Anatomy of the hamstring muscles

Anatomy of the ischio muscles

These muscles, located on the back of the thighs, number 3:

The femoral biceps muscle

The semi – tendinous muscle

The semi – membranous muscle

Anatomy muscle ischio leg

The femoral biceps muscle

Also referred to as biceps crural or long biceps, the femoral biceps muscle is composed of two heads. The longest of the two buy Activatrol Testosterone is born on the tendon of the posterior aspect of the ischium, while the shorter is found slightly below the level of the harsh line of the femur. The two chiefs gather to fix themselves on the head of fibula (the fibula).

Anatomy muscle ischio leg

The best exercises to muscle the hamstring

The semi-tendinous muscle

The semi – tendinous muscle, also referred to as the semi – tendinous muscle, is the innermost of the 3 hamstring muscles. Its insertion is comparable to that of the femoral biceps muscle, since the semi – tendinous muscle originates on the ischial tuberosity to attach to the upper surface of the tibia.

The semi-membranous muscle

Once called the semi-membranous muscle, this semi-membranous muscle is located outside and behind the semi-tendinous muscle. If it begins like the latter on the ischial tuberosity, it ends in three distinct points.

Located in the posterior leg of the thigh, these 3 hamstring muscles are innervated by the ischial nerve and play an essential role in walking and posture, as they directly affect the hip and knee joints.

The ischio muscles Legs and their functions

Antagonists of the quadriceps, situated in the anterior chamber of the thigh, the hamstring muscles can not be stressed when these quadriceps are in action and vice versa. Their essential function lies in the flexion of the leg. It is thus thanks to these muscles ischio legs that one can bring the femur in extension while preserving the knee in flexion.

The muscle of the knee joint, these hamstring ischio muscles also allow external rotation of this knee while also ensuring the retroversion of the pelvis (pelvis pushed forward).

If they are antagonists of the quadriceps muscles, the hamstring muscles remain no less important, since they ensure the stability of the pelvis while allowing the flexion of the leg.

Method to increase the volume of your ischios

The hamstring muscles and the sports activity

These hamstrings muscles are very much in demand by the followers of the running or even the sprint. The muscles must be stretched before the violent efforts, under pain of suffering the breakdown (typical of the sprinter). However even in other activities, such as bodybuilding, the hamstrings are to be considered and to work in conciliating relaxation and weight training. Softening will allow these muscles to avoid further stressing the trunk when moving forward. For the pure musculation of the hamstrings, it is advisable to carry out the exercises at the same time as those performed for the quadriceps in order to muscle thus the whole “thigh” and not to see a difference between the two muscular groups (the quadriceps and the ischio tibialis).

To remember

The three muscles (the femoral biceps, semitendinous and semi – membranous muscles), the hamstring muscles are born on the ischium to attach to the tibia slightly below the knee. Polyarticular muscles, they are essential in the flexion of the leg, the external rotation of the knee and the retroversion of the pelvis.

Exercises for the hamstrings and calves for a complete workout legs

If you want bigger legs, chances are you would work your quadriceps until exhaustion again and again. But with a good set of exercises for the hamstrings and calves you can just as forget all the work you have provided muscle works shred fx side effects for your quadriceps. When your thighs start to burn, you’ve lifted heavy weights, made squats, imposed your legs on heavy and difficult movements, you just started. It’s time to move to the knee and ankle flexors for even more pain. Because when it comes to increasing the volume of the legs and making them stronger, the muscles of the back of the leg are just as important as those of the front.

Ischio calf program

Legs to support you

To really see your legs gain in volume, you need to increase the weights you use. Your best option is to concentrate on training your hamstrings and calves twice a week, with a day of strength where you do rehearsals with little load and a day dedicated to muscle hypertrophy with a lot of weight , But a moderate number of repetitions. On days of strength, take two solid rest minutes between sets – if you do not need so much rest, it means you have not worked hard enough. On days when you work muscle volume, limit rest periods to 75-90 seconds.

Anatomy and description of calf muscles


Remember the old saying “no pain, no gain” (literally: you get nothing without pain). In fact, do not just remember it – live, breathe and apply it on the days you work your legs. If you do not feel a burn and you want to stop, it probably means you need to add more weight, increase the amplitude of your movements or both. Often the hamstring and calf muscles are neglected because they are not very fun to train and to muscle, and that the basis of work costs you a lot in terms of efforts in your desire to get a better physique . All we can say is that the muscles of the calves and ischios are painful. Do not neglect them. Place your hamstring and calf muscles at the top of your exercise list during your legs day, from time to time – yes, before the quadriceps – to give them priority in your routine. And for once, do not forget the back of your legs.

How to increase the volume of your hamstrings?

A generation ago, when men with names like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Franco Columbu passed on the dsn reviews boards, the hamstring muscles were hardly taken into account. We did a few sets of flexions of the legs in the lying position after a few exercises for the quadriceps muscles and this was called a workout. Today, the hamstrings are just as essential to bodybuilding as the pectorals. Vertical streaks on the back of the thighs are key indicators of good condition, and the hamstring mass complements the vision of the entire leg. Yet, it is rarely a part of the body easy to develop, especially because thigh workouts often lack variety and intensity.

