Even though masturbation is androxl testo boost normal and may even have health benefits, it does not necessarily mean that something is wrong if you do not overcome it regularly.

For example, it may mean that you have too much sex to satisfy you. According to Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., co-author of the study and a sexual health advisor for men, having more sex leads to less masturbation in some people.

Other men can not masturbate because they lack interest in sex, says Herbenick.

Research suggests that 14 to 17 percent of men have low desire, which is linked to low levels of testosterone, stress, alcohol consumption, and poor overall health.

If you’re not interested in sex and are worried about it, talk to your GP, says lead author Brian Dodge, Ph.D.

For other boys, social pressures may prevent them from masturbating, says Herbenick. For example, some religions and cultures regard masturbation as a shameful act.

It is also possible that the pressure comes directly from your partner, says Herbenick.

“We know the sexual behavior of some” police “women, including discontent if they discover that your partner is masturbating, and even more upset if they feel that their partner is masturbating to pornography,” he says. .

If this happens to you, take a look at what to say when they masturbate you to find brilliant ways to break the tension and start a conversation about solo sex. If you can assure her that your masturbation does not mean you’re not happy with her, she can come back.

What happens if you masturbate a lot? That’s good too, said Herbenick.

There is a wide range of masturbation that is considered “normal” even a few times a day. As long as your frequent wishes do not interfere with your professional or relationship life, you have nothing to fear, she says.