Is Bacterial Vaginosis Contagious?

Although bacterial vaginosis is not considered blue fortera to be a contagious condition, the role of bacterial transmissibility among individuals is not fully understood.


Since having multiple or new sexual partners increases the risk of developing bacterial vaginosis in a woman, this suggests that the spread of bacteria among people can alter the balance of bacteria in the vagina and potentially predispose to bacterial vaginosis.

However, as bacterial vaginosis also occurs in celibate women, other causative factors also must play a role in their development.

It is not possible to get bacterial vaginosis from toilet seats, swimming pools or jacuzzis, or touching contaminated objects.

What is the exact definition of leucorrhoea?

The white flow , also called blue fortera leucorrhoea, are the vaginal secretions physiological in women, whose appearance is very natural. Know what leucorrea is , its characteristics and everything that this process means.

Leukorrhea Leukorrhea is a gynecological manifestation characterized by fluid leakage from the vagina. It is more commonly known as loss of white flow, product of the physiological nature. This flow occurs in the woman, from the time of puberty and remains throughout her life.

The color is usually between white and slightly yellow, however, the appearance may vary from one woman to another. Sometimes it can be light or heavy, a variation of this flow is noticeable during the cycle.

This flow occurs in the genitals of the vagina, outside the period of the rule. This discharge usually has no odor and is common to occur in small amounts during the menstrual cycle. The onset of foul-smelling vaginal discharge may indicate the presence of a disease.

An increase in these secretions can be observed two to three days before the ovulation period and during pregnancy .

Complications of leucorrhoea

They are often associated with other annoying symptoms such as mild pain, more frequent urination, loss of urine, very hot urine or itching.

In all of these cases, a suspected infection of the urinary tract or genital area, which may be caused by a bacterium, a fungus or a parasite, is suspected. To determine the diagnosis, a sample of the flow is taken, in order to indicate the appropriate treatment.

In the case of a genital infection , the treatment involves the sexual partners. Protection is also indicated during sexual intercourse, until complete recovery.

When an infection occurs, the characteristics of the vaginal discharge caused by leucorrhoea, changes to a greenish color and may be accompanied byitching and irritation . In these cases, it is not necessary to take a sample, only with a pelvic examination the gynecologist can determine if the cause is bacterial or if it is due to the presence of a foreign body.

It values ​​the importance of knowing what leucorrea is and all the changes that can be presented throughout your life.

Goodbye to stress, say goodbye to your nerves

Goodbye to stress

In the pressures of modern life we Testo Boost RX ​​face situations that do not imagine good and regular good news. It is natural for the daily life of a human being to know how to handle this type of news to face our problems in a decisive way to take a step to the mental and physical organization.

Goodbye to stress, say goodbye to your nerves

How to say goodbye to stress ?

When we check that the excesses are not good, and the stress goes out of its course, it causes us all sorts of disorders. The stress is an engine that motivates us to overcome obstacles to reach the goal it excites us to the solution, not the stress, but knowing how to handle the problem in which we live., always retains a positive attitude and learns to manage time responsibilities.

Remember that anxiety does not solve any problems and deviates you without solutions. Some causes we have in the daily is the loss of the spouse when the divorce or separation occurs.

Say goodbye to stress !

Sometimes it is advisable to consult a psychiatrist or psychologist to challenge the negative effects that events usually bring and thus decide if it was the best option for separation and have no physical or emotional consequences. Especially in case of death the couple will feel empty in their heart when they grab a right and happy person in their home.

Imprisonment, death, accident:

imprisonment, the death of a close relative affects their relatives, type of illness, influences the degree of stress .

Reconciliation and marriage: Positive stress

is recognized . It is a final event that will give you energetic satisfaction to know that the main objective is a happy encounter with the loved one. Say goodbye to stress :

For the rest of your life you will know that you have your ideal partner (or). At the beginning you will be present new news are factors where they play great emotions. As their customs, tastes, needs, any important role in understanding, harmony, love, dedication, respect, peace, because they are two human beings who accept their defects.

Jealousy is not good in a relationship that you are going to share you must have mutual trust the good and be in the bad to solve. Sharing is the best way to live.