Method to muscle ischio

1-Set your priorities to boost your ischios

Composed of the femoral biceps (ie the biceps of the thigh), semi-tendinous and semi-membranous muscles, the hamstrings are a relatively important group of muscles. Yet it is likely that you have done much less for your thigh biceps than for the biceps in your arms, even though the latter is a much smaller muscle. Do 8 to 12 sets and 2 to 4 exercises at each workout of the hamstring muscles. Even if you are still trying to give your hamstring muscles a sufficient amount of work, it is difficult to do so if you have exhausted yourself by doing loaded squats and thigh presses before. If your back thighs are lagging behind your front thighs,

Today, many bodybuilding practitioners train their hamstrings separately from the quadriceps, giving their backs their own training sessions (usually followed by the calves and / or abdominal muscles). This is something that even an intermediate athlete may want to do. If you do not have time to do separate workouts, or if your back thighs are not late compared to the front of your thighs and you want to work your hamstrings first ( Which will decrease your resistance to exercises such as squats and thigh presses), try alternating exercises to develop your quadriceps and hamstrings.

2-Choosing a high number of repetitions does not increase the volume of the hamstring

Exercises around the hamstrings are part of bodybuilding exercises, such as abdominals, where coaches and coaches tend to think they can work the details by doing a lot of repetitions. It’s wrong. Always doing a high number of repetitions (more than 20 per set) will only decrease muscle volume and not fat. The hamstring muscles are shaped by dieting and cardio, and are rarely seen outside the Bodybuilding scenes. That said, an occasional workout with a series of 15 repetitions – rather than just the standard series of eight to twelve repetitions – should cause pain in the thighs the next morning.

Method to muscle ischio

The best exercises to have bulky hamstring muscles

3- Choose to do few repetitions to gain volume at the legs

Although most bodybuilding practitioners rarely do fewer than eight repetitions for hamstring exercises, Tom Prince often performs a series of five to seven repetitions, and his legs are among the two best hamstrings muscles The whole history of bodybuilding. A series of five rehearsals can be a good experience when your body has become accustomed to a series of 10. In our routine, precede each exercise in a series of 10 to 12 repetitions to warm you up. For your workout series, use weights that allow you to do five or six complete repetitions before you can. At least for your last set of each exercise,

4-Make slow movements

Speed ​​is one of the least used weapons in the arsenal of a bodybuilding practitioner. If you considerably slow down the performance of an exercise, it can become a new way to boost your muscles. For the exercises of this workout, take about five seconds to lower the weight and five seconds to lift the weight with each repetition.

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  1. Vary your hamstring training

Leg curl training ischio

A common problem with many hamstring workouts is that people focus too much on the flexions of the legs in the lying position. This is a very good exercise, but if this is the cornerstone of your hamstring training routine, the intensity of your effort will eventually fade or your muscles will no longer respond to the stimulus and will take More volume. Fortunately, we have the solution because there are excellent exercises that you probably do not do. Replace an exercise of your workout with one of our new alternatives, or, to really tense your hamstrings, use our unique lifting exercise.

– Squats at the Smith machine: Just like the raised ground with stretched legs that work more the hamstrings than the lower back, the squats at the Smith machine can be carried out in order to carry more strain on the ischio muscles -jambiers and buttocks than on the quadriceps. Place your feet 30 to 45 cm in front of the bar and make each repetition up to your heels.

– Elevations of the thighs: This is one of the favorite exercises of Alexander Fedorov, the happy owner of the most beautiful hamstrings of Luau. Place your knees on a bench and place your ankles or heels under the support pads. Make sure your position is secure (smaller athletes may not be able to do this). While keeping your back straight, lower yourself until you are parallel to the floor, then stand upright by stretching your hamstrings and buttocks. Ask a training partner to help you until you master this challenging exercise and you can do eight rehearsals by yourself. When you can do more than 12 repetitions, start adding weight.

– Negative bends on one leg: This movement can be performed lying or sitting. In both versions, make the positive half of the repetition with both legs at a normal speed (allowing you to lift a weight heavy enough to be effective for negative repetition), then make the negative half of the repetition with one Only leg. Alternate legs. Try to take 10 seconds to lower the weight even if you will naturally speed up during your last rehearsals when you are tired.

– Leg curl to the pulley Perform flexions on one leg with a cable attached to the ankle that works. This method allows you to focus on the maximum contraction at each repetition, and it also allows you to change the position of your leg more easily. Back your thigh working a few centimeters and you will get a continuous tension that is exerted more on the hamstrings and buttocks.

6-Musclez your ischio

If you work your hamstring muscles once or twice a week on a regular basis and you do not get results, the culprit can simply be stagnant. Stop doing the same low-intensity flexions, increase the intensity and variety of your exercises. Use the routines presented here, and stimulate the growth of the muscles in the back of your leg so that they catch up.

Ectomes and mass intake or how to get rid of leanness

These two aspects of the problem are very different and must be treated independently of one another. In this article I will tell you about diet, the part of the most important problem from my point of view. And not only because my mother always told me I had to eat more.

This is because in our Western world where the main weight problems of the population revolve around obesity we ectomers, lean or whatever name we are given, are aberrations. And even when reading articles about bodybuilding we often talk about us at the bottom of the page “for ectomorphs that have a fast metabolism, remember to eat more. Eat carbohydrates, lots of carbohydrates. ”

This advice to “eat more” works very well for most people, but we are not like everyone else , which is why this board often seems naive. I mean that for the majority of people, eating a lot and gaining weight are two things that go naturally together. If you tell an average man to eat more, he will gain weight . It will probably take fat, but it will gain weight. And he will certainly love it!