Unemployment or Retirement:

The economic aspect is a cause for concern for obvious reasons. The main causes, of depression in our country, feel bad because it stops being a productive economic person.

Health and sex:

a sexual activity with a suitable periodic person and good health combined with a good exercise routine, are excellent relationship to release the daily stresses.

It is not advisable to change partners; a promiscuous person of sex, is also not healthy people have negative energies when they have had relationships of worldly encounters.

Being in these integrated times with only one partner is health can savor every moment with peace of mind. No doubts or disagreements.

The quality of life will emerge as the purification of two people will be better in every way.

The stress with this kind of living downgraded a high percentage in relation to people who change partners without reason and reason.

Warning Signs of Stress :


deconcentration happens at work, when you read something nice, the person tries to overcome the problem of himself, not being able to do falls into despair.


It manifests with palpitations and tightness in the chest, panic, restlessness, insomnia, trembling dilation of the pupils, rapid breathing, sweating.

Low self-esteem:

generates insecurity, increases stress

, the permanent feeling of not doing what others expect of one.


It becomes evident. When it is difficult to relate to others because everything is cause for displeasure. Physical signs of stress exhaustion.
When waking does not have motivation to go ahead, despite having slept a lot the person feels tired.


Neither the mind nor the body can rest because sleep does not fulfill its restorative functions.

Psychosomatic disorders:

It can lead to arteriosclerosis, hypertension, myocardial infarction, hypertension, ulcers and asthma attacks among others, hypertension, headaches and frequent muscular are fruits of nervous tension, easy to cool often result from nervous tension, therefore weakens the immune system.

7 Foods with a bad reputation that are good for you

Some meals have been falsely accused of all body boost garcinia sorts of misdeeds. These 7 foods have a bad reputation, but once you put them under the light and do some research they are good for you!

7 Foods with a bad reputation that are good for you

You are probably thinking of certain articles and press reports that demonize specific foods, making you think that your favorite treats are nefarious villains that wreak havoc on your body. It may be difficult for you not to believe in these horror stories at this point, but give them a chance, do not drive them out of your life yet.

There are particular foods that carry charges of various crimes, such as causing obesity or cancer, or are labeled as highly toxic, but research often tells a different story. Take a partial stand against the evidence shown against 7 foods judged in a bad way and put them on the right side of the law.

1 – White potatoes

Why they were imprisoned: White potatoes have been villainized by their shell which has very few nutrients and its high association with high calorie foods like sour cream, bacon, butter and cheese.

The truth: Potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates. They have over 160 calories, it’s hard to ignore this tasty food.

The sweet cousin of this tuber can keep all the headlines and canopies, but the potatoes are rich in vitamin C, they contain 70 percent of your daily requirement of this vitamin. They are also an excellent source of vitamin B-6 and have the same fibrous texture as the potato.

2 – Coco

Why was imprisoned: This tropical fruit is avoided by its high fat content, which is specifically saturated fat. 3 ounces of coconut is about 3 grams of fat, and 90 percent of that fat is saturated.

The truth: Saturated fat is not the beast that causes cardiovascular disease we once thought it was. Here we tell you the truth, you really need some saturated fats in your diet, especially if you are a frequent user of the gym.

However, the most important fats found in coconuts are medium chain triglycerides. That, unlike the typical long chain fats found in most meals, the medium chain are digested quickly and absorbed. This reduces the risk of depositing fat and provides a fuel source which quickly runs to nourish the brain and muscles.

3 – Popcorn

Why you were imprisoned: Popcorn is often associated with large amounts of butter and portions large enough to feed a family of 10. It also does not help that the large combo of popcorn in your living room local cinema has more than 1000 calories.

The truth: Popcorn, or even corn, is a complete grain, which means it contains a broad fiber that makes the digestion process slower. In fact, a small portion d an ounce has 4 grams of fiber. This same portion, which is just three bites, contains 110 calories.

Instead of dipping your popcorn into butter, try using calorie-free spices or herbs, or pour a small dash of butter into low-calorie spray. For sweet-flavored popcorn, try mixing cinnamon, vanilla extract and a pinch of brown sugar on top of your corn. For a tasty experiment, add salt, fresh chopped cilantro and a dash of lemon juice.