Few people know that for ectomorphic people, gaining weight can prove to be really very complicated.

Eating more is simply difficult. First of all, our body has more difficulty in overfeeding than other people. Second, virtually all approaches to bodybuilding are geared towards weight loss , programs are created to reduce appetite. And thirdly, even if we manage to consume a surplus of calories, our metabolism adapts quickly.

By trying to eat more and lift more weight, we often see irregular and insufficient results. Ironically, it is often the leanest men who have the most potential in terms of muscle mass.

Our body type allows you to see extremely fast results, especially when you begin bodybuilding. Taking 1 kilo of muscle a week is quite possible when you are ectomorphic and start an intensive training program .

But lack of appetite can actually hinder these results. In this article we will discuss the metabolism and physiology of ectomorphs as well as the notion of appetite. We will see how to boost one’s diet, develop muscle mass and how the approach differs from those of “normal” people. In reality we are very advantageous over others, it is enough to know how to exploit these advantages.

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Different physical objectives

I am not a neuropsychologist, so I will be the first to admit that appetite is above all a psychological notion. No one else writes about eating and weight gain in ectomorphs, so we have to do it ourselves.

The first thing I have done is to subscribe to scientific journals that analyze studies carried out on the sensation of appetite and satiety. The more I advanced in my research the more I realized that naturally lean people were virtually absent. There have been few studies on weight gain since the Second World War when famine was raging in Europe. Nowadays, the favorite subject of this kind of study is obviously obesity and overeating as well as the means to avoid it. And this is not a bad thing – obesity is a serious problem that is widespread in our society – but it also means that we must constantly ask ourselves whether these studies concern us or not.

This can be very confusing.

Most of the approaches to fitness , nutrition and strength training are based on the principle that everyone needs to lose weight. During my first attempts to develop my muscle mass, I lost weight – even when I used programs that needed to develop muscle. I attributed these failures to my lack of potential. And today, with twenty kilos more, I realize that all these vain efforts were due in part to a lack of understanding. On the contrary, we have immense potential.

But this lack of understanding was rather logical. For example, you have certainly already read articles about fasting at intervals – where you drastically reduce the number of meals you take each day in order to gain muscle while remaining dry. Few people know that this kind of diet program is meant for people who have a huge stomach and an ogre appetite. As these people are used to eating very rich meals, it is not a question of limiting the size of meals, but their frequency. Martin Berkhan, the creator of LeanGains, and arguably the most fervent supporter of this type of diet, is known for his insatiable appetite and his love of cakes.

Reducing the frequency of meals while increasing the amount of food they provide helps people to consume fewer calories (in total), but this type of diet is totally unsuitable for ectomorphs. The goal of fasting at intervals is to eat fewer calories without going crazy – but we already do this naturally. We have to get to the exact opposite – easily and without much effort increase the total amount of calories we consume.

Perhaps you have already heard about Paleos diets – in these diets we avoid consuming seeds, beans, nuts and fast foods to become both thin and muscular. This approach works perfectly for most people, but it is a restrictive approach to nutrition. It is a diet specially designed to eat less easily . Again, we must reach the exact opposite! Limiting the list of foods we eat is really the last thing to do. *

If you are allergic, certain foods are too expensive or you really do not like them, do not panic, it does not matter. The benefit of a non-restrictive approach to your nutrition is that once you understand the basic principles of nutrition you can eat as you see fit. A healthy and balanced approach to food is very flexible. If you opt for a herbal diet, prefer the paleo diet or try the fasting at intervals – no problem.

Since most people eat too much, almost all diets require you to remove food. As we have already tried to eat more, the first thing we need to do is add food to our diet. We have no need to restrict ourselves to any food.

Therefore, since by default most diets are based on the physiological needs of people who eat too much, we will start by learning a little more about our appetite physiology so that we can realistically and efficiently Muscle mass in ectomorphs.

Insulin sensitivity of ectomorphs.

Insulin affects your appetite tremendously. When we eat, our insulin levels increase. As our insulin levels increase, we feel more and more a sense of satiety. This is one of the reasons we stop eating.

Many ectomorphs tend to be more sensitive than others to insulin. That means two things. First, that insulin levels are related to the food we ingest; The more we eat, the higher our insulin levels are. Secondly it means that our bodies are hyper-sensitive to insulin, the higher our insulin levels are and the less we are hungry. No problem when good health and appetite go hand in hand, but this is a problem when trying to develop muscle mass and not eating enough. And we certainly do not risk eating too much, because our bodies regulate our appetite too well.

Stronger guys are generally less sensitive to insulin. As their response is less important, their reaction is different, they can absorb much more food than an ectomorph before they have achieved a sense of satiety.

The fact that they are less sensitive to insulin is a real asset when it comes to muscle development. The more muscle cells are sensitive to insulin, the less fat cells will be. The nutrients will therefore be directed towards the muscles and will be less likely to be stored in the form of fat.This helps to strengthen muscles more easily. It’s a bit the genetic jackpot for the bodybuilding practitioner.

Fortunately, as long as your approach to bodybuilding is reflected, you can improve your sensitivity and your reaction to insulin. Being thin increases your sensitivity to insulin. The practice of bodybuilding increases your sensitivity to insulin. Just like the development of muscle mass. So if you are lean and you have a certain genetic advantage that you put to use for your muscular development you will become a real monster of muscles.

At this point it is probably worth mentioning that the last thing we want to do is diet where your goal is to eat better. Our primary goal is to reduce our sensitivity to insulin in order to gain weight. I’m not trying to frighten you in any way. If you take a little fat, it really does not matter, as you will be able to lose it very quickly.

When I was really thin, I had no abdominals. I am drier today than when I weighed 60 kilos, whereas today I make 20 kilos more (but 20 kilos of muscle only), and I lift weights three times a week. It really does not matter if you do not have abdominals today. If you are thin, even lean, naturally you can easily see very easily.

I do not even care much about being really dry. I spent so much time in my life to be skinny, that today I just want to be massive and strong. For many people, it’s the same, we do not care anymore about having big biceps and an imposing torso rather than being dry and thin. What I mean is that through our natural abilities we We will have a muscular body anyway that will remain dry.

And at this level, having a high sensitivity to insulin is a real asset. But while it allows us to develop muscles while remaining thin and dry, it certainly does not help us increase our appetite.

(Do not worry, I will soon give you tips to stimulate your appetite)

The metabolism of ectomorphs

Many of us, ectomorphs, are like bottomless pits for calories. No matter how many calories we consume, the needle refuses to move on the scale, we can eat tons of food without actually noticing the slightest effect on our weight. Some experts say that most people burn the same number of calories, which means that ectomorphs overestimate the number of calories they consume. So why even when our metabolisms that are similar to calorie ovens are largely filled we still do not gain weight

Simply because the experts are wrong.

Although we burn about the same amount of calories as a normal person while we sleep, when we are active during the day, do physical exercises, and digest food we are much more energy intensive and Therefore in calories.

William Sheldon – the psychologist of the 1940s who invented the terms ectomoprhe, endomorph and mesomorph , describes our type of organism as “restless.” He was trying to link the types of personalities and the different physical ones. Great error. It is quite impossible to “guess” someone’s character according to his physique. All theories of this kind have been swept away.

The physiological characteristics are still valid and can be very useful. You absolutely can not tell who is the person based on his physical appearance, however it is quite possible to define their physical type based on their appearance. Obviously. When it comes to developing muscle mass, this can be extremely important.

And it turns out that Sheldon was holding something when he spoke of “ectomorphous agitated.”

The one where our metabolisms tend to be different from others is at the level of thermogenesis of non-exercise activity (NEAT). It is the calories that are burned during our unconscious activities – such as heat production, just standing, etc.

Most people do not consume all the calories they store, they store them in anticipation of days when they will not have enough food, it’s a natural backup mechanism. But not us. We burn a lot of calories, as if there were no tomorrows.

I never cold, for example. Never. I live in Canada, but I do not even have a winter coat. I do not have a car either, even when it’s very cold I always walk. My friends laugh at me and say that I am a real human oven. I always walk when I’m on the phone, I can not stand still between two sets of exercises at the gym, I kick my foot when I hear music and I just have trouble staying square.

How much does behavior affect my energy use? Apparently enormously. One study showed that a normal person will burn 3% more energy while sitting than lying on his back. Simply add a little agitation (like moving your feet) and you get 54% more energy than a posture released on a chair. This is also true when standing. By standing up, you consume 13% more calories than if you were lying on your back and if you are standing and moving you consume 94% more energy.

During a typical day you will consume 950 more calories if you spend most of your rest time standing and 600 if you remain sitting. And I’m not talking about the energy you consume when you make motions and produce heat, and so on.

Regarding the posture and position of the body, James Levine, the eminent researcher specializing in unconscious energy expenditure, conducted a study with ten obese and ten lean people and observed and measured their postures and movements every Half-seconds for ten days. (This study was made possible by high-tech cameras.) Lean people spent two more hours than obese people in a standing position, and burned an estimated 350 more calories per day. He also found that even when thin people gained weight this was also true, which led him to believe that it was due to a particular genetic inheritance.

For a person of 75 kilos, the difference between burning 2000 and 3500 calories each day is enormous.

And that was just the beginning, you will see that thanks to our exceptional ability to burn calories, we can get a lot if we supercharge ourselves.

The response of an ectomorphous organism to overeating

Different people will respond differently to overeating. In one study, 1000 calories were given more than their daily intake for participants for eight weeks, and they were instructed not to exercise.

By the end of the study, some participants had taken less than half a kilogram of fat while others had taken more than 5 kilos. This represents a difference of almost 10 times the amount of stored fat.

These results have left researchers perplexed for a long time, but this difference can now be attributed to unconscious movements. When supercharging forces any metabolism to accelerate its energy consumption, this is not enough to compensate for the effects of overeating. In ectomorphs, the response to boost-type stimulation is to further increase the consumption of our calorie kiln – producing more heat, moving more, and so on. This mechanism has the consequence of preserving our physique of thin person and therefore does not allow us to take volume .

Once again this stupid advice to “eat more” is absolutely useless. Our metabolism adapts very easily to overeating and this will wipe out all your efforts.