4 – Coffee

Why you were imprisoned: coffee may not have a horrible reputation, but many people hear the word associates with the cups full of sugars, fat and calories sold in the cafeteria of your block, each glass of which sold at those sites exceed 500 calories. Some people also fear caffeine as such.

The truth: Caffeine actually provides benefits in physical and cognitive performance, these improvements can range from a faster reaction time, a greater alertness, and an increase in effort, strength and power.

Apart from caffeine, coffee is rich in antioxidants that provide numerous benefits. Consuming an amount between 1 and 5 cups a day has been associated with increased longevity and overall well-being.

We recommend you also read: 5 Healthy and Perfect Food Recipes to Stimulate Your Day!

5 – Gluten

Why he was imprisoned:

A combination of global attention on celiac disease and anecdotal reports of gluten-induced digestive problems have put this component in a difficult place. Gluten is a protein that we can find frequently in whey, barley and rye. For those with a true gluten intolerance, their bodies view gluten as a foreign intruder and build a sufficient amount of antibodies that actually attack the lining of your intestine. The result is a horrible combination of nausea, gastrointestinal upset, vomiting, diarrhea and chills.

Zucchini Chips with Ground Chicken

Chicken is one of the most rapid relief cbd oil versatile foods in the kitchen , you can elaborate it in different ways and give it any presentation,

It is very nutritious and you can eat it at any time.

The zucchini is composed of 95% water and has no caloric content , which greatly favors health, it is best to conserve all the properties of zucchini or zucchini is eaten raw or steamed.


Do not forget that it should be consumed with the shell, you should not peel it . Let’s put these two foods together is an exquisite dish, which will surely augur a success with your diners.


Chicken breast









Soy sauce For the chips

1 zucchini

Olive oil



Thyme Preparation

Cut the vegetables in irregular sizes

Fill a pot with water and add salt to taste, incorporate the chicken breast without skin or fat, along with the vegetables (reserve a little onion), when they are soft, remove the breast.

Pre heat the oven, take the zucchini and cut into slices, sprinkle oil in a tray and place there, sprinkle salt, pepper and thyme on them, then bake for about 40 minutes, remove and let cool, if you prefer crunchy eat them when they have after two hours.

When it is cold the breast puts it in the food processor

In a frying pan with a little oil, sauté the onion that you reserved, when it is already transparent, add the ground breast and the soy sauce to taste.

Mini-guide: what are hydrolates in natural cosmetics

Have you heard of Hydrolates or Floral Waters
Do you know what they are and what kotolena cream they are for in Natural Cosmetics? Surely, yes, but if you do not know what I’m going to tell you, it will interest you because the hydrolates help you to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. I use them daily because I always include them in my face and body creams, and for me they are indispensable.

Image of hydrolates

What are hydrolates?

The first thing you have to know is that it is a natural product of transparent color and with the same texture as the water, and with a scent coming from the plant from which they have been obtained. They have therapeutic and dermatological properties and, therefore, are very appreciated for use in cosmetics.

Why do hydrolates have therapeutic properties?

Hydrolates contain molecules from the plant from which they have been extracted and which contribute the properties of the plant. These properties are often similar to essential oils and extracts obtained from the same plant.

However, hydrolates contain a much lower dose of active components than extracts or essential oil. This makes them quite soft and very versatile, and can be used directly on the skin or hair, something that with essential oils can not be done.

How are hydrolates obtained?

The hydrolate is obtained in the same process of the distillation of the Essential Oils. I already explained to you in this Mini Guidemany more things about Essential Oils. The distillation of the essential oils is done in a still in which the plants are introduced and by steam trapping the essential oils are obtained, but at the same time a hydrolate is obtained which is the water used in the process containing those molecules of the plants which have been distilled.

Hydrolates can be obtained from the distillation of both the flowering parts of a plant such as Lavender or Geranium, but also from leaves such as Laurel, from the branches like the hydrolates of Jara or Cypress, including berries such as the Enrobro hydrolate.

What is not a hydrolate?