Fortunately, our goal is not simply to gain weight, but also to gain muscle. And that is a goal to how commendable. Most people are jealous of it, and they are right to be jealous. You’ve probably already seen somewhat wrapped people looking to develop their muscles by doing all sorts of cardio exercises. If they do not, they may not see their muscles under their fat. We ectomorphs do not need to do cardio exercises like other people because we burn all the extra calories almost instantly.

With a good diet and good bodybuilding exercises , you will be on the right path to develop muscles of steel. Our body adapts to the stimulus of the workout by giving priority to energy to our muscles before supplying it to our calorie oven. The calories you need biceps are not superfluous calories after all, our body makes sense. It is an incomparable asset that allows us not to store fat, but does not prevent us from developing muscle.

So by combining this ability with our increased sensitivity to insulin, we can eat huge amounts of unnecessary calories and build as much muscle mass as our bodies allow. All excess calories that will not be used to develop our muscles will not be stored as fat, they will go directly into the oven! This allows us to muscle faster than average while remaining slim, without the need to add cardio exercises or always keep an eye on your caloric surplus. However, as with most of these things, it all depends on your type of ectomorphism. Always be vigilant not to reach a point where you will trigger the storage of fats in your body. Everyone tends to grow a little bit,

How to create a personalized training program?

Training program for ectomorphs
If you are an ectomorph also called “hardgainer“, you will have trouble gaining muscle. High intensity sustained training will not really help you gain muscle volume. Overtraining is a common problem in ectomorphs.
Here are some effective tips (do’s and don’ts) to create your workout program for ectomorph.

how-create-fitness program
Start slowly
Do not increase the intensity and frequency of your workouts too quickly if you are ectomorphic, as this may lead to overtraining. Research has shown that overtraining can lead to a reduction in muscle mass and strength in ectomorphs. Psychologically, this can also lead to a loss of confidence.
Duration of your training
Ectomorphs should not work longer than one hour. Go for a 30-40 minute training session to get muscle hypertrophy.
Vary the exercises
You can increase your muscle hypertrophy by varying the exercises from your workout. The idea is to keep your body in “shock” mode so it does not fit into a particular exercise. If you do the same exercises over and over again you will start to stagnate.
Do not miss your workouts
Especially if you are ectomorphic, you should never run out of workouts. When you miss one or more workouts, your body will not be as effective when you recover.
Adopt a good position
Do not think about your ego. You do not have to always lift more weight to impress others. Always remember to keep a good position during your exercises. Do each series correctly even if it means lifting less weight or doing fewer repetitions.
The average ectomorph must use a training program that gradually increases so that the body adapts. At the same time, you should gradually increase your recovery time to facilitate muscle gains. Remember that shorter workouts promote muscle hypertrophy.
Some important rules for ectomorphs:
Rest period between series: Less than 60 seconds
Do not do series with repetitions until muscle failure or breaks between sets.
Strength training program for endomorphs
The endomorphs achieve excellent results by practicing bodybuilding because they quickly gain muscle. The problem comes from storing fat. The anaerobic nature of bodybuilding is perfect for endomorphs. This also means that aerobic activities are not very effective in endomorphs.
Here are some effective tips (do’s and don’ts) to create your endomorphic workout program.
High Intensity Weight Training
High intensity training with bodybuilding gives very good results in endomorphs. Therefore, people of the endomorphic type can train at high intensity without risking overtraining. Still, it makes sense not to train too much. Endomorphs can incorporate techniques such as degressive series , series up to failure as well as super series .

you are endomorphic, you do not have to do cardio before doing your workout to weight training and lifting weights. Remember that cardio exercises consume your glycogen stores. Doing cardio exercises before practicing bodybuilding would significantly decrease your energy levels, which will not allow you to get the most out of your workout.

Space your cardio exercises and strength training exercises

If you are endomorphic, you need to space out your cardio workouts and bodybuilding sessions. For example, you can do your cardio exercises in the morning and then your bodybuilding workout in the evening or vice versa. Endomorphs should avoid doing cardio exercises and training their legs the same day.

Training program for mesomorphs

Of the three types of bodies, the mesomorphic type is the best. This type of body perfectly matches the expectations of a bodybuilding practitioner. Mesomorphs can both support high intensity training and high frequency training. If you are mesomorphic, you can choose from hundreds of weight training workouts. And you will have no trouble creating a training program for you.

Here are some effective tips (do’s and don’ts) to create your mesomorphic training program.

High Intensity Weight Training

Mesomorphs must, for the most part, train until failure. This type of body gives excellent results with a workout to failure.

Feel free to use several techniques to lift weights

If you are of the mesomorphic type, you can include various techniques such as degressive series , series with breaks, series with negative movements , super series, eccentric movements and series with forced repetitions. These techniques increase the intensity and overload inflicted on muscle muscle. Remember, the more you stress your muscles, and the longer you stress them, the stronger you will strengthen your muscles.

Do many different workouts

The mesomorph type of people can make them more productive session by varying the exercises, repeat type, repetition speed, and the driving style. This allows you to keep your body in shock and involve more muscle fibers in each movement.

Mesomorphs can use the greatest number of different workouts effectively. The endormophones are second on this list of the best body types. The ectomorphs are not so lucky . They can not use many training methods .

Now that you know the different body types , and the results you can get if you are of such and such type, you can create yourself a workout program and gain muscle mass . And remember, many people do not choose their workout program according to their body type and therefore do not get the best results possible. Choosing a workout program suited to your body type is essential and this concept is too often neglected by weight training practitioners. The better you understand this approach, the faster you will gain muscle mass.

4 rules to gain muscle thanks to snacks

There are so many poor quality meal substitutes and sugar smoothies on the market that it’s easy to get yourself and it’s hard to find what works best for you based on your nutritional needs. If you are a serious athlete, you want to gain muscle mass while staying dry, you have to make your own “Super Snacks” yourself. There are four universal rules when you design your own protein shaker.

Rule # 1 Use a high-quality protein source

The first rule is certainly the best known among bodybuilding practitioners. Whatever your goals, you need to consume protein to maintain your blood sugar level to ensure your body has enough energy for your workouts, enough amino acids for recovery, fat loss and Muscle growth. Powdered proteins also possess quality branched amino acids. Always try to consume protein powders that have a minimum of additives like sugar. There are different types of protein powder whether you are carnivore or vegan.

Whey Protein

Brown rice protein

Pea Proteins

Hemp seed proteins

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Rule # 2 Supplements made with leafy vegetables and other green vegetables

Our consumption of green vegetables is not large enough. For reasons of ease, price and abundance of processed foods in the industry, vegetables are just not enough on our plates. The best way to consume enough phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals in your daily diet is to use supplements with green vegetables or leafy vegetables in your super shake. This will help you fill the lack of essential nutrients in your diet.

Personally I prefer protein powders made from green vegetables because they provide you with all the nutrients essential to your body. These are nutrient-rich foods that are rarely found in your regular diet, and I prefer them to leafy vegetable supplements because we consume more. I am quite critical about the type of protein you should buy. If you do not want to buy powdered supplements based on green vegetables, here are some examples of leafy vegetable supplements to add to your snack.



Green cabbage

Alga dulce

Roman salad

All other green vegetables


Rule # 3 Good healthy fats to get good muscle

We all fear to consume fat and the media have popularized the idea that omega-3 fatty  acids  and other fats are essential to the functioning of the brain, to reduce inflammation and to improve the functioning of the body’s cells As well as to facilitate muscle development . And it’s true, not all fats are alike, so you have to be particularly careful with the ones you consume. In general, the fats present in nature, which have not been modified by man with hormones and antibiotics, are beneficial for your body. Vegetable fats and oils that are not processed or hydrogenated are ideal for your snacks. However,

Different peanut butters also offer large amounts of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and give your shakers a lot of taste, you can add them from time to time. You can use whole walnuts, which is even better because they are natural, but given my experience, peanut butters are easier to mix.

Extra-virgin coconut oil is also an excellent option. This oil has unique properties because it contains significant quantities of medium chain triglycerides that the body uses to produce energy. Its beneficial effects on health are numerous: it acts on hair, skin, stress, helps to control your cholesterol, improve your immune system, promotes digestion and ensures the proper functioning of your metabolism.

Try adding one to two spoons in your snack to suit your tastes and needs.

Cod liver oil, fish oil, krill oil, and other marine oils (lemon or orange flavor)

Extra virgin coconut oil

Almond oil or peanut butter

Nut or macadamia butter

Cashew nuts or cashew nut butters

Hazelnut or hazelnut butter

Brazil nuts or Brazil nut butter

Rule # 4 Use whole fruit, not fruit juices

Using whole fruit is a much better option than being content with fruit juices. When you add fruit juices to your snack, you lose all the fiber and phytochemicals contained in the fruit flesh. Using only fruit juice can also add many calories to your shaker, almost all of these juices actually contain sugar. The only way you can use fruit juices is to mask the flavor of green food. The juices of cherries and juice of grenades are of excellent choice. These two juices contain tons of antioxidants and few calories.

I love low-glycemic fruit and provide a lot of nutrients. My favorites are strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. But you must consume small portions according to your needs in terms of calories and your goals of weight loss or weight gain you must take between 40 and 60 g.

12 Unfailing Ways to Develop Muscle with Your Diet

You already know that proteins help develop the muscles. Ok. You also know that you should avoid consuming fast carbohydrates if your goal is to stay slim, and you also know that you need to drink plenty of water each day – about 3.5 liters and even more if you are very active . If you already know all this it is because you have a good foundation and I can dispense with reminding you of them.

This compilation of nutritional advice is intended for those who already know the difference between carbohydrates, fats and proteins and are looking for tips to take advantage of their diet to maximize their muscle gains.

Eat both rich and low-fat fish

Fish is an excellent source of protein and all bodybuilders who want to gain weight should eat it regularly. Vary the types of fish, some are high in other fat contain very little. Unlike other proteins , those contained in fatty fish are very beneficial for bodybuilding practitioners.

For example, salmon and sardines are excellent sources of omega 3 fatty acids that promote healthy immune systems and support muscle development and recovery among other benefits. Fat-poor fish, like tuna, are also an excellent source of protein. All bodybuilding practitioners, regardless of their diet or training goals, should at least eat 200 grams of fatty fish each week.

Eat your vegetables to get muscle

Vegetables are the most underrated foods by bodybuilding practitioners. Many athletes rigorously take their proteins and supplements , but forget to eat enough quantities of varied vegetables. Bodybuilding practitioners should consume 5 or 6 different vegetables each day.

To satisfy your dietary needs, you must include more vegetables at all meals. Vegetables not only contain nutrients, they also provide the necessary fiber to your diet, which makes your high protein diet far more effective.