Hydrolates are not the siblings of essential oils. They are not the remains of the distillation of essential oils. There are essential oils diluted in water.

Hydrolates alone have sufficient therapeutic properties so that you can use them directly on the skin or hair. But you have to keep in mind that hydrolates do not always have the same properties as essential oils, although they sometimes share them.

How to use hydrolates

Hydrolates are very versatile, safer and easier to use than essential oils because the precautions you have to take into account and contraindications are minor.

In my homemade cosmetic elaborations I use them instead of distilled water, to give them an added value to my creams, but also you can use them alone.

Hydrolates offer a wide variety of uses:

facial tonic (it is its most known use), after cleansing the face uses a hydrolate to finish cleaning the skin, to calm it, to balance the ph. I recommend the orange hydrolate if you have dry and sensitive skin, rosemary hydrolyzate if you have oily skin.

Body tonic , take advantage of all the virtues of a hydrolate to hydrate your skin and regenerate it, choose one that you like the smell, for example, the hydrolate of roses or lavender and spray it all over your skin.

Facial masks , it is very simple mix white clay and a lavender hydrolate and you already have it.

Facial and body creams , as I have told you, I always use hydrolates to make my homemade creams, for body use if you have sensitive and dry skin I recommend the hydrolate of orange blossom and chamomile. I already explained to you how you could make a moisturizing body cream for sensitive skin. And for facial use, I recommend the hydrolates of roses and geranium

bourbon, the first is very suitable for sensitive and damaged skin, and the geranium hydrolate bourbon can be used in all skin types and is anti-inflammatory and moisturizing. And, of course, lavender hydrolate , for being soothing to the skin and anti-inflammatory. Look at this recipe of mimosa floral facial cream where it is one of the main ingredients.

After shave . If you are going to make some aftershave or epilation, I recommend that you use the virginian hammamelis hydrolate . It is very suitable for mixed skin and is soothing and astringent. For sensitive skin is more recommended the chamomile.

Deodorant , you can use the peppermint hydrolate to make your own deodorant because it is antibacterial and prevents excessive perspiration and you can also use sage hydrolate.

Spray for hair , hydrolates are very suitable for capillary use, rosemary is suitable for all hair types and stimulates and strengthens the scalp.

Body gels, if you want to make your own anti-cellulite gel you can use the cypress hydrolate.

Body sprays, I use lavender hydrolate to ward off mosquitoes.

What is the best sleeping position?

Have you ever wondered what is body slim down garcinia the most efficient way for your sleep to be tremendously healing and your body have a good posture

that does not overload any system or cause discomfort when it comes to getting up? In this video we will give you a series of tips and recommendations to clarify all these doubts.

Image result for What is the best sleeping position?

What is the correct pillow ?

There are many pillows on the market. The pillow we recommend here has a narrow wave at one end and a little wider at the opposite side. This pillow with this shape is prepared so that, when lying down, the distance between the shoulder and the neck can be compensated by resting the head on the end of the wave of greater amplitude.

What is the correct sleeping posture ? You can sleep on your back or lying on your side, since they are the postures that generate less disorders. Never upside down because: 1) the feet generate a flexo that causes disruption in the posterior myofascial chain and 2) turns the head to always breathe in the same direction and raise the arms to be more comfortable, this causes bad adaptations in cervical spine and paresthesias in the hands (due to decreased blood flow).

Disorders that are generated by sleeping in poor posture

The following are the musculoskeletal disorders that occur due to poor sleeping posture and the reasons why they occur:

Pain in the elbow joint capsule by hyperextension of the elbow maintained.

Disorders of the spine by torsion of the body.

Pain in the knees by pressure held one over the other.

Disorders of the hip (hip in spring, trochanteritis, among others) by closure of the angle of the femur.

Paresthesias in the arms due to decreased circulation.

How should you train sports nutrition?

f you have been running for some months, body slim garcinia maybe you may be thinking about facing new challenges and new distances. You might have in mind performing some half marathon or even competing in the longest Olympic distance, the marathon. If you find yourself in this situation, you should know that, apart from carrying a specific preparation on a physical level, you should also start training your stomach to ensure that you have the fuel your muscles need and to avoid the onset of digestive discomfort.