Consume glutamine

Known for its beneficial effects on the immune system, glutamine is not only one of the most prevalent amino acids in the body, but also one of the most important for bodybuilding practitioners. If you are over-stressed by your diet or exercise program , taking supplements containing glutamine helps your body maintain its glutamine stocks in muscle tissue, improve muscle growth and overall recovery. Take 10 to 40 grams of glutamine every day.

Mix your antioxidants

Take a mixture of antioxidants; A good cocktail has an anti-catabolic effect during and after intense exercise. As part of your antioxidant diet, add 400 to 800 international units (IU) of vitamin E, 500 to 1000 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C, 200 micrograms of selenium (selenium yeast). And do not forget to eat five to six servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

Take Arginine to Develop Your Muscle Mass

Add arginine to your cocktail of supplements. Arginine, an essential amino acid, seems to be very promising in the area of ​​muscle strengthening, but not by acting on the release of growth hormone , as previously thought. Studies indicate that it speeds healing wounds, which is almost similar to what happens in your body after a workout.

Arginine also improves blood circulation and improves muscle growth especially in terms of length (new contractile units are constructed at a faster rate when arginine has been tested in rats). Arginine may also improve immune function in athletes, especially when combined with glutamine.

Maximize your minerals

Take supplements containing calcium and magnesium. If you look at the label of any multivitamin supplement, you will notice an insert that lists all the minerals it contains. Many of these multivitamin supplements contain a low percentage of magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Calcium is important to burn fat , magnesium for performance during your workouts and potassium for muscle cell volume. But these multivitamin supplements are not enough. Correct the situation by taking 1000 mg of supplements containing calcium each day (or 200 ml of fat – free milk products), 450 mg of magnesium, and five or six servings of fruits and vegetables per day (for potassium, Other micronutrients).

Try the tyrosine

Try tyrosine to prevent sleep deprivation, stress and / or use thermogenic supplements. It should be consumed from 1 to 4 grams early in the day. Studies in the military have shown that tyrosine increases the performance of subjects when placed in a state of stress.

Take ZMA

The ZMA  is a combination of zinc and magnesium. The benefits of ZMA supplementation include improved recovery from increased sleep efficiency, increased growth hormone levels, and increased gains in muscle strength and strength. For best results, you should take your ZMA belly empty just before you go to bed. Follow the instructions on your product.

Do not forget to take vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that contributes to the synthesis of hormones, amino acids and collagen. It also protects cells from the immune system from damage and allows them to work more efficiently. The body can not store vitamin C, so you should take it regularly. Multivitamin supplements contain vitamin C, but you need to make sure not to be in deficit. Take 500 to 1000 mg every day.

Consume protein before going to bed for mass

One of the best techniques to take mass and prevent your body from tapping into your muscle stores to provide yourself with energy is to take a moderate amount of protein shortly before going to bed. 30 to 50 grams of protein consumed just before going to sleep will give your body enough nutrients to repair and develop your muscles while you sleep. A protein shaker is ideal at bedtime. Lean meats, hazelnuts or even seeds are a good alternative.

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Alternate the days when you eat low, high carbohydrate meals

A great way to keep your metabolic rate, and as your body continues to burn fat, is to change the amounts of carbohydrates you consume each day. Eating foods high in carbohydrates causes your body to store fat. Conversely, eating low carb foods encourages your body to degrade muscle tissue to provide energy. To combine the two – preserve your muscles and avoid fat storage – plan a day where you will be eating carbohydrate-rich foods after 3 days of low carb diet.

Use “prohibited” foods in your nutritional strategy

At first glance this may seem odd, but when you do it correctly it makes very sense. The immoderate consumption of junk food and processed foods destroys all the progress you have made during your bodybuilding workouts faster than anything else. On the other hand, judicious selection of a “forbidden” food can help you stay sane and help you to keep track of your nutritional strategy over the long term.

Eat only the foods you dream of at night. If you want it to the point of dreaming, eat a little, but stay reasonable. If you love the donuts, eat one or two on Sunday morning for example. Give yourself a share of pizza occasionally. But set yourself limits and respect them.

Malagasy plants, with care for the skin

Madagascar is a formidable reservoir Bella Rose RX price of plants, appreciated in medicine and cosmetics. Zoom on three varieties of malagasy plants unrecognized to the repairing virtues.


Despite a deforestation galloping, the Red Island remains a haven of biodiversity with more than 14 000 plants! Of which nearly 90% are endemic (they are not found elsewhere). Manufacturers have understood this and are studying the traditional pharmacopoeia to find the pearl rare. More than 6,500 Malagasy plants are known for their medicinal properties .  “Once the plant is chosen, we carry out on-site analyzes to study its composition and its cosmetic interest,” says Xavier Ormancey, director of research of Yves Rocher.

Here, the cosmetics are ecological

The brand has already developed care based on Sigesbeckia and Aphloia, but also from Centella asiatica, more prevalent. This implies knowing the areas where they grow and their capacity for regeneration in order to protect resources. The harvest, often carried out by women farmers, provides a useful additional income. It also makes it possible to finance local development actions (school buildings). Between the first research and the creation of a cosmetic, many years can pass (twenty for the Aphloia!). A real work of ant, ensuring exploitation respectful of the environment and the local economy.

Both healing and firming

Behind this little creeping plant, whose leaves go unnoticed, hides a powerful scar. Although its virtues were already described in Ayurvedic medicine 5,000 years ago, it was rediscovered by European doctors in the 19th century for its action on lesions of leprosy. The researchers have since identified several of its molecules, including asiaticoside, the origin of a cicatrizing drug, Madecassol. In cosmetics, it is prized for its richness in antioxidants (anthocyanins), which increases the density of collagen and stimulates the production of fibroblasts (cells of the dermis). This is why it is used in anti-aging or firming formulas , against the skin of orange.


Soothing for sensitive skin

Originally from India, it is recognized by its small yellow flowers. It proliferates on the edge of roads or invites itself in plantations, next to peas, cassava or ginger. From the Asteraceae family, it is the cousin of blueberry, arnica and calendula. In Malagasy, his name means “strongly that I am hurt to enjoy it”! In traditional medicine , its chewed leaves were applied to the wounds, and in poultices for acne, scabies and burns. In fact, the gum-resin it contains is rich in terpenes and polyphenols (antioxidants), with healing and soothing properties. Recommended for sensitive or fragile skins, because extracts of the plant, very well assimilated by the skin,

Repair and anti-aging

It is a shrub that does not pay a lot, abundant near the moist forests of altitude. Called “change-bark”, because it “moults”, the Aphloia regenerates very quickly: it quickly recolonizes the areas cultivated on slash. It is also called “Malagasy tea” because its infused leaves have depurative, febrifuge (against fever) properties … In poultice, they serve to cure sprains and dislocations. Researchers at the Yves Rocher laboratories have discovered that its leaves, stressed by their environment, are able to produce in large quantities a molecule of the polyphenol family (aphloiol) to protect it from aggressions. It is from this property that the brand has developed new anti-aging care .


Soothing Fluid

A fluid formula to soothe reactive skins , thanks to an all-vegetable active ingredient, derived from Sigesbeckia orientalis, which acts as a calming poultice.

Concentrated ultra-tolerance, Sensitive vegetal, Yves Rocher, 24 € the 40 ml.

Perfecteur de complexion

This dual-effect treatment blurs imperfections, moisturizes and nourishes. It also provides anti-aging prevention, with Centella, adenosine and vitamin B3 against free radicals. Plus encapsulated pigments that bring luminosity to the complexion .

CC Cream with the Centella asiatica, Erborian, 38,90 € the 45 ml.

Elixir detox

With an extract very rich in Aphloïa, this concentrate combats aggressions that make the skin age more quickly such as pollution, UV, stress and fatigue , boosting the systems of repair and depollution of the epidermis.

Elixir Jeunesse essence double action, Yves Rocher, 35,80 € per 30 ml.

Moisturizing and anti-wrinkle

Double action, this treatment ensures a hydration for 24 hours and plumps favoring the synthesis of the fibers of the dermis, thanks to the heterosides (derivatives of sugars) of the hydra-repulping complex.

Available in three versions: fine texture, rich and high tolerance for sensitive skin.

The thought now talk about the structure!

Read more audits for this combo you know how to enable you to accomplish the coveted outcomes.

Bodybuilding Exercises torn muscle to get it and exceed expectations in your every day regimen they have at the hard shake healthyorder by including. After this post-exercise to lessen recuperation time and a thorough exercise session is a main dietary supplement that aides in recharging your vitality levels.

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to get an edge in the exercise center or in the room, it must be a dietary supplement.

The thought now talk about the structure!

Recorded that make viable utilization of this recipe are essential parts of Bodybuilding Exercises:

Fenugreek Extract – This characteristic herb, control and sexual stamina of your muscles have been utilized to give an extensive variety of medical advantages including expanding.

Horny goat weed – It is associated with a lot of advantages. What’s more, it shields against hormone-subordinate malignancies.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract – This herb has a testosterone surge that guides in boosting development, sexual quality of your muscles, and enhance your state of mind.

Notwithstanding these primary parts, the dietary supplement additionally incorporates some other effective fixings like child as Alanine, green tea, the Taurine, vitamins, cancer prevention agents, Glutamine peptides, amino acids, caffeine, and stomach related catalysts. It is a wonderful work couple to create incredible muscle building comes about inside a brief timeframe every one of the fixings.

This male hormone helps increment your sex drive

Tongkat Ali:

Boosting your testosterone sums is ostensibly a definitive characteristic hostile to maturing recipe. This male hormone helps increment your sex drive, protect bulk and quality, create and manage greater healthcaresupchat and harder erections and in addition advancing an energetic appearance and ideal sperm generation.

These are a portion of the reasons why Tongkat Ali has been utilized as a part of this supplement. The possibility of having more elevated amounts of testosterone will enable you to keep up a more conditioned and tore build.

Tribulus Terrestris:

As a weightlifter, you would dependably need to utilize something which gives an edge. Particularly something which can enable you to expand your fit bulk to fat proportion, increment continuance and stamina and manufacture mass muscles. This is the thing that Tribulus Terrestris offers!

Ordinarily, it follows up on your body by setting off the creation of testosterone hormone and also the arrival of nitric oxide, drhelpnutrition  the gas that grows your veins in order to convey most extreme oxygen and supplements to your working muscles. Accordingly, it is an extremely critical fixing in this supplement.