Consuming sports supplements and hydrating properly is a mandatory requirement to be able to cope with competitions of more than 90 minutes, however, if one has not trained their intestines to tolerate this type of supplements in sufficient quantities we may suffer some problems that affect our performance or even lead us to the decision to leave the competition.


In these types of races it is advised to take between 20 and 60g of carbohydrates per hour of competition. Ingests less than 20g do not produce visible benefits and over 60 grams produces digestive discomfort because our intestine can not absorb larger amounts. This forces, first of all, the runners to begin to look at the labels and know how to interpret the nutritional information that provides us. Always, you have to look at the quantities that come detailed by quantity of product that is the one that we are going to consume not per 100g.

On the other hand, if you are not accustomed to using this type of supplements you should start months before to take advantage of your long runs to begin to see how you feel, what your degree of tolerance and what are your favorite in terms of taste and texture . In your first sessions you should not try to ingest 60g directly but you should move in much smaller amounts and increase the doses progressively as you increase the mileage of the sessions.

Finally, you must leave a day of “rehearsal” in which you must prove exactly what you will take during the competition and in the moments in which you will take them. This test may be in some competition where the result is not important or in some training that resembles the competition you are going to do. This is very important because it will give you the assurance that the day of the competition is unlikely to appear digestive discomfort or will allow you to make small corrections according to your sensations (lower dose, more frequency between shots, etc.)

Do not worry if at first you see that your stomach or your intestines do not seem to tolerate these supplements. The digestive system is a highly adaptable organ and it is a question of patience and many phases of trial and error to know what foods are we tolerate 100%.

Here we leave some recommendations from which you can start and adapt to your needs according to your feelings:

Before the competition

Drink between 300-500ml of isotonic drink between 1-3hours before departure.Take a gel with caffeine about 45 or 30 minutes before departure.Bebe 500ml of water or additional drink if the weather is hot and your urine is scarce.
During the competition

Take between 20-60g of carbohydrates per hour of competitionHold yourself every 15-30 minutes depending on the weather and your sweating.Take the gels always with water.Take some caffeine supplement in the last kilometers of the competition.

Food, nutrition and poverty

In this article we will talk about food, organix cbd nutrition and poverty, current issues for the commemoration of their respective World Days on 16 and 17 October and the overt humanitarian crisis.

The Spanish Food Code, approved under Decree 2484/1967 of September 21, defines the terms food and nutrient (2): “Food is all substances or products of any nature, solid or liquid, natural or processed, which by their characteristics, applications, components, preparation and state of preservation, are likely to be customary or appropriately used for a) normal human nutrition or as fruitive (for pleasure) and b) as dietary products, in special cases of human feeding.

And “nutrients are the constituent substances of the various foods useful for organic metabolism, and they correspond to groups generically called proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.”

That is, food is the substance itself and the nutrient is the part that has a value of interest for the operation of the organism, since there are foods that have no nutritional value.

The United Nations declared 2014 as the International Year of Family Farming. FAO defines family agriculture as agriculture that includes all family-based agricultural activities and is related to several areas of rural development. Family farming is a way of classifying agricultural, forestry, fishery, pastoral and aquaculture production managed and operated by a family and which depends mainly on family labor, including both women and men (4).

Family farming has several advantages:

– preserves biodiversity

– is sustainable

– boosts the local economy

– can contribute to a balanced diet.

However, there must be policies that protect it. The Spanish government has approved two laws in this sense that only time will tell whether they are effective or not (5,6,7).


All this is related to an issue that affects us at world level: poverty. Holders of El Mundo as: “One in five Spaniards lives below the poverty line” (3) is worrying. Poverty was associated with countries in Africa or America or Asia but not in Europe.

The reality is that poverty has always existed (in Europe, in Spain and elsewhere) and probably always does, while priming elements such as the socio-economic status of some over the majority. I do not mean by this that we should give up a more comfortable life, but we must work together so that we can all do it.

Having a more nutrient-rich agriculture, with renewed and renewable soils, sustainable, more “respirable” (oxygen is also a nutrient) is what will make us all have a better life, more disease-free, healthier in every sense.

I am not saying, in any case, that we stop consuming products that we like even if they do not have a nutritional value, I just say that a percentage of our purchases could be destined to buy foods with nutritional value that conform to the rules of fair trade or local orchards for trade.

How to stop sabotaging our diets? 10 control keys to lose weight taking care of us

We all want, try or pretend to ultra pure memory boost xl (or at least a large majority) is a great reality because some of our aspirations is to see us slim, beautiful and within the canons of beauty imposed by society that are ruthlessly more and more strict and out of reality. It is true that we want a thin body but we should not perform this exercise over our health but be healthy, have a conscious, pleasant and healthy diet, exercise and learn to manage emotions and thoughts must always be above . With this principle, our body will naturally have a balanced weight for our stature and body (with exceptions that may be caused by an illness or disorder).

When we get aligned with our mind to experience life as we want and achieve our goal, no doubt, everything will be easier and bearable, it will not become that suffering we always think it may be to undertake a diet to lose weight and in fact, we can make it something beneficial and motivating. Your mind is at your service and it is only your business to put it to work to materialize what you want.

How to do it? Here are 10 keys that will help you to put your mind at your service in order to lose weight and of course avoid self sabotage.

The 10 keys to slimming taking care and stop sabotearte:

1. Choose a good place to eat

Forget to eat standing in front of the refrigerator, on the computer or on the sofa. Choose a good place to eat quietly, in a good posture and that is a space worthy to eat.

2. Dedicate yourself to eating

That is, forget to multi-task while eating. Eating is eating, not watching TV, reading the newspaper, seeing emails, etc. Eating like this causes us to eat more and compulsively.

3. Throw away everything that is unhealthy

Check your pantry and refrigerator and discard anything that is not healthy (ie junk food outside your area of ​​action). Substitute everything for good and healthy food.

4. You choose what you eat

If you eat in a restaurant, choose what you really want to eat and not what they offer. You are the one who must control your diet in a conscious way.

5. Remove everything from your sight

When you are cooking (for yourself or for others) and finish, save all that remains before you sit down to eat, it will be a good way to just eat what is on the table and prepared for effect.

6. Shopping list always on hand

Forget about going to the supermarket without anything thought or things in the head. A list and stick to it will prevent you from stinging everything you do not need or that you will not eat and also sure that are not entirely healthy.

7. Do not eat it all

Yes, we know that leaving food on the plate is not too good education but we are sending to our brain the message that we have the ability to choose how much to eat and that we have enough food already, I am not a pantry I need to store.

Other cases in which applying this principle is a prerequisite for our self-esteem, is not to eat all the remains so that we do not have to throw them: Cookies and the rest of custards that are left my children, or remains in dishes, or remains of the food in the fridge. Forget about being a pail of trash! The remains can freeze them, give them away, or if there is no option throw it to the container of organic waste where thanks to your contribution will convert it into compost. It’s a question of deciding where you want all that to go: a tupper to save you prepare a meal or your waist. You choose.

“You can eat all you want, but what do you really want to eat when you decide from the serenity connected with yourself?”

8. Do not eat when you are stressed.

If you have anxiety, nerves or any other discordant emotion, it is not the time to eat. Allow yourself to recognize what emotion or sensation is giving you the can (conscious breathing can help you, and mindfulness), then once you have managed this part, decide if you really are physically hungry or emotionally hungry (which leads to eating compulsively in order to cover up this emotion).
eat with consciousness to lose weight enjoying


9. Give your time, do not run: life is not a marathon

Eating fast is not only not good but it really is quite harmful to our health and also to our goal of losing weight. Take your time, eat slowly because the increase in blood sugar that gives us the signal of satiety takes 20 – 30 minutes to arrive so quiet. Slow chewing, dropping the silverware or savoring are some tricks that will help you slow down the pace.

10. Listen to your body

If you really hunger because your body needs to eat, he will tell you. Listen to it (to your body) and eat when you really need it. If our physical body is hungry it is advisable to give it food, but if it is our emotional or mental body that feels overwhelmed or disagree eating will not solve any of these situations, on the contrary, it aggravates them.